5 Self-Help Books in 2021 for Thriving Startups

5 Self-Help Books in 2021 for Thriving Startups

Must-Read Self-Help Books in 2021 to Become a Better Person

For decades, reading has been considered one of the holy grails of the world’s top-notch entrepreneurs who have achieved tremendous success. These entrepreneurs have included reading as a part of their lifestyle. It helps to get inspired, learn new things, and understand the perspective of different successful people. Even the best of entrepreneurs never stop learning because knowledge is unlimited.

For most of his life, Bill Gates has been reading at least one book per week, and in this habit, he isn’t alone. There are plenty of fellow entrepreneurs like him who love reading. Mark Cuban spends almost 3 hours each day reading; Warren Buffett, one of the most learned men, spends 80% of his time reading books. Apart from them, others like Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, etc., are constantly on the lookout for books.

Want to be a part of the book club? To make it easy for you, here we have mentioned a list of the top 5 self-help books in 2021, each of which is a must-read!

Zero to One- Written by Peter Thiel

This book, Zero to One, has been considered one of the best self-help books in 2021. Peter Thiel is the co-founder of PayPal and also one of the initial investors of Facebook. The man who himself has been a part of start-ups that have now become MNCs will indeed have a lot to share. This book contains some very mind-boggling ideas backed by hard justifications, which cannot be ignored. This is the book that will let you challenge your preconceived notions about how your start-up should look or function.

Although this guidebook is primarily aimed at individuals who look forward to building their tech start-up, there are otherwise plenty of clever ideas you can absorb, regardless of your industry. We are sure this book will change your perspective not only towards life but also towards how entrepreneurs think and take decisions.

5 Self-Help Books in 2021 for Thriving Startups

The Lean Start-Up – Written by Eric Ries

The book ‘The Lean Start-Up’ is one of the best sellers on Amazon, and there are plenty of reasons why it has been the hot favourite of the masses. The book does not just state information about how an entrepreneur can operate their start-up, but it also one to function with minimal resources. Most of the start-ups do not have plenty of capital or resources in the initial stages, and this is where the idea of this book was born.

The book has various lessons to share. Some of them include using your capital efficiently, leveraging the creativity of humans on a budget, etc. Due to the great learnings offered by the book, this book has emerged as one of the best business books in the market. With the two major lessons grabbed through this book, an entrepreneur will have their start-up humming seamlessly along with time.

The Start-up Owner’s Manual- Written by Steve Blank

The book includes a well-researched and proven start-up process taught in some leading global universities such as Columbia, Stanford, Berkeley. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune of money to get these tuitions when you can read this book and get the secret of the start-up process. While many people view the starting of a business as a complicated process, in reality, it is not.

This book lays down every step in detail that an entrepreneur needs to take to start a successful business or run an existing start-up smoothly. The book has over 77 checklists and 100 charts, which gives the readers some effective, actionable steps they can take at the earliest. It focuses on practicality instead of explaining the theoretical concepts, and it is surely a must-read!

Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration – Written by Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace

There are many notions about running a start-up. The major one is that when you develop a start-up idea, it should be nothing less than a revolutionary piece of either software or technology. The fact is that this assumption is far from reality. When you dive into Creativity, Inc, written by Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace, it helps you burst all the assumptions and notions, which have no baselines.

The authors share their ideas on how entrepreneurs can make their workspace look inspirational, conventional, and original in the book. It is challenging to maintain a balance between talent and originality. Still, it can very well be achieved if done rightly, and this is what is taught in the book.

5 Self-Help Books in 2021 for Thriving Startups

The Hard Thing About Hard Things – Written by Ben Horowitz

There is no doubt that managing a business and a team is hard. This is the true and simple point made by Ben Horowitz in this book. There is nothing better than learning from others’ experiences. It helps minimise your risks and have a deeper perspective on things.

Ben Horowitz, in this book, shares his own experiences. In the process, he makes some very important points on leadership, the power of honesty, and the need for putting the people who work for us over any product or service. The book stresses developing some very simple habits which can create a huge difference in the overall functioning of the business.

One of these books in the lists will surely help you in some way or the other, to give a boost to your start-up. You can follow Top World Business for more lifestyle news.