How to Look Good At Virtual Meetings?

Follow These Tips to Look Good At Virtual Meetings

Due to the whole COVID-19 situation, work from home has become a lifestyle and is no more a choice. Generally, our homes are our comfort zone for each of us, where we surely don’t want to glam up and sit. With our beds around the corner, we feel like being in our comfortable clothes throughout. However, we are left with no choice but to attend virtual attendings with our camera and the whole work-from-home setting.

We surely cannot afford to look sleepy and casual at business meetings, as these are important work calls, in which we have to look presentable. Also, due to the whole remote setup and work, when we video call, the primary focus is on our face; we need to make sure our face is in proper shape. Looking professional during work calls does add up forming a positive impression. It is a psychological fact that when you are confident about how you are looking, it automatically boosts your overall confidence,

Hence, to look good at virtual meetings, you are not required to dress up and get decked up! All you are required to do is, follow these simple steps, which will help you ace through the virtual meetings.

Moisturize Your Face

Generally, we are so tight with our schedules that we hardly get about 5-10 minutes to get ready for the virtual meeting with the whole work from home scenario. If you think it is impossible to look good at virtual meetings with such a short time frame, then you are mistaken. If you are running short of time, all you need to do is apply a moisturizer.

Moisturizing the skin is the basic step and indeed a very useful one. A good quality moisturizer helps the skin grow rapidly and adds the missing radiance and glow. With the help of the moisturizer, the skin beams up to a beautiful natural glow. Moisturizer will also help the skin look hydrated, which gives a touch of freshness to the skin and reflects very well on the virtual meetings.

How to Look Good At Virtual Meetings?

Touch Upon the Lips

Let your lips do all the talking, which is the case in the case of virtual meetings. If you are not into too much makeup or likes to keep it very simple and avoids putting on bold lipstick shades, you can always go for lip balms.

You won’t even realize, but a light lip balm does wonders to your skin, as it helps give natural fluffy effects to the lips. But, on the other hand, it is very unpleasant to watch chapped and dry lips and form a negative impression. Hence, applying a lip balm will take a few seconds, and you will be good to go with it. You can go for coloured lip balms or nude lip balm, any works until it is making your lips look and feel soft.

Define the Eyes

When we are working from home, it is very human to feel sleepy, especially when our beds are next to us and we are in our comfy clothes. However, one cannot afford to look sleepy during business meetings, as it ends up forming a very wrong impression.

A little eye makeup could do wonders in defining the face, and more importantly, it helps make a face look much awake. You can apply a basic eyeliner or a kajal to make your eyes look bigger and beautiful.


How neat your hair looks can make or break your entire look. You do not have to go over the board in styling your hair; that is not required to look good at virtual meetings. However, you will need to look presentable, and for that, you must comb your hair properly and untangle them, as tangled hair looks very shabby.

Avoid making punky hairstyles, as they give a very casual look. Instead, go for neatly tied hair in a pony or a bun. This will make you look neater, calm, and presentable. Also, while the business meeting is going on, you surely do not want to keep fidgeting with your hair. Instead, your least focus should be on your hair, hence tying them properly makes sense.

How to Look Good At Virtual Meetings?

Other Things Which Can Make You Look Good At Virtual Meetings

Apart from the tips mentioned above, which revolved around you putting in some efforts to look presentable, there are other measures also which you can take to  look good at virtual meetings, such as:

Virtual Background

Setting up a decent virtual background is essential. It looks very unpleasant to have a background that looks messy. Online video call apps provide features to reset the background, and there are multiple options to choose from. Never forget to set up a professional virtual background that can help in enhancing the way you look.

Room Lights for Brightening Face

The room’s lighting does play a huge role in making you look presentable and neat at the same time. Ever imagine why the office always had bright white lights? Because it gave a professional, bright and decent look. You cannot keep the lighting of your home office dull, as it will shadow your face and make your face look dull.

Instead, have proper lighting at the place from where you take most of your video calls. The lighting should be light, which could properly show your face and make it look bright.

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