Best Places to Travel In the New Normal this 2021

Travel In the New Normal in 2021 With This Guide

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, our lifestyle has undergone a massive change. After a long year of boredom inside locked chambers, things are finally looking bright for people who thrive in a new and outside environment. As vaccination campaigns are becoming successful in many parts of the world, we are starting to see major milestones in our fight against the disease. However, the second wave in India and its neighbouring countries has become a headache for the global community. If you are a wanderer and want to understand what travel in the new normal will be like, this is a must-read.

It is evident that travel will be completely different from what it was during the last moments of 2019. Airlines and hotels will up their sanitation and hygiene practices which will surely create some difficulties for first-timers. Similarly, many countries have put restrictions on people who have not taken the COVID-19 vaccines. Therefore, if you want your next holiday to be international, make sure you get the jab.

Best Destinations For Post Covid Travel

Now that you have some idea of what travel in the new normal will look like, we will suggest to you some of the iconic destinations.


Singapore has always been one of the best destinations for travellers. So, how does it rank on the places to travel after the new normal? Quite high, it seems. Singapore presented one of the most efficient responses against the coronavirus pandemic. Similarly, it is a country that has always put sanitation and cleanliness as a top priority. As of now, Singapore has put in place some strict measures for visitors from outside the country. Likewise, it has stated that it will accept digital passes or vaccine passports from the month of May. According to government officials, the country should be reopened for visitors by the end of 2021.

Even though the country is small in area, it is a majestic world in itself. It is a wonderful blend of cultural and modern, and natural and artificial. It has something to offer for people of all age groups and varied interests. Are you a food freak? You will be overwhelmed by the number of choices. Do you want entertainment? Well, Singapore likes to party till the morning. Are you looking for a family-friendly spot? Amaze yourself with the animal and bird parks that are one of kind in the whole world. Moreover, it is extremely clean and its advanced public transport systems will take you to your destination conveniently.

Here is a guide that can help you if you want to travel to Singapore.

Best Places to Travel In the New Normal this 2021


If you have a list of destinations to travel to in the new normal, make sure Canada is one of the top priorities. Canada is home to some of the most beautiful natural assets of the world. The mountains, glaciers, lakes, forests, and arctic landscapes are pleasures to anyone’s eyes. Similarly, its national parks and waterfalls are well known throughout the world. However, Canada’s offerings are not limited to natural sites. Its modern cities are built on top of rich history, modern technology, and advanced architecture. The people are extremely friendly and support the harmony of multiple cultures.

So what do you do when to finally go to Canada? There are so many choices that you may have to leave some options out. First, there is the exploration of its beautiful cities and natural landmarks. Second, if you are a fan of outdoor activities, Canada offers hiking, skiing, golfing, snowboarding, kayaking, and many other options. Furthermore, if you are excited about parties, Canada has exquisite nightlife. Likewise, the events and festivals are beautiful and famous all over the world.

As of now, Canada has put restrictions on normal travel for foreign nationals.


If Europe is your choice to travel in the new normal, Malta is a great destination. The country is looking to bring its tourism industry back on track with an attractive scheme for tourists. When Malta opens its doors on June 1, it has said that that it will pay for tourists to come and visit. For example, if you stay in a three-star or higher rated hotel for at least three nights, you will get a voucher worth more than 50 euros per person. Likewise, it will also offer vouchers worth 100 euros for scuba divers.

Malta, although a small country, is rich in history and architecture. It boasts some of the oldest structures in the world. Likewise, it offers a range of activities like the exploration of its landscapes and scuba diving.

If you are concerned about safety, Malta had one of the lowest cases of Covid 19 in Europe. As of now, Malta has already eased the quarantine requirements for travellers. Travellers from allowed countries will have to present a PCR report taken 3 days before arrival.

Best Places to Travel In the New Normal this 2021

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of those countries that gained a decorated reputation for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The New Zealand government, led by one of the finest leaders today, Jacinda Ardern set an example for the world to follow. Due to strict lockdown immediately after the suspicion of a community outbreak, New Zealand only reported 2668 cases with 26 deaths.

So if you are well vaccinated and looking for a destination down under, New Zealand will be a lifetime experience. It is blessed with some of the most gorgeous natural sites in the world. Get closer to nature by exploring its national parks and trekking sites. Otherwise, build a thrilling memory with adventure sports ranging from whitewater rafting to skydiving. Make sure that you return a little wise by learning the local culture and history of this magnificent country. Explore the cities and their shops and markets. Most importantly, live one of the best moments of your life even if it takes some investment.

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In this blog, we came up with the best possible destinations to travel in the new normal. Likewise, we understood the requirements of quarantine and PCR testing for entering those countries. Similarly, we also talked about the major tourist attractions in all these destinations and why you should not miss them.

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