Sam’s Club Pilots Their New Scan & Ship App Feature

Sam’s Club Adds the New Scan & Ship App Feature in Their Sam’s Club App

Technology plays a huge role in businesses from any sector. People are present offline and online, which means that companies need to be accessible on both platforms. Sam’s Club recently launched its new Scan & Ship app feature to make your shopping experience more convenient.

Sam’s Club Employs Technology on Its Business

Sam’s Club, founded by Sam Walton, began in 1983 when they opened the first Sam’s Club in Midwest City, Okla. Since Sam Walton also founded Walmart, Sam’s Club became a division of it. Sam’s Club is a membership warehouse where you can shop various products for your home. Today, there are almost 600 branches of Sam’s Clubs across the U.S and Puerto Rico.

The club’s President and CEO, Kathryn McLay, approved the use of technology to improve the customer experience. In an interview with CNBC, Kathryn McLay said they want to provide convenience and safety to their members, especially during this pandemic.

The company’s technology is not limited to its customers. They also have app-based tools for their employees, such as the voice-enabled service named Ask Sam. Ask Sam helps employees locate items and answer customers’ inquiries. The company recently launched the new Scan & Ship app feature, which you will know more about in the next part.

Sam’s Club Pilots Scan & Ship

The New Scan & Ship app feature is integrated into the club’s Scan & Go feature in the Sam’s Club App. The Scan & Ship works similarly with Scan & Go. It enables customers to have more control over their shopping experience.

With Scan & Ship, shoppers can scan the products and have them delivered to their doorstep. What’s nice about buying furniture from Sam’s Club is that you can choose sizes and colours that are not available in the store. Once you purchase pieces of furniture, they will deliver them to you, usually within three to five business days.

The new Scan & Ship app feature is not yet applicable for all branches of the Sam’s Club. The pilot will start at three locations: a club in Murrieta, California, McKinney, Texas, and the Sam’s Club Now in Dallas.

Sam’s Club Pilots Their New Scan & Ship App Feature

How the Store’s Scan & Go and Scan & Ship Helps Shoppers

According to the chief technology officer of Sam’s Club, Vinod Bidarkoppa, Scan & Go brought success to the company. The Scan & Go enables shoppers to scan the product barcode and pay through the app afterwards. After completing the payment, they’ll present the digital receipt before going out of the store.

The new Scan & Ship app feature provides benefits for the company and customers. Contactless shopping and transactions have been the focus of many businesses during this pandemic. As mentioned earlier, customers can scan the product when shopping at Sam’s Club. Another significant feature is that customers can also use their smartphones to pay and use virtual shopping carts.

Significance of Technology in Retail

Technology is changing the world of business. It promotes efficiency, which allows both companies and consumers to save time, money, and energy. It also provides easier access to products and services.

There are trends in the way the retail sector utilizes technology. Here are some of the primary reasons why companies use technology:

  • It enhances the customer experience.
  • It can analyze consumer behaviour and trends.
  • It can attract customers.
  • It makes their operations efficient and flexible.
  • It prevents crime.
  • It helps in managing the stock flow.

There are more reasons why businesses use technology. For the retail sector, which includes companies like Sam’s Club, technology is essential in ensuring a smooth shopping experience and better customer service.


Sam’s Club’s strategy on using technology has provided them significant benefits in the past. With the new Scan & Ship app feature, the company is another step closer to making its operations as efficient and safe as possible. Contactless shopping and transactions will not likely die after the pandemic. It will change the way we shop, and we might use it for a long time.

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