Boss vs Leader: Why You Should Choose to Be the Latter?

Boss vs Leader: The Latter is the Need of the Hour

The difference between boss vs leader has always been an interesting topic. If you are a new employee in an organization, having one over the other can make a world of difference to you. On the other hand, if you are in control of your employees, being a leader over a boss is vital for their growth and happiness in work.

In this blog, we will discuss the key traits that separate a boss from a leader. Similarly, we will learn why being a leader is a need at the present. At the end of the blog, you will find out what type of employer you are working for. On the other hand, if you are in a leadership position, you will find out what you look like to your employees.

Boss vs Leader: What Separates Them

While investigating the differences in boss vs leader, we have to understand a few common traits exhibited by both types of people. We discuss some of them in the following section.

Talking vs Listening

While discussing boss vs leader, the ability to listen is the primary trait that we will examine. Typically, a boss will talk more than listen and they will try to flaunt their knowledge even if it may not help you. Since you are a junior, you will have no option but to do what they say. On the other hand, a leader will carefully listen to your concerns and complaints first. If they have the expertise in the matter, they will recommend you a working solution. However, if it is out of their knowledge and experience, they might refer you to an expert or help you search for yourself.

Ego vs Humility

The traits of humility and ego are a no-brainer while discussing boss vs leader. Although both of them are provided with the same power and authority, the difference lies in how they apply them. Bosses exert their power just to bolster their ego and to create an environment where you cannot challenge them. If you confront them, even if they are wrong, your suggestions will be taken negatively. On the other hand, a leader exhibits a decent amount of humility. They are open to expressing their vulnerabilities and accepting when they are wrong. Furthermore, they have a strong attitude to consider many different viewpoints and learn from people around them.

Directing vs Influencing

Directing vs influencing is another major topic to discuss while investigating differences in boss vs leader. Both a boss and a leader are instructed by the higher authority to delegate tasks and make sure they are completed.  In this case, a boss will only command you to do your task. Likewise, you must do what they say within the time allocated. Similarly, you will get very little authority to think for yourself and suggest improvements. On the other hand, a leader will influence you to utilize your maximum potential. They will allow some authority so that your thoughts and ideas may be integrated. Furthermore, they will make sure that you are happy in your contributions while simultaneously driving personal growth and development.

Boss vs Leader: Why You Should Choose to Be the Latter?

Why You Should Choose to Be the Latter

We have now learned the key traits that distinguish boss vs leader. Now, we will learn why choosing to be the latter is good for you, the employees under your control, and the entire organization.

Need of the Hour

The ability to console and influence people is the need of the hour. The devastation caused by the pandemic is both broad and deep. Many people are still in the trauma of losing their loved ones. The mental health of your workers might have degraded because of what they had to endure since the start of last year. This is even more severe in the case of frontline workers like doctors, nurses, cleanliness workers, and delivery and ambulance workers. Sometimes, there might be more important things in life than work. In such situations, you must adopt the traits of a leader and listen to your employees’ daily concerns. While you may not be able to extract your full potential during these troubling times, you can make sure that they are happy at work.

Friendly and Welcoming Workplace

The choice between boss vs leader is crucial in building the type of workplace. To create a friendly and welcoming workplace, the traits of respect and understanding should come from the leadership at first. In a friendly and respectful workplace, rich talents in several fields can thrive and productivity can rise to the top. Furthermore, such workplaces can adapt to the generational shift among workers. Most of the younger generation who are just entering the workforce have been brought up in a drastically different environment. Autonomy and happiness in work have become as essential as compensation and rewards. Therefore, if you only pass command and restrict freedom in exploring new ideas and opportunities, you will lose your talents in a short period of time.

A Win-Win Situation

When you drop down your ego and aspire to grow with the team, this becomes a win-win situation. First, your employees are always happy to come to work and maximize their talents to the fullest. Second, when you reduce the fear of failures and making mistakes, innovation will become a culture. Similarly, the message of good leadership will flow throughout the world improving the brand of your organization. This will help you hire top talents from all over the world. Most importantly, it is good for your own growth and development. When you are in a leadership position, you can learn from the best talents under you. The ability to accept and analyze different viewpoints will increase your knowledge which you may apply for personal gains in the future.

Boss vs Leader: Why You Should Choose to Be the Latter?

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In this blog, we have learned about the key traits of boss vs leaders. Likewise, we discussed why people in leadership positions should aspire to become a leader, especially in these troubling times. Similarly, we saw how choosing to be a leader can become a win-win situation for the employees, leadership, and the entire organization.

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