High Demand of Surgical Masks for Sale in Southeast Asia

Everywhere Looking for Surgical Masks for Sale: Are they Really Effective?

Surgical masks are in high demand. Especially because of the fear of CoronaVirus, surgical mask’s productions have been soaring in the entire continent, and the same goes for Southeast Asia as well. People everywhere are looking for surgical masks for sale.

The Coronavirus started in China, and with the virus already being an epidemic till now, every country, and their people have been starting to take cautions. Airports are being closed, and extra monitoring is being put in orders. Soaps, hand sanitizers, etc. have been selling so much to the point that there are shortages in some areas, and their prices are increasing.

Among all these, chances are if you are from Asia, you will see many people wearing face masks when in the streets. According to a recent news article, 67% of Singaporean households have already collected face masks, and the numbers are high in other countries as well. Also, in territories, including in some parts of China, there is a shortage of such masks.

Well, given that so many people trust them- are surgical masks effective? In this article, we will look at the effectivity of surgical masks in avoiding diseases like coronavirus, and the right way of using them.

Can Wearing Medical-Surgical Masks Help Against Corona Virus?

Well, according to the experts, surgical masks can be helpful, but they are not as effective as people think they are. Surgical masks are a must when you are taking care of a person with suspected CoVID infection, but a mask isn’t the only thing you need.

Whether you put on a surgical mask or not, you should wash your hands frequently, keep a distance from others, and avoid touching your mouth and nose. Keep track of what you are eating, and go to the medical practitioner when you have a fever or related symptoms.

Furthermore, anyone infected with the Corona Virus, or other respiratory conditions should use a surgical mask. We have another article on our website where we have more about 2019 Novel Coronavirus: How to Prevent it?

Surgical Masks for Sales 2020: Shortages Everywhere

The thing about surgical masks being in high demand is that the world is facing a shortage. China makes half of the surgical masks, but now that it needs the masks it makes, and import-export borders have been closed, it is getting more and more difficult for other nations to accumulate the medical-surgical masks they need.

One of the main issues is that healthy people are buying masks, up to the point that they collect more than they will probably need. As we said before, surgical masks are more for the people who have already been affected, and those who are taking care of them. If the masks get used up and bought only by healthy individuals, there’s a risk that the ones who need them won’t get them.

Things to Take Care of While Wearing a Surgical Mask

Here are the things that you need to know while wearing a surgical mask.

1) The first thing to understand is that surgical mask isn’t the ultimate prevention from disease-carrying viruses. You need to follow every healthy habit that a person not wearing a mask should follow to avoid health issues like the CoVid.

2) Before looking for surgical masks for sale, remember that even according to WHO, only people affected by the Coronavirus and the ones taking care of them have to wear one. Remember that if you keep on buying more than you need, there is bound to be a shortage for ones who really need it.

3) While wearing a surgical mask, don’t touch it with your hands before washing your hands with soap water or a hand sanitizer. Also, clean your hands before wearing a surgical mask.

4) When you remove a mask, do it from the behind and don’t touch the front of it. Wash your hands immediately afterward.

5) Never use a surgical mask after it becomes damp. Dispose of it correctly after use.

6) Start wearing a surgical mask as soon as you have any symptoms of the cold or the flu.

High Demand of Surgical Masks for Sale in Southeast Asia

Bottom Line:

Surgical masks can help avoid pollution and all, but when it comes to preventing diseases, only using it is not enough. You can buy a surgical mask, of course, but make sure you follow all the guidelines to become safe from the Coronavirus. Also, make sure you don’t overbuy them, as it could create a shortage of them for affected individuals and medical professionals.