5 Jobs Rendered Obsolete in 5 Years

5 Jobs Rendered Obsolete in 5 Years

Jobs Rendered Obsolete: The 5 Occupations That Will Be Eliminated by 2025

The five jobs that you can probably expect to be eliminated in the next five years are the following:

  • Data entry clerks
  • Bank tellers
  • Telemarketers
  • Labourers in manufacturing jobs
  • Cashiers

Why Will These Jobs Be Phased Out?

If you look at the prediction regarding jobs rendered obsolete, one fact stands out. These jobs all require only a high school education. Some might require just vocational training. This means that machines will be able to take over that function through the automation of business processes. It also means that some more highly-trained employees may be able to assume that function, in addition to their other tasks.

Why Are Employers Phasing Out These Jobs?

The first reason for jobs rendered obsolete is “to save money”. The business world is becoming more competitive lately so employers want their workforce to be lean, talented, and skilled. The human resources manager will also prioritize a worker who has the right talents, skills, and additional training needed by the business. A worker who only has a high school education or vocational training will probably not make the cut.

Why Are Employers Opting for More Automation?

An employer may pursue business automation because the company will probably require fewer workers. The automation will result in a less expensive business, with fewer workers to compensate. It is also easier to monitor an automated business, compared to a business with many workers. Employers might also be hoping for fewer problems with manpower, such as employees asking for more employment benefits.5 Jobs Rendered Obsolete in 5 Years

How Employees Can Prepare For Job Cuts

Think ahead if your job might be one of those jobs rendered obsolete and will disappear soon. You need to anticipate what you can do to avoid unemployment right away. One option is to pursue additional training in a good school. This will require an investment of money, time, energy, and other resources. You may also approach the manager of the company or organization where you work to inquire about other positions that might be opening. The point is to be proactive.

Coca Cola Aims to Slash Workforce by 2200 Jobs Globally

The most recent news regarding company layoffs involves the giant soda company Coca-Cola. The beverage company is aiming to save millions of dollars by reducing the size of its workforce by about 2200 jobs. The pandemic is partially to blame for this development. However, the soda company also revealed that management believes the organization has to become leaner and more competitive. Coca-Cola hopes to achieve that through this most recent decision.

If you think it is necessary, prepare your family this early for the prospect that you might be let go. Inform your spouse or partner first in private. You need to anticipate the loss of income so that you know how to reorganize expenses. If you have children, you may have to withdraw them from school until you can find legitimate work that will last for a reasonable time.

You can also ask around your network of social contacts to see if there are any jobs you can try out there. Take note that this doesn’t mean you will be in that new job forever. This will just be to tide you over until the economy picks up or you find a better occupation. It is better for you to look ahead than wait until you are let go.

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