A Sneak Peek on the first Google Retail Store

A Sneak Peek on the First Google Retail Store

Scaling Up With Google: A Sneak Peek on the First Google Retail Store

Google has become somewhat of a family member to us, always being there when we need it. Over the years, it has served us with as much information as we need. As time passed, Google expanded to cater to our needs offering products that make life more convenient. Today, after years of progress, we get to see Google reach yet another milestone.

After many years of Google trying their hand at pop-up experiments in different parts of the world, they are finally landing. The first Google retail store opened up in New York City last June 17 at 10 AM in New York’s very own Chelsea neighbourhood. According to Google, their store aims to provide shoppers with an interactive shopping experience of their products and services.

History of Google Pop-up Stores

In May 2021, Google announced that it is going to open its first physical store ever. But before we dive into the present, let us explore the history of Google pop-up stores.

  • 2013 – Google Glass

Unknown to many, the history of the Google retail store starts with the glass. Google aimed to create a floating showroom, moving from city to city. Unfortunately, this idea was cancelled, but plans were made as to how this showroom would look like.

  • 2015 – New York City

By 2015, Google was rumoured to choose the Big Apple as their retail space location, spending up to 6 million dollars to renovate a space for their retail store.

  • 2016 – Modern Google

In around 2016, Google started to take a modernized approach to their retail store and announced that a pop-up was going to open in NYC during their Made by Google event. This pop-up store opened on October 20 and presented their Pixel and Pixel XL, Google Home, and Daydream View.

Following this, pop-up stores continued to open until 2017 in New York and Los Angeles, wherein the latter collaborated with Stranger Things 2.

  • 2018 – New Store

By 2018, people were buzzing with the news that Google was opening a two-story retail store in Chicago. However, it was a mere pop-up with yet more interactive models and design details.

The First-Ever Google Retail Store

The first-ever Google retail store in the Chelsea neighbourhood of New York City presents itself to become yet another giant innovation. You can get all the Google products, services, and support you need. However, compared to other gadget stores, Google’s retail store does not get most of its profit from hardware products. Rather, the company benefits more from digital ads and learning about what the customers need from their physical products.

From this, Google is able to invest in more important devices to give ease of life to their clients. Inside the store, interactive spaces are installed for the clients to try out their products and services. An example is their rooms for viewing the night sight feature of the Pixel phone camera. They also have a hub for checking out their smart screen and using the smart doorbell. Finally, the store also offers Stadia game service and how to game on a phone while watching TV.

A Sneak Peek on the first Google Retail Store

What Does the Google Retail Store Offer?

True to their vision, the Google retail store offers a glimpse into the future of technological advancement. It displays some of Google’s most futuristic offerings. This includes the Google Translate experience where clients can mention sentences and expect translations in over two dozen languages.

Google also offers support for the products and services they provide, even going as far as to offer same-day repair. Subscriptions are also sold here, along with other hardware products. Customers can easily come into the store and buy Pixel phones, Chromebooks, Fitbit watches, and Nest gadgets. Anything you need, Google does its best to provide.

If not for all these offerings, Google also creates a fun space for consumers to try out the Google experience. Through this, Google fosters a close relationship with their consumers. This helps the company to gain more traction for its offerings.

Is This the Future?

Google truly thought this venture of theirs through. In every corner of the store, there are experts ready to provide a helping hand for customers in need of services or recommendations. The store also continues to improve on the overall shopping experience with how-to tutorials and product information sharing.

The future as we know it today heavily banks on virtual gatherings and sharing. This is why Google continues to invest their time and effort in knowing what the people want, so they can provide. From thermostats to fitness watches to phones to laptops, they want to fulfill the technological needs of everyone.

So, it is safe to say that Google looked beyond the short-term for this project of theirs. It has all the potential of becoming one of the biggest tech products and services providers in the physical aspect. With many more years to come, Google can easily win the hearts of the people with their hands-on customer service and top-tier products.

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