How to Turn Freelance Writing into a Full-time Business

How to Turn Freelance Writing into a Full-time Business

How Can You Improve Your Income Flow By Becoming a Freelance Writer?

Anyone who wants to know how to transform freelance writing into a full-time business should first know their big “why?” This is because not everyone who wants to turn into a home-based writer will be able to make the transition. Some people lack writing skills so they need to learn how to write well first. Others may still be clueless about the demands that freelance writing imposes on the writer. If you are uncertain about your “why?” you should think carefully before you jump in.

Turning Your Profession Into an Enterprise

For some people, changing their freelance writing into a full-time business is easy because they are ready for it. They have their own laptop or desktop computer, home-based and portable net access, personal bank account, and other necessities. The only thing missing is them. If this sounds like you, then congratulations! Half the battle has been won.

However, don’t rush in if you don’t have all that yet and are still heavily dependent on your day job for steady income. You should also hesitate if you have no idea where you can get clients online or in real-time. You need some preparation so that you don’t fall flat in your first writing job.

Tips For Transitioning Into a Full-Time Freelance Writer

It is very easy to make mistakes if you aren’t ready for transforming freelance writing into a full-time business. It helps if you ask a close friend to read through your plans to see if they make sense. You may also rely on these tips too.

  • Develop Your Own Blog site – You don’t have to be a master web developer for this. You may be able to find free blogsite platforms online where you could post information about your freelance writing business. You could also post your portfolio on your blogsite. The benefit of this is that people will find you online and become interested enough to hire you.
  • Find a Niche – Some writers are blessed enough to be able to handle any niche that comes their way. But other writers prefer to focus on a particular subject since this makes their writing efforts easier to categorize. Try to think of what you like to do. That may be your niche. It is generally better to write about subject matter that you enjoy learning about. This helps keep you motivated to write more about that niche.
  • Create a Timetable – How much time do you intend to devote to writing tasks on a daily basis? Will you be keeping your day job for the first year? Or do you intend to discard your day job right away? These are three important questions because some writers are able to devote their energies full time to writing. Others may opt to keep a part-time day job while taking on small writing side-hustles.
  • Create a Contingency Plan – How will you survive if you don’t get that many jobs right away? How long do you intend to remain in freelance writing gigs? The answers to these will influence your writing goals. The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t get any clients. The best thing that can happen is that your writing career will soar and you become self-supporting.How to Turn Freelance Writing into a Full-time Business

How the Pandemic Became a Godsend for Freelancers

Many companies were forced to downsize their operations after the pandemic hit this 2020. But after large companies shrunk down to medium-size, or even became small-time players, their leaders realized that there was room for growth. So they started hiring freelancers. This helped the freelance writing industry especially since many unemployed workers started to become freelancers.

It can be said that the pandemic actually benefited the freelance writing industry a lot. It also gave company leaders food for thought about how big their operations really have to be. It showed that some large-scale operations function perfectly well even with a skeleton crew only.

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