What Are Corporate Wellness Programs?

What Are Corporate Wellness Programs?

What Are Corporate Wellness Programs Exactly and How Do They Help?

Like their name suggests, a corporate wellness program is a schedule of activities designed to promote health and fitness among company employees. There is no limit to the kinds of corporate wellness programs available nowadays. In fact, there are already a dizzying array of programs set up among many companies. These serve as a form of company benefit for all employees lucky enough to be working for a particular company.

Why Were Corporate Wellness Programs Developed?

The reasoning behind the development of corporate wellness programs is that companies have a responsibility to promote good health in the workplace. Simply put, “a healthy employee is a happy employee, and a happy employee is a productive employee”. But since there is no single program that can guarantee good health, many types of programs were set up. Some even go beyond just good health, with employees sharing a financial gift as an incentive for reaching a health goal. This is a good company benefit to have.

Using Smoking Cessation Program as Employee Benefit

Some criticize corporate wellness programs for their cost to the company. Critics may even advocate removing such programs since it costs money to run them. But the Union Pacific company set up one health and fitness program that is admirable yet costs little to offer. They provide a smoking cessation program for employees.

Everyone knows by now that smoking is admittedly bad for health yet so difficult to escape once you’re “hooked”. With this kind of program, Union Pacific employees who join the program get free lifestyle coaching and pharmacologic interventions. The reasoning is that some employees find it hard to quit smoking with just coaching or only medication to back them up. The two-pronged approach makes it easier for them. The company had a major decline in smokers with help from this program.What Are Corporate Wellness Programs?

Need a BackRub, Sir?

Google offers another example of a great benefit for employees – free massage in the workplace. You have probably had at least one great massage in your life so you are aware of the positive feeling afterwards. This company hired at least 35 massage therapists for the company offices within the US. A well-executed massage leaves the recipient feeling much better so employees are able to focus more on work later on. This is an example of how simple corporate wellness programs can be (although Google is one of the more advanced IT companies in the world). Work-related stress is thus minimized.

Employees in highly competitive companies need corporate wellness programs to survive stress. Some say that employees under the right wellness program can focus on their job and function better. Others cite some wellness parameters such as being able to engage in sports activity and eating healthier food. With the right program, proponents believe that company productivity will go up. This spells “profits” that help justify the initial expense of setting up and maintaining the program.

If your company doesn’t offer this kind of program yet, look into it. Your employees may want to remain in your company longer if you do. You may also notice your employees relating better with each other and being more productive in the workplace after joining your preferred corporate wellness programs.

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