Welcoming the Transition from Traditional Book Publishing to Digital Publishing

Welcoming the Transition from Traditional Book Publishing to Digital Publishing

Why Book Lovers Should Rejoice Over Switch of Traditional Book Publishing to Digital Publishing

The world seems to be switching from traditional book publishing to digital publishing. This means old-fashioned books made out of paper and ink are being phased out in favour of electronic books. The transition heavily favours book lovers, even those who are more used to hard copy books. So keep an eye out for digital publications now, due to the many advantages.

What Publications Will Be Covered By Digital Publishing?

As mentioned, you can expect regular books (fiction and non-fiction) to fall under the aegis of digital publishing. But other publications such as periodicals, journals, manuscripts, and articles can also be considered covered by digital publishing. In fact, anything that has words in it can fall under the category of digital publishing. The only requirement is that your digital gadget can display it for easy reading.

What are the Most Useful Advantages of Digital Publishing?

The shift from traditional book publishing to digital publishing is beneficial because readers don’t have to hunt through many pages to find what they need. There are search functions in ebook readers. A related advantage is that an author can easily edit their manuscript through this same search function. A reader, such as a student, can spot the needed information, note down which page it’s on, and make a citation.  You can do in seconds what used to take an hour.

Another benefit is that a book collector won’t need vast amounts of physical space to store all their books. The ebook reader gadget can store multiple ebooks and other e-publications for easy portability. So you will only need to bring along an ebook reader to access your book collection anywhere.

You should store your digital files carefully where there are no moisture, dust, and insects so that digital files will last indefinitely. On the other hand, you can lose your hard copy books stored in your private room if they get wet and rot or termites invade.Welcoming the Transition from Traditional Book Publishing to Digital Publishing

One very useful function of an ebook reader is that you can embed audio files within your ebook. So you can embed your audio insight within the ebook itself if you want to make a note about a certain passage. This means you won’t need to write your thoughts on paper pages anymore. Blind people may benefit from this the most, since they may be able to listen to audio files anytime.

There are some book lovers who support the shift to digital publishing because too many trees are being felled. This is the biggest disadvantage of traditional publishing nowadays. So you have an advantage with your ebook reader if you want to move away from traditional book publishing to digital publishing.

What Kind of Gadgets Can Access Digital Publications?

The ebook reader is the first option mentioned earlier. But you can also rely on other gadgets as your digital file reader. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and possibly new devices that will eventually be introduced in the market. As long as your gadget can access and display digital files, then that is a legitimate form of digital file reader.

The South Africa Experience

At this point, there is no fool-proof prediction about whether traditional publishing will go extinct soon. But it seems more and more publishers are switching to digital publishing due to perceived demand. The South Africa experience reveals one potential problem. South African publishers saw that publishers need to transition more publications into digital format since demand is growing. But demand is still building to the point wherein all hard-copy books are going to be phased out. The fate of traditional publishing is still a toss of a coin, or a 50/50 situation, at least in South Africa.

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