Importance of Non-disclosure Agreements in Businesses

Importance of Non-disclosure Agreements in Businesses

Highlighting the Importance of Non-disclosure Agreements For Any Industry

Everyone who intends to engage in business needs to know the importance of non-disclosure agreements and what these are. This is especially important for startup companies and for firms developing innovations and that have trade secrets.

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) or confidentiality agreements (CAs) form part of a business agreement. These allow the business owner to discuss confidential information about their product or service without fear that the information would be stolen or misused.  The agreement prevents suppliers, subcontractors, creditors, and clients of the business owner from using the confidential information for the purposes other than what has been agreed on. Some companies require employees to handle confidential information to sign NDAs or CAs to protect the company against competitors.

With NDAs or CAs in place, the business owner and the other party can confidently transact and carry out their business. Examples of trade secrets are recipes for a food product or the technology used in a computer application.

What Should a Non-Disclosure Agreement Contain?

There is four basic information that makes an NDA more effective to protect business trade secrets.  First, it needs to specify the confidential information that it protects. Second, the agreement should identify the actions which can be interpreted as information disclosure.

Third, NDAs and CAs should specify how long the non-disclosure period lasts.  This can be a specific number of years or for perpetuity. And lastly, there are penalties which the party violating the NDA or CA suffers if they break the agreement.

NDAs or CAs do not cover when the public report information since the information is by nature submitted to government agencies and may be accessed by the public.  In some cases, courts may order the disclosure of some of the information, and the NDA or CA ceases its efficacy.Importance of Non-disclosure Agreements in Businesses

Examples Of When Non-Disclosure Agreements Are Useful

All types of business have some information they need to protect to be competitive and succeed.  This can range from highly confidential ingredients and recipes of a food product, chemical formulas used in manufacturing, or a specific production process and technology used in manufacturing products.  It could also include basic information about clients and market studies and supplier information that have been built through the years makes the business sales stable. Innovations made by start-ups and long-established companies are also normally confidential until they are released.

Businesses need to deal with different entities with whom the information would be shared. This may include investors or creditors, subcontractors, or suppliers. Business owners, most especially startups, ought to install non-disclosure agreements or confidentiality agreements. This way, they can prove intellectual property theft and claim indemnity in the future. This emphasizes the importance of non-disclosure agreements.

How to Make NDAs and CAs More Effective?

NDAs and CAs need to be clearly worded and unambiguous, and understandable by all parties. You see, some entities who violate NDAs and CAs usually take advantage of loopholes in the contract.  To prevent this, businesses could do two things.

First, seek legal counsel’s assistance to guarantee that the agreement covers the basic information necessary in an NDA or CA. A robust NDA or CA is as important as the trade secret you want to protect. Consider this as part of your capital investment.

Second, document the NDA or CA meeting, so all parties understand in simple layman’s language what is covered.  You protect your company from long litigation if you have both the agreement and the meeting minutes discussing the NDA or CA on hand.

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