Tips to Earn More Through the Instagram Algorithm

Jenn Herman Shares Tips to Earn More Through the Instagram Algorithm

Jenn Herman’s Tips to Earn More Through the Instagram Algorithm

Social media marketing newbies may find the term algorithm a bit intimidating. After all, the word itself sounds foreign already! The algorithm for social media sites such as Instagram might be confusing at first—but do not fret!

The fundamental rule for the Instagram algorithm is simple. Primarily, the algorithm prioritizes the most engaging content. To know more about making the best out of the algorithm, read on!

What is the Instagram Algorithm?

In simple words, the Instagram algorithm decides and sets what posts show up on the ‘gram feed. Based on metrics and signals, it pushes the best posts towards the top. Because of that, the most relevant posts become most visible. On the other hand, the less engaging posts are not shown on the feed as much.

The algorithm changes every once in a while. However, its three main ranking factors are:

  • User relationship. If a user interacts with your past content, they will be more exposed to your future posts. Their continuous engagement will help you build a loyal audience.
  • User interest. If a user interacts with accounts and posts similar to yours, they are more likely to see your content.
  • Post relevance. Instagram rates your post based on its relevancy. The relevance score will affect how much your content will show up on the feed.

These metrics may be vague at first glance. However, some social media consultants study the algorithm for a living! The tips of these experts will help businesses use the algorithm to their advantage.

Tips to Earn More Through the Instagram Algorithm

Jenn Herman: Instagram Algorithm Aficionado

Jenn Herman is the woman behind Jenn’s Trends, a Top 10 Social Media Blog awardee in 2014, 2015, and 2016! She is a globally recognized Instagram expert, speaker, and social media consultant.

In her blog, Jenn shares resources and tips for businesses that need to revamp their social media strategies. Jenn has an intensive background in different fields such as marketing, human resources, sales, and administration. With this expertise, Jenn gained a thorough understanding of the algorithm.

Jen Herman’s Instagram Algorithm 101

Jen released an ultimate guide on earning more through the Instagram algorithm. Businesses may apply these tips on their Instagram accounts to help their content perform better on the feed. Let’s get into it!

Include a Specifically Relevant Keyword to Your Instagram Name and Handle

Some businesses make the mistake of cramming business-relevant keywords on their Instagram bios. According to Jen, the Instagram search engine only scans your name and handle keywords! With that, your Instagram name and handle must include a word that is relevant to your niche.

Use the space in your bio to tell a story of what your business does. Moreover, you may also use your bio to convince profile visitors to avail of your services. If you are successful, they might give your account a follow!

Never Post Busy Images

For your post to do well, it must stop users mid-scroll—or at the very least, slow down their scrolling pace. This action counts as a good thing in the algorithm. With this, note that users tend to scroll through busy images in their feed. Since the eyes of users cannot focus on your image post, they will ignore it.

Post images with clear focal points and simple backgrounds instead! Moreover, you may also include a pop of colour that will catch the attention of viewers. A user stopping to look at your post is also a great sign since they are more likely to double-tap your photo and give it a Like!

Post Three to Five Times a Week

Some brands post on Instagram every day—according to Jenn, this is counterproductive. Posting seven days a week makes your Instagram feed oversaturated. In the long run, your posts are bound to compete with themselves. You would not want that to happen!

Jenn says that posting three to five times a week is enough. You should always prioritize the quality of your posts over their quantity. Aim for high-quality content that is relevant to your target audience. Post only when you have something entertaining or valuable for your viewers.

Add Engagement-Encouraging Stickers to Your Instagram Stories

Most brands fail to maximize another Instagram tool to help their algorithm performance: Instagram stories. Instagram stories are only visible for 24 hours, but they hold so much potential for engagement. Jenn recommends adding stickers to Instagram stories to encourage user engagement.

You may include quizzes, questions, and polls in your Instagram stories. The primary purpose is to let your followers interact with you. Their taps will drive your engagement—higher engagement rates mean higher content ranking.

Tips to Earn More Through the Instagram Algorithm

Great News: Facebook Messenger Announces Instagram Support

To further help you with navigating the algorithm, Instagram recently announced great news for brands. In case you missed it, the Messenger API now supports Instagram messaging! This development is a handy tool for businesses to manage their communications with customers.

Now, brands will have a more convenient way to have one-on-one conversations with customers! With this, they can drive more meaningful conversations. Doing so helps them grow their sales and increase the satisfaction rate of their customers.

Final Thoughts

All thanks to Jenn Herman’s tips and Instagram messaging development, you may now level up your Instagram with ease! Keep these hacks in mind to make the most out of your business Instagram account. Remember, the Instagram algorithm is easy—with a few tricks up your sleeve!

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