Social Media Influencers and Cultural Exploitation: Fame and Views Catalyst?

Social Media Influencers and Cultural Exploitation: Fame and Views Catalyst?

Age of Cultural Exploitation by Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers are the most talked-about figure in twenty-first-century marketing. Bloggers, Instagrammers, Pinners, and other social media users curate and share material with their followers. They make money by cooperating with well-known businesses. The emergence of these phenomena fuels people who want to be convincing and well-known online.

An influencer earns a living off of social media fame. The interchange of information and advertising of services, goods, or lifestyles generates profit. Young people are getting increasingly interested in becoming influencers as a result of the power of social media. The problem is that influencer marketing is unregulated.

As a result of the lockdown, social media usage has increased by 72 percent. Influencer marketing has swooped in and taken over as the dominant marketing technique of 2020. Influencers rethink their material to keep up with their followers’ newfound need for amusement and escapism. The digital world appeared to be one step ahead of traditional advertorial, resulting in competitive content creation.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing differs from traditional marketing in that it allows for creative freedom. Brands have eased their grip on how influencers promote their products, allowing for more natural and individualized content sharing. Brands frequently encourage influencers to provide real content. While providing rules and presenting brand information is vital, authenticity comes out on top by a long shot.

Influencers’ real-life messages published on social media help raise brand awareness and draw attention to the company. Influencers thrive when they can provide relatable content in a natural flow of information. People are more likely to express themselves freely when aware of the importance of true collaborations between brands and influencers. Influencers honestly showcase a firm and its products, allowing their followers to witness real-life products in action.

According to estimates, influencer marketing will be worth $15 billion by 2022. Sixty-three percent of marketers plan to boost their influencer marketing budgets in 2021, and 63% have already done so. Video content will continue to reign supreme, with value-driven content becoming the norm. Within brands and among influencers, the emphasis will shift to diversity and inclusion.

Social Media Influencers and Cultural Exploitation: Fame and Views Catalyst?

Culture Content Marketing

The collective mental training of the human mind that separates one group of people from another is culture. This programming impacts thinking patterns mirrored in the meaning people assign to many elements of life and society. Culture content marketing seeks to advertise a message, a service, or a product to a specific culture or demographic of potential buyers. It is a company’s reaction to and contribution to many cultures.

Understanding cultural variations can aid in the creation of more effective material that crosses borders. All you have to do to witness the impact of culture is travel abroad or spend time with foreign people. The way a person acts, interprets, and reacts to events depends on their cultural surroundings. Several examples of brands seek to take culture into account, and the results are not always positive.

We need a greater understanding of culture and how to break it down. Through this, we can look at the practical consequences of culture on marketing material. Learning to communicate requires understanding where someone comes from and what is important to them. Businesses and influencers prosper when they are culturally aware and communicate appealing messages.

Clickable Content

Every day, people spend hours browsing through their newsfeeds, keeping in touch with their online contacts and the virtual world. It has become a mainstream social networking platform for companies wanting to expand their customer base. The answer is to create distinct content.  The purpose is to develop content that attracts attention and directs visitors to the website.

Viewers can respond to interactive material in more ways than just comments or likes. Posts that elicit strong emotions in individuals are more likely to succeed on social media, according to studies. User-Generated Content (UGC) is extremely useful for gaining social media impressions and engagement. UGC, particularly on networks like Instagram, can increase interaction and reach.

In the internet sales cycle, content provides a high-quality opportunity to convert browsers into purchasers. Lead the target customer through the facts they require before deciding to capture and hold their interest. The average individual spends eleven hours each day interacting with various media types. Delivering critical information in a larger range of formats enables effective audience acquisition.

Social Media Monetization

The primary source of revenue for social media networks is advertising, but new channels may give content creators more control. The process of producing cash from your social media audience is social media monetization. The product, the social media channel, the available technology, and the target demographic all play a role in the outcome. Corporations, celebrities, and influencers in the United States must reveal their content sponsorship in response to the Federal Trade Commission.

Common social media influencers’ assumption is that monetizing your audience requires a great number of followers. Using social media to make money as a micro-influencer is possible. A micro-influencer is a person who has 1,000 or fewer highly engaged followers on social media. Despite their limited fan base, these guys have a sizable following of active listeners.

For most creators, brand collaborations are still their primary source of income. Some are making money through unconventional methods such as affiliate marketing, physical or digital product sales, and advertisements. New creator economy platforms and technologies, such as tipping or subscriptions, give creators greater ways to monetize their communities directly. Most artists prefer YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, but Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and even LinkedIn.

Social Media Influencers and Cultural Exploitation: Fame and Views Catalyst?

Cultural Exploitation

Cultural exploitation occurs when a dominant culture appropriates components of a subjugated culture without reciprocity, permission, recompense, understanding, or appreciation. Appreciation is when someone strives to comprehend and learn about another culture to connect with individuals across cultures. Appropriation is when you take one piece of a culture you don’t own and use it for your gain. It includes buying a piece of jewellery or clothes with cultural meaning but only wearing it as a fashion statement.

Cultural borrowing or collaboration can become exploitative when individuals overstep boundaries. Consider the context when distinguishing borrowing from exploitative cultural appropriation. Nas Daily, a channel by Palestinian-Israeli renowned vlogger Nuseir Yassin, faces accusations of exploiting a 104-year-old tattoo artist and using racist language. Yassin is subject to criticism for offering a traditional tattooing course taught by legendary tattoo artist Whang-od.

Whang-od, who hails from the Philippines’ Kalinga province, is the country’s oldest and last indigenous tattoo artist. Whang Od’s granddaughter claimed that the academy is a scam, and Whang-od did not sign any contract with NasDaily. The alleged academy’s course entitled Learn the Ancient Art of Tattooing costs approximately $15. The alleged contract is under  National Commission on Indigenous Peoples’ investigation, a federal body-protecting Indigenous peoples’ rights.

Following the controversy over the Whang-od course, Louise Mabulo accused Yassin of abusing her culture. Mabulo is the founder of the Cacao Project, a deforestation-fighting project that empowers farmers. Yassin visited her project two years ago, she said, and belittled farmers and used discriminatory words. The influencer insulted the Filipino accent, termed Filipinos poor, and accused farmers of not being clickable viewable content.

Feeding on Insecurities

Cosmetics created exclusively for women is the most profitable business on the internet and in history. Companies that profit from patriarchy make a lot of money by persuading women that they aren’t good enough. Our beauty standards are dependent on societal views of ideals and beauty. Diet culture is probably the most visible of these strategies.

Diet culture is available in powders, teas, and workout programs tailored to the ideal body form of the moment. Consider the Kardashians, who have become famous solely because of their inaccessibility. Their business model derives from social media celebrity and the exploitation of young women. Their appearances and figures have gradually evolved throughout their rule, adjusting to changing media expectations.

They sell yoga pants that make waists smaller and contour sticks that make noses narrower. They profit from the dream that transformations are easy adjustments that they can perform on their own. They don’t mention personal trainers, dieticians, and plastic surgeons who scientifically create their bodies. It creates the illusion of natural yet unattainable results.


People’s emotional connections to their online followers’ ideas and sentiments fuel influencer culture. Influencers have the power to influence others’ purchasing decisions due to their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with their audience. If abused, it can harm society. Mutual tolerance and knowledge are vital when it comes to cultural appreciation and exploitation.

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Improving Well-Being Through Virtual Fitness

Improving Well-Being Through Virtual Fitness

Pandemic Trend: Empowering Virtual Fitness For Change

Physical well-being is more than just living a better life – it’s also about being more productive and successful. The purpose of this article is to support you and motivate you to work out in the real world and develop the habits that will help you be more productive and successful in your personal and professional life.

Virtual fitness can be a great way to go beyond the box for your health and fitness needs. With the implementation of new and better technology in this area, more and more individuals can reach their fitness goals more effectively. If you’re someone who finds walking a chore or doesn’t feel up to doing it, then a virtual fitness course could change all that.

Virtual fitness is a whole-body approach to exercise. You can learn real-time techniques for developing determination, strength, endurance, and balance in a virtual environment. With the right tools and tips for creating an enjoyable and stress-free workout experience, you’ll learn how to reach your fitness goals and make sure your body stays motivated and feeling well.

Rising Trend of Virtual Fitness

In the past decade, the popularity of virtual and on-demand fitness tracking has grown exponentially. Today, hundreds of different apps are available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store that offer various ways for users to track their health and fitness routines. Many users are interested in doing it on their schedule, from walking to working out at the gym, especially when they don’t have the time to commit to an in-person workout.

Today, over 60 million people use VR fitness technology such as Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, and PlayStation Move to simulate exercise in their homes. These devices can bring virtual fitness to people with physical limits due to an injury, chronic disease, or age. As more people get into shape through VR, more companies will begin offering premium training programs and virtual fitness classes.

The popularity of virtual fitness is partly due to the growing use of technology in apps to help users exercise more effectively. The use of mobile apps for physical activity is also increasing as people become more accustomed to portable devices that provide all-day fitness and sleep tracking capabilities.

Types of Online Fitness Classes You Could Try

Strength Fitness Classes

In addition to an intense workout that targets muscles and therapeutic techniques, strength and conditioning classes also provide a fun and active way to meet new people and have fun while celebrating your accomplishment. This combination of high-intensity exercises and social interaction promotes the kind of positive reinforcement that helps to keep you motivated and on track toward achieving your fitness goals.

Cycling Fitness Classes

Cycling is one of the most effective forms of exercise for toning, improving flexibility, increasing strength and endurance, burning extra calories, and removing stress from your system. It’s also a fun way to stay fit and meet new people. Spinning helps you master the fundamental skills of good movement, which will transfer to other areas of your life when you apply them effectively.

Dance Fitness Classes

Whether you’re interested in starting an exercise program or want to maintain an effective one, dance fitness classes are an excellent option. The benefits are obvious – more energy, more relaxation, more toned physique. Anyone can start a program like Zumba at any time, and it will help keep you involved in regular activities that require your full attention.

It’s a dance fitness class that doesn’t require an expensive mat or equipment. If you are interested in starting an aerobic dance class in your home, you should invest in a good set of dance equipment and begin engaging in some popular dance moves.

Cardio Fitness Class

Cardio is one of the best classes for improving your overall health. It’s an effective form of exercise that can help you reduce stress and tackle obesity and stroke risk by producing endorphins – natural chemical messengers released as you exercise. Being in an excellent cardiovascular frame of mind has been shown to improve your mood and creativity.

Recovery Fitness Class

If you are looking for ways to avoid injury and freshen up after a workout, recovery fitness classes are a great start. This class includes the popular ‘feels good, feels bad’ post-workout sequence. You will feel more energized and ready for the next class after completing this routine. Caring for your body and mind after an intense workout is essential if you want success after your training.

Improving Well-Being Through Virtual Fitness

Benefits of Virtual Fitness Classes

Working out at home has many health benefits, not just from the obvious physical benefits of lifting weights and doing bodyweight exercises. It can help you maintain a healthy weight, meet the intensity levels needed for exercise sessions, and meet resolve before a workout. Although the technology used is still newer than traditional gyms, the potential benefits are clear. Fitness trackers provide an open platform for users to upgrade all aspects of their lives.

The Comfort of Your Home

Virtual gyms can be found on many websites such as Zumba, Fitocracy, and Strava. These sites allow users to find online classes or instructors they can use to complete different workout routines. There are many reasons why people continue using these services even when they know they won’t be able to finish the workout due to distance, time limitations, or other financial issues.

It wasn’t easy to find quality instructors who were comfortable working with clients in the early days. Today, there are many virtual gyms where users can choose from a variety of instructors and classes. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace so that it is now possible to take full advantage of it. Even if you are not using a computer or mobile device to access a gym, there is no harm in attending one as part of your everyday routine.

Induces Self-care

If you value self-care and want to improve your mental well-being, a good place to start is by learning more about the available types of self-care. Start with opening a local centre for practising yoga in your area. Then look into going to a retreat centre or mindfulness centre. The truth is, there’s something for everyone. Getting into shape isn’t hard – it’s a case of choosing what works for you and sticking with it!

Access to Variety

It lets you try out different exercises, even if you lack the hardware for a full-body workout. And it enables you to take advantage of niche markets where exercise equipment is unavailable—like fighting games on consoles or intelligent trainers for the worksite. Virtual fitness offers far more freedom than traditional versions of exercise, and it’s far more convenient for doing things like exercising at home, walking for 30 minutes each day, or even simply sitting in front of a computer.


Virtual fitness can help you stay fit and reach your fitness goals even when you don’t have an original idea or full-time job to devote to your physical activity. It also helps you avoid burnout by letting you work on several different game schedules simultaneously. Becoming more flexible also allows you to take days off work if needed without paying for additional fitness equipment. With virtual fitness, it’s not necessary to be in perfect physical shape to work out.

Boosts Confidence

Building your confidence through virtual fitness can help you overcome shyness and fear of public interactions. When you feel more comfortable in social situations, you are more likely to open up and share your feelings and experiences. If you have been struggling with low self-esteem, becoming more familiar with virtual fitness could be the critical factor that stands between you and achieving positive changes in your life.


Fitness can be empowering, providing a sense of purpose, meaning, and sense of identity. It allows us to feel that we have control over our bodies and live life on our terms. We can choose to be in shape and decide to be happy. The pandemic triggered a profound change in our culture. It elevated the importance of social responsibility in health, fitness, and nutrition. Nevertheless, even though this pandemic ends, digital fitness is here to stay.

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Benefits of Physical Activity for People with Depression

Benefits of Physical Activity for People with Depression

Know Different Benefits of Physical Activity for Your Mind

It is no hidden secret that exercise is fuel to the body and is great for its overall functioning. Though we mainly exercise to keep ourselves fit, there are other benefits of physical activity. For example, exercising regularly helps to address mood swings, depression, mental health, and anxiety.

Depression might have been a taboo word in the earlier times when there was less awareness about mental health, but today, it is quite an acceptable term in society. Many people go through a phase of depression in their life, and it is NORMAL to feel that way. The only thing people suffering from depression do wrong is sit by it and do ‘Nothing’. Accepting your condition is undoubtedly one of the first steps you take towards progress, but you also need to take a few corrective measures to ace through this process and come out as a stronger human being.

More Physical Activity and Lesser Sitting Time Heals Depression

A study was conducted in the UK on students and staff at the University of Huddersfield during the lockdown in 2020. As per the study results, those who were busy with moderate or high physical activity, along with low sitting time, got a better well-being score than those who were comparatively less active and had more sitting time. Dr Liane Azevedo, one of the experts conducting the study, says that the mental well-being of participants who were sitting without activity for more than eight hours was the most affected.

The experts also found that in the case of those sitting idle for long hours, compensating by indulging in physical activities like exercise was found to be beneficial for their mental health. They came to the conclusion that reducing sitting time and participating in some kind of physical activity has a positive impact on your mental well-being.

How Physical Activity Can Help People With Depression?

Exercise is surely one of the biggest factors that improve physical health and overall outer physique, like trimming your waistline etc. Still, exercise can offer more. You must have noticed, people who regularly exercise are the ones who have an enormous strong feeling of well-being. Throughout the day, they feel way more energetic, sleep better at night, have a better memory, can think better, and are happier in their lives. Therefore, exercise is the most powerful medicine, which can help in solving plenty of mental health challenges.

Regular and consistent exercise can have a strong and positive impact on depression as exercising helps alleviate stress and is a proven mood buster. You need not be a fitness maniac to keep up with your mental health. Rather, you only have to spend 45 minutes to 1 hour all by yourself and move. Simple walking or jogging every day can help transform yourself. Regardless of the fitness level, age, gender etc., one should learn to use exercise as a significant tool to deal with depression and live a satisfying life.

As per the studies, exercise can treat mild to moderate depression issues more effectively than antidepressants. The best advantage is that the antidepressant medication might have side effects, but exercise can never have! We can cite plenty of examples to prove it, and one is below.

Recently a study that was done by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health made a claim that simply running for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day or walking for 1 hour a day helps reduce the risks associated with depression by 26%. Apart from just relieving the depression symptoms, some studies show that having a strict exercise schedule can help prevent the relapse of depression or other related mental health problems.

Benefits of Physical Activity for People with Depression

Exercise – Powerful Fighter for Depression

Exercise of any form is considered to be one of the most powerful depression fighters. Most importantly, exercising is so beneficial because it helps promote changes inside the brain, which includes neural growth. This reduces inflammation and also leads to new patterns of activity in the brain. As a result, these activities promote the feeling of well-being, calmness and happiness. In addition, exercising releases endorphins, which are powerful chemicals that form inside the brain. These chemicals help in energizing the spirits and makes the person feel good about themselves.

However, that’s not the end when we talk about exercise and benefits of physical activity. Unknowingly, exercising also acts as a distraction, allowing individuals to break from the hustle-bustle of life and a pool of negative thoughts in which they are forever drowning. Exercising also relieves a significant amount of stress and tension, which today, all of us go through every day. Not only does exercising physically boost energy, but it also gives a positive push to mental energy.

Any physical movement can help you strongly, but it will give you a better advantage if you pay attention to your every movement. For example, if you are walking, try and notice the sensation while your feet hit the ground, concentrate on your breathing, or feel the wind flowing through your skin. These are known as mindful elements, which help you focus on your body and witness how you react while exercising. This way, you will not just improve your physical fitness, but you will also be able to own your worries and thoughts, which lead to depression.

Other Benefits of Physical Activity for People With Depression

Higher Self Esteem

When a person is going through depression, their self-esteem goes for a toss. Regular physical activity is an investment you make for your mind, soul and body. When physical activity becomes a habit, it helps to foster a feeling of self-worth, making you feel powerful and stronger. You will feel confident about your appearance. Every day if you feel small and have simple exercise goals, you will get a sense of achievement from yourself.

Better Sleep

Even a few minutes of effective exercise in the day can help in improving your sleep pattern. Getting quality sleep is directly proportional to a stable mind. For someone who is already not stable mentally, sleeping is one of the most important activities.

More Energy

Exercising leads to an increase in the heart rate. Specially indulging in physical activity in the morning gives a kick-start to the body and prepares it well for the entire day. Moreover, exercising regularly helps the mind to be stable, which is essential for healing depression.

As we saw, there are plenty of benefits of physical activity, the most important one being the ability to fight depression.

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How Wellness Tourism Will Flourish in 2021

How Wellness Tourism Will Flourish in 2021

Demand for Wellness Tourism Post COVID-19

Like every other industry, wellness tourism also heavily felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. With travel restrictions and other strict regulations, wellness centres had to temporarily close shop like most other businesses. The situation began improving slowly with every nation aggressively implementing vaccination programmes. People also became aware of the significance of maintaining their physical, mental, and emotional health to prevent infections.

Capitalizing on this changing attitude of people, wellness centres began offering various kinds of therapies to help people build immunity and speed up the recovery of those suffering from Covid-19 fatigue. Gradually, the wellness industry is now making a comeback, taking small steps at a time. However, since most travel restrictions are still in place, spas and wellness centres are banking more on domestic travellers to drive revenues.

What Experts Predict for Wellness Tourism

Experts predict that the wellness tourism industry will be worth around 1$ trillion by 2022. Even though it got badly hit by the pandemic in 2020, there are clear indications that the sector is going to receive a boost in the coming years. With restrictions on international travelling still in place, people are rediscovering the joys of visiting local beauty spots. Wellness centres will benefit significantly from this increase in domestic tourism. Governments are slowly easing restrictions, which will increase international tourism and further boost the wellness industry.

Homer Lim, medical director of The Farm, Sam Benito, says that people are making major lifestyle changes to boost their immunity and improve their mental health. They realize the impact that health-focused vacations can have on their overall well-being. As per surveys, many people have begun planning their wellness vacations. This is a significant development that will lead to a growth in wellness tourism,

Why Is There More Demand for Wellness Vacations Today?

People recovering from infections are known to continue suffering from symptoms like loss of smell, mental fog, tiredness, or breathing difficulty. Also, those with existing ailments like diabetes or heart issues know that they are more vulnerable to developing serious complications of the infection.

Such people want to improve their chances of survival by enhancing their physical and mental well-being at wellness centres and health spas. Also, people who lost their close relatives to the disease are looking for ways to cope with their losses and get on with their lives. Besides, there are many people who want to get away from all the COVID-related stress, connect with nature, and relax at a peaceful destination where they can recharge their bodies and minds.

How Are Wellness Centres Reinventing Themselves Post Covid-19

The change in people’s mindsets towards health has given a wonderful opportunity for wellness centres to reinvent themselves and revive their sector. To cater to such people, these centres are offering recovery packages that include nutrient-rich meals and alternative healing methods like energy healing, acupuncture, detox programs, ozone therapy, meditation, and yoga.

These centres are also trying to widen their customer base and reaching out to people from countries all over the world so that when the situation improves, more people will want to try out their on-campus programs. They are providing virtual well-being sessions on social media that focus on fitness, meditation, immunity-boosting techniques, and other self-care practices to increase their awareness.

How Wellness Tourism Will Flourish in 2021

Wellness spas have become more holistic in their approach than before. Earlier, a wellness vacation used to mean a full body treatment or a facial massage. But, now these centres are stressing more on the overall well-being and including programs like meditation, yoga, and spirituality to heal the mind, body, and soul. Visitors can rejuvenate themselves in beautiful natural surroundings and participate in healing practices and consultations with health experts.

People can spend valuable time in natural surroundings, discovering the healing power of nature to boost their mood and relieve stress. There will be more stress on outdoor activities since occupying the mind in constructive activities is excellent for improving mental health.

Are These Health Centres Following Safety Guidelines?

Health centres are trying to gain back visitor’s confidence by following safety protocols and vaccinating all their staff members. They are providing their staff with training in hygiene practices and ensuring that they stay at the centre itself, and avoid unnecessary travelling.  Any visitor coming for treatment will have to produce a negative Covid-19 test report on arrival. To ensure better safety and control, they are catering to only a limited number of visitors at a time. Some centres are even offering free antibody testing for visitors on arrival.

Following the pandemic, people are more health-conscious than before and are more willing to explore holistic approaches to maintain their physical and mental well-being. Instead of focusing only on aspects like beauty treatments or weight loss techniques, wellness centres today offer experiences that provide more holistic healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. With this shift in people’s attitudes towards mental and physical health, industry experts are confident that global wellness tourism will make a strong comeback in the near future.

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Facts and Myths About Walking 10k Steps Everyday

Facts and Myths About Walking 10k Steps Everyday

How Walking 10k Steps Everyday Can Transform Your Lifestyle

Fitness is a very vague term, as everyone has a different fitness level. For example, fitness might be associated with having six-pack abs; for someone else, fitness might be a part of lifestyle, and for the rest, fitness may mean giving fuel to their brain. However, regardless of what fitness means to different people, ‘Movement’ of the body daily is a must.

Especially in the current times, we have been living a very fast-paced life, where we are always running and surrounded by deadlines. Technology is slowly consuming us, due to which our lifestyle has gone for a toss. Sitting in front of the laptops or phone for hours and munching high-calorie snacks leads to obesity which is the starting point for all diseases. And walking 10k steps everyday is undoubtedly one of the simplest and easiest to perform movement exercises. You do not require any equipment to walk; all you have to do is ‘Show Up.’

Let us understand how our body can transform if we hit the mark of walking 10K steps everyday consistently.

Walking 10k Steps Everyday – Boon to the Body

Walking 10k steps everyday has become a well-known wellness objective. Even though it’s undoubtedly not an essential thing in the world of wellness, research has shown that the more advances you require in a day, the better.

Here are a few most significant medical advantages you can anticipate from walking 10,000 steps every day.

  • Boost your energy
  • Help to unwind and clear your psyche
  • Develop certainty and temperament
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Better blood cholesterol and pulse
  • Decrease your danger of respiratory failure
  • Increase cardiovascular wellness
  • Lower the overabundance of muscle instead of fat
  • Raise muscle pressure and perseverance.

Exercise can likewise assist us to improve, and keep our framework safe. Nonetheless, in light of the momentum research out there, apparently getting 10,000 steps a day isn’t fundamental for medical advantages – a large portion of that target gives off an impression of being useful.

Good Mental Health

On average, an individual covers 10k steps in about 1.2 to 1.5 hours of walking. This means that if you walk for about an hour and a half every day, you are giving your body and mind solely that time. Since we have all been living in a headspace that is so filled with thoughts related to personal issues, work, deadlines, family issues etc. that we do require some time out to be able to think properly.

Amidst the work and technology surrounding us 24/7, we do not get time to have a process of quality thinking with ourselves. But walking not only helps us improve our physical health, but at the same time, it helps us be in a good mental space. Until and unless we are mentally strong and happy, we will not be able to live a healthy lifestyle, and from time and again, we will compromise on ‘Quality’.

Facts and Myths About Walking 10k Steps Everyday

Helps in Increasing Stamina

Walking is considered to be one of the most underrated activities in the current times. With people always posting about gym and Zumba selfies, people have neglected the power of walking. Even walking for an hour and a half every day can help your body remain healthy and strong.

A mark of 10k steps everyday, if achieved, will help your body regain all the lost stamina and make you stronger. You will notice after a while post being consistent that you do not feel tired very fast, and you are energetic throughout the day.

Tips to Reach Your Target

Always take baby steps. If you are someone who has never walked 10k steps, then remember; you will not be able to do it in a day. It will take you a couple of weeks to achieve this mark, but it will happen.

Here are a few tried and tested tips that you can follow to achieve your target of walking 10k steps a day:

  • Make sure to keep yourself hydrated while walking. It is ideal to drink around 1 – 1.5 litres of water in a span of one and a half-hour of walking. Especially in the initial days, it is important to keep drinking water to avoid getting tired soon.
  • It is very important to keep taking breaks. In the initial times, you can time yourself and take a few minutes break after every half an hour. Breaks will help in pumping your body and regaining energy.
  • Lastly, it is important to stay consistent. Even if you cannot make it to the 10k mark, just go for it and finish a few thousand steps. When you just start, your mind will push you to complete the 10k mark.

Recent Research on Walking 10k Steps

As per a Havard Medical School study, walking around 4000 steps a day is said to lower the risk of premature death in women. The WHO recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercises in a week that can benefit your health. Since walking is a moderate physical activity, you can achieve your weekly target of 150 minutes by walking.

Another research done by the University of  Texas shows how people walking less than 5000 steps in a day were not able to burn fat the following day. It indicates how walking more than 10k steps everyday can trigger the metabolism of fat in your body. According to a Harvard newsletter, walking for around 30 to 45 minutes daily is beneficial for health.  It also says if you cannot do it all at once, you can do it in instalments of 5 to 19 minutes at a time. All these clearly signifies that keeping track of the steps you walk and setting a target of 10000 steps can do wonders for your health and motivate you to do better every day.


Making 10,000 strides is equivalent to walking around five miles.  You must make it a target for yourself and make sure you achieve it every day. At the end it is all about ‘Consistency’. Walking 10k steps everyday can transform your whole lifestyle and fitness level, and help you emerge as a stronger, sharper and ripper person in the long run.

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Hair Salons Reopening During COVID-19

Hair Salons Reopening During COVID-19

Hair Salons Reopening During COVID-19: Will it Cause More Harm Than Good?

COVID-19 has robbed people of so many things already. These include moments with friends and family, opportunities at school and work, and even mundane tasks such as hair care. Being the crowning glory of everyone’s head, hair’s upkeep is important. What better one-stop-shop for it than hair salons, right? But when the pandemic hit, we, unfortunately, had to say a temporary goodbye to hair salons.

Now, after being deprived of hair salons for a long time, they are coming back! People can now once again flock to their favourite hair care stations and have their hair done anew. However, with COVID-19 continuing to threaten everyone’s health, is this such a good idea? Would the reopening of salons cause more harm than good?

The Reopening of Hair Salons in Toronto

A frenzy of hair salons reopening during COVID-19 has taken the news by storm. One good example comes from Aziz (2021) who reports that hair salons across Toronto and Ontario opened in the last week of June 2021. Several citizens, just like Jennifer Lake from Toronto, are excited about the reopenings. Along with others, she quickly booked a date in her go-to salon to gain control of her hair again.

Being such a big part of self-care, the re-opening of hair salons in Canada truly sparked joy in the hearts of women like Jennifer Lake. However, with personal care services being a pillar in the self-care industry, its closure also brought positive effects to its afflicted customers. They learned how to do self-care, even in the comfort of their own homes.

Why Hair Gets Bad Even Indoors

One of the things we need to mention regarding hair salons reopening is that clients have had a hard time maintaining their hair while in quarantine. With hair salons closed all over, there was no other way of professionally taking care of their hair. However, they had to make do with the need to stay indoors to prevent getting sick with COVID-19. Why does hair get bad even if you just stay indoors, anyway?

Hair Loss

One of the main problems that COVID-19 has caused among all individuals is stress. Due to this stress, many people have also complained about hair loss. Combined with the lack of Vitamin D often stimulated by going outdoors, people experience thinning of their hair. Without the help of salon treatments, it may get worse as time passes.

Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is yet another common problem among people. This issue is usually resolved through hair salons’ keratin treatment offerings. However, being stuck indoors and not having resources such as keratin treatments can cause frizzy hair. In addition, the air inside the house may not be suitable for your hair. Without the help of hair salons, shiny and silky tresses may become a difficult goal to achieve.

Benefits of the Hair Salons Re-opening

With the reopening of hair salons on the horizon, hair care enthusiasts rejoice along with the workers in the hair salon industry. But what exactly are the benefits of hair salons reopening?

Going Back to Looking Good

Being able to get your hair professionally done means you can look your best again. You don’t have to worry about frizzy hair or looking unkempt anymore. One quick trip to the salon helps you look and feel nice again.

Expertise in Your Midst

Quarantine left you having to make do with homemade self-care treatments for your hair. Maybe even none, as hair care is quite daunting to accomplish. However, with salons reopening, you can once again gain expert care for your hair.

The people that would be handling your hair have been trained in their field for years. They would know what compliments you and what would help boost your appearance. Hair salons also have the resources to work well with your hair type and other needs.

Stress Relief

Being stuck in lockdown has taken a toll on our stress levels. Hair salons are usually places with a nice ambience and relaxing services. With hair salons reopening, you would feel rejuvenated and relaxed in no time.

Positive Experience

Finally, being in a hair salon is an area of physical relaxation. This positive experience would generate happy hormones! It also helps that people at the salon are usually optimistic and would provide you with a lot of compliments. Wouldn’t that be a nice boost to one’s confidence?

Hair Salons Reopening During COVID-19

Harms of the Hair Salons Re-opening

Considering that there is a global pandemic amidst us, there continue to be several risks to the reopening of hair salons. Here are some of them:

COVID-19 Contagion

Of course, we can’t forget the fact that there is still a global pandemic ongoing. With that, the risk of contagion is still highly possible. Being a place with high contact with one another, clients and workers alike are put at risk for their health.

Slippery or Wet Floors

With the need to constantly disinfect surfaces, clients and workers may be in danger of slipping on floors. This could lead to injuries from their falls or slips, such as cuts and punctures or scrapes.

Other Common Occupational Hazards in Hair Salons

Apart from risks to the health of the clients and workers alike, there are also common hazards to think about that pose a threat to physical health and safety. These include getting injuries from hot styling tools, scissors, or razors. Apart from this, there is also the risk of getting sick from the chemical vapors from the materials used on the clients’ hairs.

Hair Salons: Should They Reopen Already or Not?

There are both several positive and negative consequences to the reopening of hair salons. However, with the magnitude of seriousness that COVID-19 poses to the health of people and its newness, reopening major contact places should not be taken lightly. There is also the risk of being exposed to more contaminated surfaces since many items are frequently exchanged in hair salons.

Bottom line is, hair salons are needed by now as lockdown has already gone on for too long. Our verdict is that hair salons may reopen already, provided that the protective steps are followed. Ensure that the area of the salon is safe enough for reopening and ensure that proper social distancing and sanitization measures are followed.

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Tips on Becoming a Morning Person

Tips on Becoming a Morning Person

Why Does the World Emphasize Becoming a Morning Person

The reason behind the willingness to wake up early is simple; when you wake up early, your day becomes more extended, and you get time to finish all your work. A few hours in the morning can be some of the most productive hours you can give yourself when the world is sleeping, and there is absolutely no disturbance. The biggest hurdle which comes in between us becoming a morning person is ‘Laziness.’

Due to our habits, the morning schedule of everyone is going for a toss, which is wrong. Therefore, there is ‘No Tomorrow,’ as all you have is today to fix things.

Becoming a Morning Person has its Benefits

Studies reveal that becoming a morning person can greatly benefit your health. Experts even say that a person who gets the sun’s early morning rays is likely to have a lower body mass index. Since our internal clock is sensitive to light, we can increase our energy levels and overcome our lethargy by exposing ourselves to sunlight in the morning.

However, if you are naturally not a morning person, you will have to be patient and give yourself time to adjust yourself to a new wake-up time. It is better to start small and try getting up around 30 minutes daily. Also, try to relax more in the evenings and go to sleep a little earlier. Exercising early in the morning too will help to kick-start your day.

Tips on Becoming a Morning Person

Here are a few steps to attempt which will help you in becoming a morning person.

Get a Good Night Sleep

When it comes to waking up early in the morning, your practice should start the night before it. It would help if you slept early to be able to wake up fresh in the morning. It is not about just spending the number of hours in your bed, but it is also essential to get good ‘quality’ sleep. It is necessary to get the body primed for deep and in-depth relaxation. This won’t be an easy practice initially, as it will involve a new bedtime schedule.

You can perform a few essential activities before sleeping, such as taking a warm cozy bath, having warm water, avoiding eating anything late at night that might make you feel heavy, etc. In the initial days, you might struggle to shut your eyes early, but trust us; it will hardly take a few days to get into the practice.

Resist the Scrolling

One of the traditional mechanisms, which signals to our body that it is not the right time to sleep is the ‘Blue Light.’ Earlier, the source of blue light used to be the sky outside, but times have changed, and now, our phones give the blue light as well. As a result, we tend to be on our beds during the nighttime, and we end up scrolling on various social media platforms, which leads to us sleeping late at night.

It is not healthy for our body to be exposed to the blue light of the phone very often because this light signals the pineal gland, which is present in the brain, and stops it from putting out the melatonin. This leads to our brains not letting us sleep on time. One of the best ways to prevent such a situation is to keep our phones outside the room we are sleeping in. It would help if you did not let the notifications disrupt your sleep.

Tips on Becoming a Morning Person

Skip the Snooze

One of the prevalent waking up mistakes that experts have been advising against is ‘Hitting on the Snooze Button.’ In the morning, when you hit the snooze button, psychologically, this means that you will go back to sleep and that too in a deeper sleep state. This will make waking up early for you 10x times harder.

On the other hand, by instantly waking up when the alarm rings, you train your mind and body to be disciplined. It is just a matter of those ‘5 Seconds’; if you can resist pressing the snooze button, then you can have an early start to your day. One of the best ways to deal with it is to get an alarm clock instead of relying on the phone alarm.

Find Your Motivation to Wake Up

‘Motivation’ is different for every individual. For you, it might be to look forward to eating your favourite breakfast, but for others, it might be exercising. Without generalizing what motivation means to any of us, all you have to do is find the ‘Right’ motivation for yourself. Even if it means enjoying your cold or hot morning shower. Such activities make you look forward to waking up early.

When you have a plan of action and motivation in place, you will feel excited to wake up and perform that activity. Unfortunately, 90% of the time, people do not plan their day, which makes them less motivated to start the day. Do not make this mistake.

Go Slow

If you have messed up your sleeping schedule, you cannot wake up one fine day at 5 AM suddenly, as that is not how our bodies work. You need to take baby steps to move forward. Try to wake up an hour earlier than your usual waking time every day. Slowly and surely, your sleeping schedule will get fixed through such useful habits.

Also, try and stay consistent with the time you sleep every day. It is important for our bodies to get used to our sleeping and waking time, to help us get into that schedule.

Ending Thoughts

Remember small changes every day will account for a bigger change one day – this is the power of compounding. Just remember, waking up in the morning, begins the night before, with solid, sound sleep.

Waking up early is all about the lifestyle, and it indeed does not happen in a day. All you are required to do is to take baby steps and then move forward. Every day try waking up a few minutes earlier than your usual time, and there would easily be a time when you would end up waking early on your own.

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Tokyo 2020 Olympics: How It Is Unlike Any Other Version of the Games

Tokyo 2020 Olympics: How It Is Unlike Any Other Version of the Games

Tokyo 2020 Olympics: A Big Box of Surprise

Tokyo 2020 Olympics is the 32nd version of the Summer Olympic Games that will take place from 23rd July to 8th August 2021. Elected as the host on September 7, 2013, Tokyo was forced to delay the event for a year because of the coronavirus pandemic. The original schedule for the event was 24th July to 9th August 2020. With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the vibrant city will become the first city in Asia to host the event twice. Tokyo also hosted the 1964 Summer Olympic Games. Likewise, this was also the fourth Olympic Games to be held in Japan.

The Opening Ceremony is set to take place at Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium, which opened in December 2019 after renovation. Previously named The National Stadium, this venue has already hosted the 1964 Summer Olympic Games. Although we will not see a packed audience this time, this stadium can host 68 thousand spectators. Furthermore, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics mascot is an indigo-blue coloured character named Miraitowa whereas the Paralympics mascot is a pink-coloured character named Someity. Moreover, thousands of volunteers will work tirelessly to ensure the success of this grand event in difficult times.

Multiple Sports, Multiple Venues

Tokyo 2020 Olympics will bring multiple sports from multiple venues in front of your screen. Since foreign visitors are strictly banned, we will have to do the virtual way this time. More than 500 events across more than 30 sports, some of them with multiple disciplines, will be there to follow. 43 venues distributed across two main zones, the Heritage Zone (the one that featured in 196) and the Tokyo Bay Zone (for newly-built venues). For events with specific requirements such as surfing, the venues will be outside of both of these zones.

How It Will Be Different From Previous Versions

Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be an entirely new experience as it looks to succeed as a carnival amid crisis. Supporters, athletes, and organizers will have to sacrifice some of the traditions to make the event successful. The following factors will be the strongest points of differentiation from the previous version of the games.

Supporters Not Allowed At Full Capacity

The first striking contrast of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is the prohibition of supporters in the stadiums. We will miss the roar and silence of thousands of supporters who would power the performance of athletes during normal times. However, there is an agreement to allow a maximum of 10,000 local fans for all venues, while health experts warn that it could lead to a surge in cases. Likewise, the supporters must obey strict safety measures like wearing masks,  and preventing unnecessary travel outside the venues. The governor of Tokyo told that there might be a review of this decision if the situation goes out of control.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics: How It Is Unlike Any Other Version of the Games

Athletes Inside Covid Bubble

Living inside the covid bubble will be an entirely new and somewhat frustrating experience for the athletes and the participants of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. First, there must be two negative tests before boarding. One of the tests should occur at least 96 hours before boarding while the other should occur at least 72 hours before. Upon arrival in Japan, participants will have to take another test.

When all is clear, players must maintain strict safety measures inside the Olympic Village. There will be daily saliva tests and temperature checks upon each return. Likewise, wearing a mask, frequently washing hands, and social distancing is compulsory for everyone. Similarly, athletes will not be able to travel in public transport and leave their accommodation for purposes other than the games. Furthermore, organizers have asked to cheer through clapping over singing and shouting to prevent the spread of saliva. Moreover, they must avoid all forms of unnecessary contact like handshakes and high fives.

Four New Sports Enter the Olympics, Two Make a Comeback

Tokyo 2020 Olympics will see the debut of four new sports in the Summer Olympic Games. These include skateboarding, surfing, karate, and sport climbing. Skateboarding will take place in two forms, park and street, and feature both men’s and women’s competitions. Likewise, the surfing competition will take place at the Tsurigasaki beach from July 25 to July 28. Similarly, sport climbing will feature three disciplines: bouldering, lead climbing, and speed climbing. Furthermore, Karate will also feature two forms: Kata, where a single participant competes against a virtual opponent, and Kumite, the more familiar version with two opponents competing against each other.

In addition to these four new sports, two other familiar ones are making a comeback in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Baseball, which did not feature after the last appearance in Beijing 2008, will be a part of the Games, and only feature men’s competition. Softball, on the other hand, will feature only women’s competitions.

Age Just A Number

Another key difference between the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and the previous versions of the Games is the abundance of athletes who prove that age is just a number. Sky Brow, aged 13, will represent team Great Britain in Skateboarding, the newly debuting sport. She will also be the youngest Summer Olympian of all time for team Great Britain. Her competitors are also just on the brink of teenage: Hiraki Kokona (12) of Japan, Rayssa Leal (13) of Brazil, and Lilly Stoephasius (14) of Germany. Likewise, in table tennis, 12-year-old Syrian Hend Azara will be the youngest in this version of the Games. She is also the youngest table tennis player at the Olympics ever. Similarly, in diving, Quan Hongchan, a 14-year-old Chinese Olympian will join 15-year-old teammate Chen Yuxi. Furthermore, Katie Grimes, a 15-year-old from team US will take part in swimming. Moreover, Erriyon Knighton, a 17-year-old from the US again will feature in Athletics.

On the other side of the spectrum, 66 years old Australian Mary Hanna will feature as an equestrian. This makes her the second-oldest female to compete at the Olympics.

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In this blog, we have come across the facts and figures of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. First, we saw how hosting this Olympics has been a herculean feat after the postponement of its original schedule in 2020. Likewise, we have seen some of the factors that make it unique from other normal versions of the games. First, we discussed the strict safety measures that have rarely been put into practice before, both for supporters as well as athletes. Second, we gave a brief description of the new sports making a debut at this edition of the Games followed by two sports that made a comeback. Finally, we presented the story of inspiring athletes who proved that age is just a number if you are ready to change the world.

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Exploring the 4-Day Workweek: A Successful Trial in Iceland

Exploring the 4-Day Workweek: A Successful Trial in Iceland

Staying Within Limits: How the 4-Day Workweek Trial Worked in Iceland

Many people overwork, while other work overtime to earn more. Even companies are largely aware of this, as they are the primary benefactors from the set-up of 8 hours a day, 5 to 6 days workweeks. However, have you heard of the latest rumours?

With the piling complaints against gruelling work schedules, some companies have decided to make a change. This comes in the form of a 4-day workweek that has never been heard of before! You might be wondering, wouldn’t it be damaging to the company? Fortunately, robot coworkers now exist thanks to technological developments and through them, efficiency is reached.

The First Try of a 4-Day Workweek

People have been reaping a lot of benefits of technology at work. One good example of this is in Iceland, where workers have been one of the first witnesses to a 4-day workweek.

According to Elliott (2021), 2,500 workers from Iceland were tested from 2015 to 2019. During this trial period, their work hours were lessened from 40 down to 35 to 36 hours. Workplaces also ensured that meetings were cut short, work patterns were adjusted, and shift work was made more endurable.

After this trial, employees were reported to become more efficient and healthy. With lower stress and a happier work-life balance, the workers were able to maintain and even heighten their productivity rates. This trial was pushed by the government of Iceland in order to boost the workforce for the benefit of the future.

Why the Current Work Pattern is Damaging

For many years, people have been used to working 5 to 6 days a week even if it eats up their weekends. Most do it for financial or promotional benefits, but what they fail to realize is that this setup is detrimental to them. Working 40 hours a week actually has a damaging effect on one’s health, social relationships, and productivity.

Health Problems

Working long and hard hours at work is extremely exhausting. But beyond taking a toll on your physical capabilities, it may also lead to several illnesses such as depression, cardiovascular disease, and heart attack.

Risk for Vices and Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

Being immersed in a high-stress environment can cause workers to turn to different coping mechanisms. Some of which are unhealthy, such as vices. Because of this, their lifestyle is ultimately altered for the worse. Workout routines are disrupted, fast food is more taken, and social relationships are cut off.

Impaired Cognitive Pattern

Apart from the effects of the damaging work pattern on physical health, it also poses a risk to your cognitive function. According to studies conducted in the American Journal of Epidemiology, workers who worked for 40 to 55 hours a week showed poorer vocabulary and logical aptitude.

Benefits of the 4-Day Workweek for Employees

Having a three-day weekend instead of two sounds so enticing, right? Of course, most employees would agree with this. But to be exact, what are the benefits of a 4-day workweek for employees?

Reduced Stress

Having more time to oneself helps eradicate stress because it allows for more time for social relationships. In addition, it also allows for workers to be able to recuperate and find recreation through their added free hours.

Heightened Productivity

Added to the fact that workers experience less stress, they are also at less risk of health problems. This means they would be more efficient in their work. It also makes them more engaged in their work because they are able to get enough rest and rejuvenation during their breaks.

Lessened Financial Burden

Finally, one of the most beneficial effects of 4-day workweeks for employees is the lessened expenses. They would be able to spend less on commuting and eating outside, as they could stay at home more. It also allows them to be able to invest their time in other profitable things.

Exploring the 4-Day Workweek: A Successful Trial in Iceland

Disadvantages of 4-Day Workweeks for Employees

However, along with the many benefits of 4-day workweeks also come with some disadvantages for the workers.

Childcare Problems

Usually, parents’ schedules at work coincide with the schedules of their children in school. However, the shift to 4-day workweeks can cause issues with this. For example, your child’s daycare may not be able to accommodate unusual schedules.

Productivity Loss

Even though shorter worker hours can lead to more relaxation, it can also endanger productivity. This is because people might feel less inclined to attend meetings or work long after being used to shorter work hours. In addition, it can also cause employees to feel pressured when faced with more work.

4-Day Workweeks: Good to Go or Not?

A 4-day workweek is not for everyone. It needs more exploring, but it has great potential to be beneficial for both employees and businesses. Thus, what’s important is determining what your business or the workers need for this transition.

The essential workflow must not be negatively affected and all the organizational needs must be met. Shift work adjustments should be properly coordinated and all changes must be sought for approval before implementation.

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Breakthrough Infections are Normal, But COVID-19 Vaccines Are Still Effective

Breakthrough Infections are Normal, But COVID-19 Vaccines Are Still Effective

Breakthrough Infections: Don’t Doubt On Vaccine’s Efficacy

The rise of breakthrough infections, or infections after getting fully vaccinated, has raised concerns about the efficacy of Covid vaccines. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 10 thousand breakthrough infections were reported between the end of April to the end of May. Similarly, between January 1 and early August, the total number of breakthrough infections in the United States is nearly 200 thousand.

An even more concerning picture comes from Israel, one of the fastest countries to vaccinate the majority of its population. 78% of the eligible population from over 12 years of age have already got the required number of doses. Pfizer was the vaccine administered to most individuals. However, it is being ravaged by one of the highest infection rates in the world. Nearly 650 cases test positive per million of the population, most of them aged 60 years old or above. Among these cases, more than half are fully vaccinated people, which shows that vaccines do not offer complete protection. Therefore, Israel has already put its plans in place to administer booster doses for people aged 60 years and older.

Delta Variant: The Major Culprit

The Delta variant, first identified in India in December of 2020, has been the major variant of concern in the world. It has already spread to more than 130 countries and is the predominant strain in the United States and most European countries. According to the CDC, a 7-day moving average in late June showed 12,000 cases in the United States, which had tremendously increased to 60,000 by the end of July.

According to the World Health Organization, it is the most transmissible variant of coronavirus, which was first discovered in Wuhan at the end of 2019. Compared to the original strain, it is two times more transmissible. Similarly, it is 50% more transmissible than the alpha variant, which was first discovered in the U.K. Even fully vaccinated people can easily transmit it to other people. Furthermore, a study report from China shows that the viral load due to this variant can be nearly 10 thousand times more than others. Likewise, it can also cause more severe forms of illness in infected people compared to the previously discovered variants.

Vaccines Are Not Failing

One of the major concerns with breakthrough infections is that it has got people doubting the efficacy of Covid vaccines. Such infections, although normal, are very rare when we look at the bigger picture. Severe illnesses and hospitalizations are even rarer. For example, as per the reports received by the CDC until July 19, there were only 6000 cases of Covid-related illnesses and deaths. Bear in mind that at the time of receiving this report, there were already 160 million fully vaccinated people in the United States. This means that less than 0.004 percent of the fully vaccinated people had suffered a severe illness or died from the virus.

On the other hand, unvaccinated people make up the major share of new Delta variant infections. Most of the hospitalizations and deaths also occur in this segment. For example, in the state of Washington in the United States, more than 94% of hospitalized patients were unvaccinated. Another thing of concern is that these newly rising cases are once again challenging the capacity of available healthcare services. Hospitals are running at full occupancy and there is an acute shortage of beds and workers.

Efficacy against the virus also depends on the vaccine. Double dose shots such as Pfizer and Moderna seem to have higher efficacy than a single dose shot such as the J & J Janssen.

Breakthrough Infections are Normal, But COVID-19 Vaccines Are Still Effective

Breakthrough Infections: Different from Vaccine Side Effects

The symptoms of breakthrough infections are similar to the other coronavirus variants. Although a significant number of people can remain asymptomatic, those with symptoms may experience headaches and runny noses. Asymptomatic people can still unknowingly transmit the virus, which can mean danger for unvaccinated people who remain in contact.

One of the key things to keep in mind is that we may confuse breakthrough infections with the side effects of vaccines. Vaccine side effects typically occur within a couple of days after vaccination and die down within 2 to 3 days. As a result of side effects, you may feel local pain around the area of the injection. Typically, they occur the next day from your vaccination. Likewise, you might experience body fatigue and some kind of fever, and muscle and joint pains. On the other hand, vaccine side effects do not cause loss of taste and smell, which is a contrasting symptom of the virus.

Preventing Breakthrough Infections

Now that we know vaccines do not offer 100% protection, we must be wary about avoiding breakthrough infections. In a smaller fragment of the population, breakthrough infections can turn deadly, especially for old-aged and immunosuppressed people. Therefore, you must always be careful and listen to the advice from the experts. CDC has already reviewed its masking guidelines and is asking people to wear a mask in public indoor spaces. Similarly, if you live with vulnerable people, masking can be effective to prevent transmission. Teachers and staff in schools should also wear a mask regardless of their vaccination status.

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In this blog, we came across the news of rising breakthrough infections in various countries of the world. Likewise, we studied the spread of the Delta variant and how it is becoming a major concern for the global community. We see that the Delta variant is more contagious and can cause more severe illness than the previously discovered variants. Similarly, we looked at some of the statistics that prove the effectiveness of vaccines in preventing hospitalizations and deaths. Furthermore, we differentiated between breakthrough infections and the side effects of vaccines. Finally, we reviewed the update on masking guidelines and learned how masking is important in public settings and protecting the vulnerable.

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