7 Businesses to Start With No or Limited Capital

Here’s a List of Businesses to Start With No or Limited Capital

If you are just testing the waters in the business world, you probably only have a little amount of capital to start your venture. It is difficult, indeed, to start making money if you do not have one. Essentially, you have to invest so you can earn profits. But you should not let this stop you. Here is a list of businesses to start with no or limited capital.

Offering Content Providing Services to Websites, Journals, and Magazines

Providing content to several websites, journals, and magazines, to name a few, is one of the businesses to start with no or limited capital. Writers, editors, photographers, artists, and video editors and producers take such opportunities to provide their services because of great demand and good pay.

Content creators can start building their network of clients slowly by promoting their services on social media. They also rely on advertising through friends and word of mouth. However, most of them create a profile on an online service marketplace such as Fiverr to reach more clients. Slowly but surely, these content providers build up their reputation so they can attract more clients.

Making Money from Your Repair Services or Other Related Skills

If you are a handyman, you can provide different kinds of repair and other skill-based services in your neighbourhood. Providing such services can eventually be your main revenue channel given that you have regular work order and customer base. So, it is really important to corner your market so you can be the go-to repair services. Except for tools or equipment to do your job, this is among the businesses to start with no or limited capital.7 Businesses to Start With No or Limited Capital

Turning Arts and Crafts to Source of Income

This might take a little more investment, but it could really pay off a greater amount in profits. If you are, for example, a painter, you can put in your money to create artworks you can sell. You can also take in commission works and even have a regular contract with art galleries. In addition, you can sell your artworks on e-commerce platforms such as Etsy, eBay, and Amazon to establish a customer base.

Providing In-home Services in your Neighborhood

Offering in-home services is also in the list of businesses to start with no or limited capital. These services can vary and include babysitting service, dog-walking or pet-sitting, cleaning, and organizing, among others. In addition, you can also be a help for those hosting a party in their home. You can help in serving food, preparing meals, and washing the dishes, among others. Doing these services will not cost you much, especially if you are just doing business in your neighbourhood and do not need to commute anymore.

Using Your Expertise in the Service of Others

They say that experience is the best teacher. And to be fair, it is absolutely correct in almost all circumstances. If you are veteran in a specific field, you can offer your knowledge and expertise by providing consulting services. For example, many employees leave the corporate world in pursuit of building their own business. They will probably need professional help and that is where you came in to picture if you have the right business acumen. Consultancy is a kind of service that mostly costs you time but can be a very viable long-term career.

Buying and Selling of Different Items

This simply means you acquire products and sell them to your customers. There different ways on how you can conduct this business and one of them is by drop shipping. This method requires little to no money upfront but allows fewer profits in the beginning. Under this scheme, you’ll get the product order from your customers then you will forward it to a third-party manufacturer who will ship the items to the customers. The other method is wholesaling requires more money for investment, but you can earn more. The idea is you purchase goods in bulk at a discount and sell them individually with a mark-up in prices.7 Businesses to Start With No or Limited Capital

Providing Event Planning Services

This might be the perfect option for you if you like hosting events, which requires being highly organized and detail-oriented. When entering into such a venture, you have to prepare yourself carefully so you can meet the demand of your clients. For example, your portfolio should include the following:

  • venue options,
  • food catering service providers,
  • music and sound system operators,
  • documentation teams for photographs and video taking,
  • and even security services, if needed

You also need to build your reputation as an event planner. With that, make sure to cultivate a good client base. Always deliver all the services you mentioned in your portfolio with quality.

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