Tips on How to Make Employees Waste Less Time

Tips on How to Make Employees Waste Less Time

Implement Effective Communication to Help Employees Waste Less Time

We, as an employee, we don’t give our 100 % at work, we waste almost 30-40% of the time even though we don’t want to. Sometimes we waste our time intentionally. Spending time can lead to less productive results. It can affect the growth rate of the company as well as the employees. Almost all of the human resource officers want to know how to make employees waste less time.

Tips on How to Make Employees Waste Less Time

Why Employees Waste Their Time

There are different studies about this, which states the possible answers to why employees waste their time. To make this possible, you must first have to identify the leading causes behind the wasting of time by the employees. Many employees feel that their HR is not able to extract their best from them, which is almost 35% of their whole working time.

There are about 30% of employees who are unsatisfied with their work around while around 23% of employees are bored. Some employees think their working hours are too long and tiring, approximately 34%. Not getting any incentive or promotion is also one of the primary reasons accounting for 32% of the employees not being fully productive.

Additional to this, some employees think that their work will be wasted and won’t be considered and recognized. Digital distraction and social media addiction are also a common reason behind, the employees spending their time in the workplace or office.

How to Help Employees Waste Less Time

Now, we have answers due to various studies, which have been conducted by different statistical institutions and firms. Let’s discuss how to make employees waste less time.

  • Conduct a healthy competition among the different groups of employees. According to a recent study, any game activates the subconscious mind of the employee’s perceptions of the employees. It will make them work more dedicatedly, and they will be more concentrated at their workplace or office. An incentive can be proposed as a reward for the winning group of employees.
  • Give creative tasks to your employees as it can help them using their brains more efficiently. It will also help them in not getting bored with their work because there will be something in front of them to complete.
  • Make some employees engaged in the work again. Some employees think they are cut off from their office, which makes their interest very low in their work. Re-engaging those employees will boost up the production rate of them. It will result in employees waste less time.
  • Motivate those employees who are thinking that they are underpaid. Motivate them; appreciate them a small appreciation can make them more positive towards their work. It will make them more efficient in their work. Send me good thoughts and positive vibes, and to motivate them, you must have also been motivated.


The above-discussed tips are proven methods through various studies by using these methods. And applying these tips, you would surely be able to make your employees waste less time.