Eco-Friendly Tips that Can Also Save You Money

These Eco-Friendly Tips Will Help You Save Money and the Planet

More often than not, issues involving climate change are swept under the rug. However, people are rising together in the hopes of bringing awareness to such sensitive matters. Because of the prevalence of natural disasters and higher overall temperatures continue to baffle individuals, people are now looking into eco-friendly tips in an effort to save the planet.

The great thing about going eco-friendly is that you can save the planet Earth and save a few hundred while committing to a fresh lifestyle. Are you interested to know what those eco-friendly tips are? Read below to find out.

Invest in Power Strips and Turn Them Off When Not in Use

Power strips save massive amounts of energy especially if you’re the type to keep appliances plugged even when not in use. In the words of industry experts, plugged appliances can be likened to “energy vampires” that consume electricity and rack up your bills at the same time.

To save money and help the planet from depleting its non-renewable energy sources, you can purchase power strips with on and off buttons. This eco-friendly tip might seem meagre to say the least, but you’ll be surprised on the savings you can earn from following this measure.

Dry Your Clothes on a Line

Do you do laundry at home? If you said yes to that question, there’s a significant probability that you own a dryer for a quick fix after. Although this might seem convenient and quick, it is not eco-friendly. What’s more, studies have indicated that a dryer costs more to operate than other appliances in a home.

With that in mind, our next eco-friendly tip lies on installing a clothesline for drying. If you don’t have ample space for a clothesline (you don’t have a backyard, or you live in an apartment), you can purchase drying racks for indoor and movable drying.

If this eco-friendly tip doesn’t persuade you in acting now, maybe researches studies regarding dryers potentially ruining your clothes will. Continuous use of dryers lead to colour-running, shrinkage, and destroys your clothes’ fabric.

Switch Old Lightbulbs Into LED (Light-Emitting Diode) Bulbs

One of the most underrated eco-friendly tips that people take for granted is switching out old, energy-hungry and inefficient incandescent bulbs to a modern LED (light-emitting diode) bulb.

Although LED bulbs are significantly more expensive, it is more durable and more energy-efficient when compared to other lighting options. This lighting switch will definitely save you several hundred from your energy bill and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Eco-Friendly Tips that Can Also Save You Money

Invest in a Reusable Water Bottle

Plastic bottles don’t decompose and will continue to pollute the Earth and the oceans. If you are fond of purchasing water bottles from the nearest convenience store to quench your thirst, this is a wake-up call.

Manufacturing a single-use plastic bottle consumes barrels of non-renewable oils and these pesky plastic bottles contain chemicals that are unsafe for repeated use. The best course of action is to purchase high-grade and reusable water containers to save money and help the planet.

Automate Payments and Go Paperless

One of the greatest things about this technological advancement is being able to accomplish task virtually. From shopping, paying bills, and bank transfers you can pretty much do everything with the help of applications and software with the tap of your fingers.

But, one of the less-talked benefits of fulfilling tasks virtually, is the absence of papers. Papers come from the process of cutting down trees. And if you really care about the environment, you would know much better than allowing trees to be cut.

Purchase Low-Flow Shower Head

Do you know that showers waste more water than you’ll ever need for your bathroom routine? If you want to save up on your water bills and save the planet from water wastage, this eco-friendly tip encourages you to purchase low-flow showerhead.

Saving a few hundred dollars while practising the mentioned eco-friendly tips is a small step toward saving the planet. If you want to read more lifestyle news, please follow this link.