Celebrating Chinese New Year During Covid-19 

Celebrating Chinese New Year During Covid-19 

Getting the Best Out of Celebrating Chinese New Year During Covid-19

With 2020 gone, we can now reset and be hopeful for what the New Year brings. However, the pandemic is still a burden that has forced us to remain in our homes and celebrate upcoming events modestly and possibly by using virtual means.

Thus, another momentous yearly holiday- the Chinese New Year and its activities will have to conform to local ordinances to minimize the risk of Covid-19 infection. With that in mind, how can you possibly celebrate Chinese New Year During Covid-19? Below are some ideas and inspirations.

Don’t Miss Out on the Home Décor

Despite being locked up, you can celebrate inside your home by adorning the place with red overalls and paper lanterns. If there are items that you need to purchase outside of your home and you consider it as a health risk, then it’s time to be creative and resourceful. You can cut out red paper into designs of your preference.

Prep The Dinner Table

The celebration of Chinese New Year revolves around good food, great people, and vivid home décor. The good thing is, a bountiful table is made possible inside a home, and here’s what you need to make it more meaningful and relevant to the holiday.

First, prepare and serve citrus fruits. Orange and tangerines symbolize wealth and good luck for the year. These are eaten as part of the meal between family members. Because the pandemic and physical exchanges between families are not possible, you can have a local delivery service provider deliver oranges for you.

Then, make sure to pick orchids as your centrepiece for the table. For the Chinese, orchids symbolize luxury, refinement, and abundance. Finally, red envelopes with money inside are part of the Chinese New Year tradition. If such an exchange is not possible, you can send e-cards or send money through mobile banking or online remittances to share your blessings.  Celebrating Chinese New Year During Covid-19 

Send In Curated Gift Boxes or Care Packages

One aspect that makes Chinese New Year a holiday to watch out for is the actual exchange of presents. With this, people get to share thoughtful items that are said to help others. For this, you can hire a delivery provider that will send the package for you. But, instead of the traditional gifts, you can go for the more thoughtful and more beneficial care packages or curated gift boxes that are highly-personalized.

Set Up Video Conferences with Friends and Family

Being together doesn’t have to be limited in physical appearance. Some of us can be present while being located miles away. After all, this is why video conferencing software is made. Take advantage of technological advances by setting up a video conference with every family you intend to greet.

You can also choose to incorporate the spirit of Chinese New Year by using a virtual background that is red or uses Lunar New Year designs.

Bask Yourself in the Goodness of Chinese Take-outs

If your family is not a fan of making meticulous preparations for your favourite dim sum, dumplings, and fried rice, the next best thing to do is purchase take-outs from your favourite Chinese restaurant.

After all, they are practically in good spirits celebrating Chinese New Year during Covid-19 with your purchases from their store. So, it’s a win-win solution.

Although there are still prevailing challenges that continue to hinder our usual way of celebrating Chinese New Year, we can learn from this the value of positivity, honesty, and hard work. It’s also a great thing to remind ourselves that we can always work towards our goal with absolute commitment and passion to the deed like the Ox.

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