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Leading Indonesia Digital Accounting Firm

Best Indonesia Digital Accounting Firm

Indonesia’s First and Only Fully Digital Accounting Firm

3E Accounting is once again the name to be reckoned with here at Top World Business. This time, the spotlight shines upon its Indonesian office, PT 3E Accounting Services.

Recognised as the leading Indonesian digital accounting firm in 2022, Top World Business is proud to once again present an award to PT 3E Accounting Services for being the first to launch a fully digital accounting firm in Indonesia.

In keeping with its theme of being an innovative leader in every industry it tackles, PT 3E Accounting Services is no different. It will now always be recognised as the pioneer of the first and only digital accounting firm available in Indonesia.

Since it opened its doors from day one, every business dealing has been conducted digitally for the client. PT 3E Accounting Services still offers its clients all the desirable one-stop solution services that its other branches offer. With one key difference: Everything is done digitally. 

From the company setup, bank account opening, bookkeeping, secretarial support services and more, 3E Accounting has mastered the art of going digital. It has developed its own cloud-based accounting software that is designed to suit Indonesia’s local law and compliance requirements. This means that supporting their clients bookkeeping services digitally is very much possible.

A very hearty congratulations to 3E Accounting for this monumental achievement. The company is truly one of kind, able to tap into the technology they built up this year to successfully integrate themselves into the Indonesian market.

Best Singapore Immigration Consultant in 2021

Best Singapore Immigration Consultant in 2021

Top World Business awards and congratulates 3E Accounting Pte Ltd for the Best Immigration Consultant in Singapore for 2021!

Home to one of the world’s freest and most diverse markets, Singapore is steadily recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Health Minister Mr Ong Ye Kung, he stated that the country would seek to reduce health measurements soon after the Omnicron wave has peaked and subsided. Following the massive vaccination roll-out in the country, the Singaporean borders are in the works of reopening and resuming travels. On top of that, Singapore is also quick to extend vaccinated travel lanes (VTLs) if the situation permits.

3E Accounting has been helping plenty of business owners and foreign workers to obtain their work pass. Subsequently, the firm also helps them start and incorporate their company in Singapore. Even during the pandemic, 3E Accounting did not slow down to help their clients. Their team has made the process a smooth ride with digitalised solutions and fast response around the clock.

Now, as the borders are reopening, 3E Accounting is gearing up to help as many entrepreneurs and international workers as they can. The firm has a 100% approval rate for work pass issuance, allowing overseas entrepreneurs or staff to safely and legally enter Singapore to work.

If you are a foreign national who wants to immigrate to Singapore, 3E Accounting has your back. With years of expertise under their belt, 3E Accounting is efficient and ensure everything from A to Z is taken care of. You would not have to worry about delays or mistakes in employment pass application with them. As the nation’s leading immigration services firm, 3E Accounting holds a full license from Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

While moving to Singapore may seem like an arduous process but the truth is far from it. We will assist you with your ICA Singapore PR application in an instant. Moreover, we will help you better understand Singapore’s PR requirements and update your PR status accordingly. As for those looking to move to Singapore long-term, becoming a Permanent Resident should be the next course in their journey.

Apart from work passes and PR statuses, take a look at some of the services provided by 3E Accounting:

Led by a team of multi-professionals who are at the top of their field, 3E Accounting thrives on being the best and strives to maintain its level of quality and professionalism. Besides immigration services, the firm also provides services on business incorporation, human resources, taxation, IT solution, and so much more. Thousands of satisfied clients worldwide trust and recommend 3E Accounting as their favoured choice for one-stop business solutions.

Once again, Top World Business wishes 3E Accounting a hearty congratulations for winning the Best Immigration Consultant in Singapore for 2021! For more information on immigrating to Singapore, simply reach out to 3E Accounting today.

Best Hong Kong Company Incorporation Consultant in 2021

Best Hong Kong Company Incorporation Consultant in 2021

Top World Business is proud to announce that 3E Accounting has been named as the Hong Kong Best Company Incorporation Consultant in 2021.

Being one of the world’s most competitive economies, Hong Kong has risen to worldwide superstardom in recent years. Notably, with a high ranking position in the Ease of Doing Business List, it’s no surprise that the city attracts thousands of new entrepreneurs and businesses every year. Plus, Hong Kong’s elite location is simply strategic and provides an easy gateway to other key players, such as mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and more. Apart from the great accessibility, the city has a simple yet straightforward tax system and a vibrate economic climate.

Finding a suitable company incorporation service is imminent for those looking to relocate or start a business in Hong Kong. As a premier provider of company incorporation services, 3E Accounting is proud to offer a wide range of services, paired with the best value for money prices.

Since its inception in 2011, 3E Accounting has gone on to win numerous awards and recognitions, becoming one of the most trusted brands in the industry. The firm focuses on various services, including company incorporation, accounting, human resources, auditing, taxation, immigration services and more. There are a few reasons why 3E Accounting became the Hong Kong Best Company Incorporation Consultant in 2021 – take a look below at what sets 3E Accounting apart from the others.

Competitive pricing rates:


Starting from HK$2,000


Company Formation, Company Secretary, Registered Address, Bank Account Opening and many more.

Contact Number:

+852 3703 8500




2/F., Tern Centre, Tower 1, 237 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Based on their package, 3E Accounting Limited offers an attractive pricing rate for entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. 3E Accounting provides competitive pricing and can help you register your business as low as HK$2,000. The package will:

  • Check your company’s name availability.
  • Pay a sum of HK$1,720 to the Hong Kong Government for incorporation fee purposes.
  • Incorporate your company and obtain the Certificate of Incorporation and Standard Articles of Association.
  • First Director’s Meeting for company incorporation minutes.
  • Company kit includes standard Articles of Association, share certificates, minute book, register of shareholders and directors.
  • Provision of one set of CPA certified true copies of the company incorporation documents needed for the opening of a bank account in Hong Kong*
  • Filing details of first directors and company secretary with the Companies Registry.
  • Preparation of Significant Controllers Register and provision of a designated representative to liaise with the Hong Kong authorities for one year.

With FREE:

  • Bank account opening services.
  • One year of Corporate Secretary Services worth HK$1,500.
  • Notification of commencement of business to IRD.
  • First-year domain name registration.
  • Google Workspace email set up for up to two users (excluding Google Workspace Subscription Charges).
  • Advisory on compliance requirements.
  • Monitoring of filing deadlines for one year through email.
  • Company incorporation consultation services.
  • Tax planning advice.

…and more!

Finding a firm with high fluency in Hong Kong may be a challenge, but 3E Accounting Limited has got you. Led by a team of experts with high language proficiency, starting and incorporating your business is a smooth ride – as there is little to no language barrier! So, worry not if you do not speak or have not mastered Chinese; 3E Accounting can help you either way!

Even though COVID-19 hampered the economy everywhere, 3E Accounting has demonstrated its professionality through and through. The firm has brought on a digitalized approach, which has increased its efficiency and responsiveness.

With a simple search online, one can read the hundred of positive reviews left by satisfied clients and customers, not just in Hong Kong, but from all over the world. 3E Accounting truly exceeds all expectations and delivers its service above and beyond. Once again, Top World Business wishes 3E Accounting a hearty congratulations for winning the award: Hong Kong Best Company Incorporation Consultant in 2021!