How to Manage a Hybrid Team for your Business

How to Manage a Hybrid Team for your Business

4 Useful Tips to Effectively Manage a Hybrid Team for Your Business

The pandemic has made it necessary for businesses to embrace new ways of working. Today, most employees work from home, with only a few essential staff physically attending their offices. This is the new normal in most organisations, with such hybrid teams consisting of remote and in-office employees.

Employees in companies are hesitant to return to work at their offices due to their health concerns. They love the flexibility that a hybrid model provides. From the business point of view, such a model offers several benefits like maximisation of staff productivity and cost savings. However, it is not easy to manage a hybrid team since it poses some challenges.

This article is a guide that sheds light on the challenges a hybrid team faces and shows how you can manage them.

Challenges While Managing a Remote Team

Remote Staff May Not Get the Work Support They Need

Employees who are physically present at their offices have more access to information than remote staff. They understand what goes on in their offices, the significance of their work, and its impact on their businesses. Contrarily, in hybrid teams, informal communication is absent, and the remote employees most often do not know what is happening at their offices. Reaching colleagues becomes a complex task as people are confined to personal space and may not always be a call away. All these may make them feel a lack of support in their work and causes them to lose their sense of purpose.

They Feel their Employers are Partial to In-Office Staff

In a hybrid work model, remote employees may feel they are being given unfair treatment. In many organisations, remote employees often receive lesser promotions and raises than in-office employees. The staff may feel that their employers are focusing more on the number of hours spent in the office rather than the amount of work done. Thus, they may feel a lack of appreciation for their work, which brings down their morale. They also would like to get assurances about opportunities for career advancements in their jobs.

A Sense of Loneliness

Remote employees often experience isolation since they cannot interact with other employees and have to work for long hours alone. They miss the informal chats with other employees at canteens or water coolers at breaks from work. Furthermore, they can feel stressed as they feel out of touch with others. Such a setting can demotivate them and prevent them from giving their best to their work.

How to Manage a Hybrid Team for your Business

Tips for Managing a Hybrid Team Effectively

As the manager of your hybrid team, you can easily overcome these challenges by employing the right strategies and tools.

Keep your Remote Staff in the Know

Sharing business information with your remote team is vital to make them understand the significance of their work. Install tools by which the employees get information about the project they are doing and the progress. With more involvement and transparency, the remote staff will feel more responsible for their work.

Treat Remote Staff Fairly

Make your business processes more inclusive and ensure that both remote and in-office employees get the same experience. Remove any arrangement that will have a negative impact on the remote staff. Give opportunities for the entire team to meet together at least once every year. Let the remote staff join others in celebrations or training programmes. They need a platform where they can conduct informal chats, bond with each other, and catch up with the latest developments at their office.

Employ the Latest Tech Tools to Improve Collaboration

Provide your hybrid team with advanced tools that will increase productivity and team collaboration. Use project management tools that will help you organise your work and assign tasks to employees. Install tools that will enable employees to access and share information easily. Invest in the latest equipment like a camera, microphone, or speakers for zoom meetings and laptops so that you can conduct video meetings in a better way.

Make Work Less Stressful and More Enjoyable

These are anxious times, and every employee has things to worry about, such as their family members’ health or education. It is essential to make things less stressful by introducing some fun into your work. You can arrange informal Zoom meetings where employees can have informal chats talking about their family, pets, or the latest movies or net series. This will help foster a sense of community and improve team bonding. In the long run, it will translate into more productivity and achievements of goals for your organisation. Provide more support to your employees by listening to their worries and offering solutions.

How to Manage a Hybrid Team for your Business


You can successfully manage a hybrid team following all these tips and reap the benefits like cost savings, productivity, and satisfied employees. By utilising the latest tools, managing your hybrid team will not be so challenging, and you can enhance better team collaboration.

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