Air Travel Tips to Save You More Money

Air Travel Tips to Save You More Money

Air Travel Tips to Save More Money on Your Next Trip

Despite the pandemic dawning on everyone’s travel plans this year, it is never too far-fetched to fly again and discover the fantastic world! Aeroplanes are one of the most convenient means of travelling in the world. However, it comes with a hefty price. If you’re looking for air travel tips, luckily for you, we’ve got you covered.

Everyone who desires to travel from one country to another knows how expensive airfare is. However, there are several air travel tips that we can provide you to at least save a few hundred dollars for other expenses (such as souvenirs!)

Without further ado, here are our top picks for air travel tips to save you more money.

Air Travel Tips to Save You More Money

Take Advantage of Credit Card Airline Miles and Points

Some of you may find it scary to deal with credit cards and other borrowings that you refrain from using when you need that plastic card. Most financial experts recommend avoiding using a credit card if you have the cash to save up on interest expenses.

However, if there are purchases that you need to make with your credit card (granted that you have objectively decided on this matter), you need to account for it and claim the points for your next travelling adventure.

If you pay for a lot of expenses (such as business-related ventures) with the use of credit cards, you’ll find yourself enjoying a lot of mileage points in the future. Use this to your advantage!

Window Shop Smart Deals Online

Nowadays, you can find almost anything online. From shoes, garments to accessories, online portals help land you the deal of a lifetime—the same with airfare tickets. One air travel tip that we rely much on is the use of discounted airfare sites.

Some of the best sites we go to are Orbitz, Priceline, and Expedia. These sites are primarily travelling agencies meaning they have the best access to discount packages and deals to entice travellers to book with them. You can even sign up for these sites’ email subscriptions to get notified with their price alerts.

Our air travel tip does not only stop there. You can also get cashback on your discounted airfare by shopping on reputable sites such as Inbox Dollars or Ebates.

Be a Frequent Flyer with a Single Airline

Loyalty pays off in time. If you find yourself travelling by air due to work or other factors, it’s time to put your frequent flights to use. You can achieve the frequent flier status through the smart use of your credit card.

How is this possible? All you have to do is use a credit card that is recognized or affiliated with your preferred airline company and use it for the tickets you’re going to purchase. If you are considered a frequent flyer, you’ll have access to deals, discounts, bundles, and other perks that will make your flight economical and memorable.

Check Directly From Airline Sites

Although it can be expensive to book a flight from the airline directly at times, some promos or discounts can go missing in the blink of an eye without you knowing it. It is always best to check the airline’s website for hidden promos and discounts that only eagle-eyed buyers can see.

Book One Leg at a Time

There’s always magic to hitting the math when calculating ticket prices. Although it can be tempting to book a direct flight (especially if you have heavy luggage or you have the kids in tow), it is cheaper, in the long run, to book one flight at a time.

For example, if you go to another country where a layover or direct flight options are available, take the time to compute how much the difference would be between the two.Air Travel Tips to Save You More Money

Travel on the Holidays and Less Popular Days

The days before major holidays like Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving are the real travelling nightmares. If you want to go home on those dates, you better travel on holiday itself instead of before. Doing so will provide you with a more convenient and more practical way of travelling.

Besides, you’re better off travelling on less popular days like Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. It is notably expensive to travel on Sundays and Fridays.

Now that you are equipped with air travel tips that will save you more money, no one’s going to stop you on your next vacation! Please do your best to plan out your trip and follow our tips above. You can also browse lifestyle news for the latest deals that you may never find on other platforms.