Leading Indonesia Digital Accounting Firm

Indonesia’s First and Only Fully Digital Accounting Firm

3E Accounting is once again the name to be reckoned with here at Top World Business. This time, the spotlight shines upon its Indonesian office, PT 3E Accounting Services.

Recognised as the leading Indonesian digital accounting firm in 2022, Top World Business is proud to once again present an award to PT 3E Accounting Services for being the first to launch a fully digital accounting firm in Indonesia.

In keeping with its theme of being an innovative leader in every industry it tackles, PT 3E Accounting Services is no different. It will now always be recognised as the pioneer of the first and only digital accounting firm available in Indonesia.

Since it opened its doors from day one, every business dealing has been conducted digitally for the client. PT 3E Accounting Services still offers its clients all the desirable one-stop solution services that its other branches offer. With one key difference: Everything is done digitally. 

From the company setup, bank account opening, bookkeeping, secretarial support services and more, 3E Accounting has mastered the art of going digital. It has developed its own cloud-based accounting software that is designed to suit Indonesia’s local law and compliance requirements. This means that supporting their clients bookkeeping services digitally is very much possible.

A very hearty congratulations to 3E Accounting for this monumental achievement. The company is truly one of kind, able to tap into the technology they built up this year to successfully integrate themselves into the Indonesian market.