Gardening in Condominiums: Bringing Nature to High-Rise Living Spaces

Gardening in Condominiums Can Be a Rewarding Hobby

If you are bored and looking for a hobby, gardening in condominiums can be advantageous. First of all, it is very easy to start and requires minimal investment. Second, it will take up very little space. Likewise, it will add to the beauty of your apartment. Most importantly, you can clear your mind and get close to nature when you get severe stress.

If you are a complete beginner at gardening in condominiums, you might feel overwhelmed. First, you might be wondering what kind of plants to choose and how to take care of them. Second, you might be worried about investment and maintenance issues. In this blog, we will learn about the basics of gardening in condominiums and present you with the best ideas to get started.

Gardening in Condominiums: Selecting the Right Plants

The first step to getting started at gardening in condominiums is the selection of plants. Even though there is a wide range of choices, you might want to narrow them down to easier ones at first. Likewise, you can also plant what you eat so that you can eat fresh. If you have limited space and want low maintenance, the following choices can be perfect.


Herbs are one of the perfect choices for anyone new to gardening in condominiums. They occupy little space and grow nicely within a pot. Furthermore, they have many different applications, from flavouring your food to using it as medicines. Moreover, they add a great deal of colour and freshness to your rooms. The most common types of herbs to grow in condos and apartments are basil, sage, rosemary, chives, etc. There are several methods to grow herbs in your condo or apartment. You can start from the ground up, buying some seeds or start with pre-potted herbs from nurseries.


Strawberries are a delightful choice for anyone involved in gardening in condominiums. They are healthy and can be used with many different dishes and smoothies. However, you must put great care on their placement as they must face the sun for up to six hours a day. There are many different ways to grow strawberries, hanging baskets, window boxes, or baskets designed with holes on the side. You may start from scratch with seed or buy grown plants. However, you have low choices for varieties in the latter.


Flowers are a great way to add natural beauty to your condo or apartment. With a small amount of soil, you can plant beautiful flowers on top of a hanging basket. However, make sure that there is a little problem with care and watering.

Chilli Peppers

Chilli peppers are a must-have for many occasions, which means you can benefit heavily by planting them indoors. If your concern is about space, varieties like ornamental chilli peppers can be your best friend. Not only you can eat them, but they can also bolster the colour and beauty in your apartment. Most importantly, you must be careful about the temperature and humidity conditions as different varieties thrive in different climatic conditions.

Gardening in Condominiums: Bringing Nature to High-Rise Living Spaces

Gardening in Condominiums: Key Considerations

We have now learned about the right type of plants that you can grow especially if you are new to gardening in condominiums. Now, let us turn our attention to some of the key things to consider so that you get a better return on your investment.

Ensure Proper Sunlight, Temperature, and Humidity

Some of the plants that you will grow will require a strict level of sunlight, temperature, and humidity. Fruit-bearing plants such as strawberries, peppers, and tomatoes typically require six hours of sunlight a day. You can use UV light for microgreens and herbs if there is no optimum level of sunlight in your garden.

Ensure Proper Watering and Feed

Watering and feeding your plants is an important step that must be carried out regularly. Depending on the types of plants, the schedule might vary. To ease this process, it is better to keep your plants and baskets in places that are easy to reach. Furthermore, if you like DIYs, many tutorials across the Internet will help you build automated watering systems. Moreover, if you want to go a step further and use the wonders of modern technology, you can build a system that can monitor your plants. Imagine if you could get real-time data of temperature, humidity, lighting, soil moisture, and pH in your mobile device. These hacks typically require some knowledge about programming, sensors, and microcontrollers.

Protection Against Pests

Protection against pests is also an important practice no matter what you grow and where you grow. If necessary, you can use insecticides but make sure they are not too harmful. Sometimes, heating the soil can also be a great way to thwart pests.

Reduce Waste with Reuse and Recycle

If you want to cut down on your wastes and convert them into useful products, gardening in condominiums gives you many options. Next time you are about to throw away your plastic containers and aluminium cans, give them a second chance. Plastic containers are great, especially when you need a decent amount of depth for the soil. Likewise, aluminium cans also support the healthy growth of plants when they are well designed with proper drainage facilities.

Vertical Design for Better Reap

While gardening in condominiums, adopting a vertical design can be a way to reap better harvests. This will, of course, require a non-congested space. On top of that, if you can build a simple automated watering system, just pushing the switch might be enough.

Gardening in Condominiums: Bringing Nature to High-Rise Living Spaces

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In this blog, we have learned the benefits of gardening in condominiums. Likewise, to help beginners get started in this hobby, we suggested the right type of plants and the basic conditions for their growth. Finally, we listed some key considerations that you should make so that your investment does not become a waste.

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