How to Stay Protected from COVID-19

Healthy Habits to Follow to Stay Protected from COVID-19

One of the greatest things to do for well-being is to begin each day with a determination to practise healthy habits. They can help avoid or regulate a variety of hygiene-related infections and illnesses, COVID-19 included. Maintaining personal hygiene and keeping your surroundings clean will help you to stay protected from COVID-19. Sanitation and other safe practices are the most effective means of avoiding or reducing the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus.

Here are some healthy practices to inculcate during this dangerous time

Social Distancing

Even if you do go out, practise social distancing to keep yourself safe. Keeping at least six feet distance from others at all times will minimize your chances of getting COVID-19.

Since patients can spread the disease much before they could even realise they’re sick. Thus, it’s vital to be at least six steps away from others at all times, even if you — or they — aren’t showing any symptoms. Social distancing is a must for those at an increased risk of severe sickness from COVID-19.

Maintaining social distancing at home with other family members will help you to build a permanent habit. Due to many sources claiming that the virus is airborne, it is better to maintain open proximity at your residence. An accurate distance will help you to stay protected from COVID-19 at any cost.

Wash Hands Properly

Each time you wash your hands, follow these measures:

  • Put soap on your palms after washing them with fresh, running water.
  • Rub your hands together while using the soap intending to ensure thorough cleanliness.
  • The backs of your palms, between your fingertips, and under your nails should all be slathered with soap.
  • It is mandatory to rub your hands for at least a tenure of 20 seconds.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly under freshwater.
  • Dry your hands with a washcloth or let them dry naturally.

According to the WHO, the whole process must take at least 40 seconds from start to end. Make sure you incorporate this practice into your daily routine so that you and your family members stay protected from COVID-19.

How to Stay Protected from COVID-19

Do Not Touch Your Face, Eyes, or Nose

People cover their faces an average of 23 times per hour! Put your hands apart from your face, eyes, and ears to help avoid pathogens. Viruses that cause infectious diseases like COVID-19 can reach the body by contacting the mucosal membranes on your skin with dirty hands.

We pollute our palms with microbes when we encounter ill patients or dirty objects, so we can threaten ourselves with all of those allergens by touching our body. When we are out in the open, it is better not to contact the open spaces of our body. These areas can become entry canals for various pathogens.

Use a Face Mask

Irrespective of where you are, always wear a face mask. Also, surgical and N95 masks are more effective than cloth or sponge masks. When you’re outside but can’t sustain social distance from people who aren’t in your residence, it’s mandatory to wear a glass shield as well.

It is also essential to wear a mask in the right way. It has to cover your nose and mouth at all times. Furthermore, if you really prefer using a cloth mask, use a surgical mask underneath it.

Stay at Home

You’re the safest at home, so don’t leave unless it’s necessary. If you do step out, the second-best option is to be outside in natural ventilation. Since COVID-19 is spread from one person to another through respiratory secretions when an infected person sneezes, the possibility of disease maximises when you approach enclosed spaces(other than your home).

Consider it “Avoiding the 3 Cs”: Confined spaces with inadequate ventilation, Crowded areas with large numbers of people, and one-to-one conversations in Close proximities.

Don’t Step Out If You Have Symptoms

Stay at home and heal if you’re ill, even if the symptoms are minor. Your symptoms could indicate that you are infectious and could threaten others. Thus, is your responsibility to keep a safe distance from vulnerable patients. Sneezes, coughs and sniffles should be covered with a tissue or stuffed into your elbow. Hands should be washed regularly with soapy water, and regularly handled surfaces and items should be cleaned.

If anybody you meet or somebody in your household is ill, restrict your interaction with them. Set aside some space in your home for the sick person to recuperate and restrict family interactions.

How to Stay Protected from COVID-19

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

The coronavirus disease outbreak has kept us at home for the past few weeks, causing quite a stir in our everyday routine. Right now, the most important thing is to look after our health and safeguard ourselves. Thus, following a daily routine that gives you a reason, helps you stay motivated, and keeps you positive will help. And, in this regard, being aware of your dietary habits is critical for maintaining health and boosting your defence. Don’t surrender to purchasing calorie-dense meals. To stay protected from COVID-19, you must eat a balanced diet, exercise daily, drink water, breathe in the fresh air and get the right amount of sleep. So get started right away by developing healthy eating patterns.


As a dangerous virus is eating the world currently, it is better to inculcate healthy habits and practices for your survival. Your safety relies on your hands. You must follow the above-listed measures for protection against COVID-19. Also, you can follow Top World Business website for more lifestyle news, effective COVID measures and much more. You will get a lot of information on how to sustain a productive life during this pandemic.