Podcast Advertising: Your New Marketing Strategy

Podcast Advertising: Your New Marketing Strategy

Increase your ROI with Podcast Advertising: Here’s How

The COVID 19 global pandemic has truly caught the world by surprise. Due to the limitations on travel and physical contact, businesses have been scrambling for new and innovative ways to maintain sales, especially through virtual means. Whether through social media campaigns or other digital means, marketing strategies are getting more creative. The competition in digital marketing is getting tough.

So, you have to be on the lookout for all the new yet effective ways of advertising your products. One way to attract potential clients and connect with them is through Podcast Advertising.

What is Podcast Advertising?

Podcasts provide a new platform for advertising your brand or company through audio shows downloaded or streamed by their listeners through the internet. These audio ads contain vital information about your product/service, a type of programmatic audio and a relatively new advertising format; these audio ads contain vital information about your product/service.

Hosts will be the main advertising vehicle, as they endorse your brand using a live read 60-second audio ad during the beginning, middle, or the closing part of their show. They may use their personal experiences with your product and lead the listeners to order using coupon codes and more.

Podcast Advertising will enable your marketing team to speak to your brand’s customers in one-to-one and closer setting. You will reach a more engaged audience using the audio approach while they are driving or cooking food at home.

It’s like radio’s advertising capabilities, only modern–you can also add more advertising tactics and target specific demographics and locations to reach your intended audience. Through customized stories/ads through podcast hosts, reach users based on their interests, offering personalized tailoring at scale.

Podcast Advertising: Your New Marketing Strategy

Why Should You Use Podcast Advertising?

Unique and Innovative Marketing Opportunities

Podcast advertising is a fast-growing market within the programmatic audio category, and experts expect it to be worth $1.6 billion by 2022. Studies say that podcasts garner 62 million listeners per week, and 67% even love listening to ads, and most are comfortable with ads on podcasts in support of free content.

The competition is not as stiff as that of the online advertising industry, and your brand will have the opportunity to stand out from the highly saturated market. If you want a conversion rate more than five times higher than your regular website traffic leads, podcast advertising is for you.

Podcasts’ Steady Reach

Podcast listeners are customers who aren’t just passive listeners who are tuning in to tune out—they’re active ones that tune in for entertainment. Your target customers may permanently hear your ads through replaying some episodes or bingeing the series.

Podcast advertising creates a personal relationship with the listener, and its nature allows the ads to blend with the content seamlessly, hence, making the message more welcome and effective. Studies show that about 54% of podcast listeners purchase products or services through podcast ads.

Reach Your Target Audience Anytime, Anywhere

Listeners often download these audio shows through smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets they bring everywhere every day. Since podcasts are in audio forms, they enable users to multitask during daily activities like driving, cleaning, and working out while remaining engaged to the podcast host.

Another bonus for podcast advertising is a wide selection of shows and content that have a high chance of being compatible with your company and products. You can now easily target and specify your audience through the audio shows you think are aligned with your brand’s advocacies.

Increase Your Conversion Rate Through Host Credibility

Podcast hosts have already established deep trust with their audience. They are like your brand ambassadors; listeners tend to be more confident with their experiences on a product or service.

Podcast consumers usually respond better to sincere and authentic conversations from the hosts about a product they love than to traditional prewritten copy and read write-ups.

Get Listeners to Love Your Product Through their Favourite Podcast

Podcast advertising allows you to provide the listeners of a specific podcast with an exclusive code discount, which can generate friendly or warm leads. With a feeling of credibility, they will be more likely to purchase your product or service. A shared experience with their co-listeners may then result in affiliate marketing leads or word-of-mouth advertising.

Ads through podcasts are a more targeted approach and a unique way to make the listeners consider your product through incentivization. You can also gauge your ad’s efficiency in that podcast, as you can see the conversion rate of that specific code.

Podcast Advertising: Your New Marketing Strategy

How to Start Podcast Advertising

Thinking about starting Podcast Advertising may be overwhelming, but it is relatively easy to understand. You can provide a pre-produced ad for the podcast host to insert or read, or you can leave it up to their discretion to advertise your company by providing them talking points you’d like them to use.

Like video advertisements, audio ads can be Pre-Roll (at the beginning slot), Mid-Roll (middle), or Post-Roll (end of a podcast). They usually range from 15-30 seconds regardless of their position in the episode.

Two types of inventory available for podcast advertising: Downloaded Podcasts are consumed immediately or saved for later listening, while Live-stream podcasts are streamed audio over the internet.

Start with Podcast Advertising Now!

Remember that in podcasting advertising, shaping your ad’s message needs to be more specific and more targeted than other mediums. What makes it unique and innovative is listeners tend to be more decisive of their podcasts, which will play in your favour or hinder your sales, depending on your execution.

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