Keeping Up with Online Classes in 2020

Keeping Up with Online Classes in 2020

Succeeding in Online Classes in 2020 Like an A+ Student

Just like many other students, you are probably stuck at home now – wearing your PJs almost every day, always on your phones, and still having a hard time to study.

COVID-19 pandemic revolutionized all aspects of our lives – work, travel, relationships, health protocols, and even education.

Most colleges and universities already started with conducting their courses and sessions digitally. This year 2020, almost everything is now done virtually.

With these, a lot of our students are struggling to answer this question: How to be successful with online classes this pandemic? We ask ourselves that, too.

While online classes made learning more accessible, it also posed challenges on students as they encountered problems on focusing and adjusting.

Here are some sure-fire ways to make any kind of distance learning a victorious feat. We give you some tips to ace online classes in 2020. Be an A+ student now!

Get Your Eyes Off the Screen for 30 Minutes

You probably know this by now. You will need to make a lot of adjustments.

Even the once traditional classroom setup is now shifted to conducting classes via Zoom or Google Meet. The once-used blackboards and whiteboards are now share-screens and PowerPoint presentations. The new normal is far from pre-COVID’s school systems and strategies.

These changes could be very much overwhelming to all students.

Remember that your professors, even though not obvious to some, also feel your struggles and pains right now. For sure, they will cut you some slack on your requirements. This does not mean, though, that you should not be the best student you can be.

One of the best advantages of online classes is you can study at your own pace. Do not compare your pace with others. This is not a rat race. What you need is quality reading and understanding. Your future as a professional does not dwell on the amount of pages or books you have read, it is more of how much you have mastered.

As you strive to be an excellent student, do not forget that facing your computer the whole day can cause you frequent back aches and mental fatigue. Short breaks can be especially helpful – do some stretching, catch some sunlight, or get your eyes off the screen even for 30 minutes.

Remember, health is still your number one priority. Be safe and sane!Keeping Up with Online Classes in 2020

Do Things You Normally Do During Normal Class Days

Video conferencing apps are the main avenues of online classes in 2020, and it can even extend until next year. Asynchronous classes are also conducted, where professors will just post lecture materials and the students are expected to submit some requirements at some given time.

Having no one to personally oversee you doing your work, you can be a prey for bad habits. As a pro tip, be accountable for your own self. Have a routine just like you would if you were going to class in-person.

Take a bath before studying and wear your favourite school attire. Another secret move is to pour yourself the perfume you use during normal class days. Olfaction has a direct connection to your memory center. Fragrances have unquestionable impact on the psychophysiological activities of humans, as backed by scientific data.

You can also try essential oils like citrus and rosemary. Aromatherapy can be a powerful tool when it comes to boosting one’s productivity and improving mental focus.

Believe us, these simple actions will get you right on track within minutes.

Try the “Distraction Sheet”.

The distraction sheet is one of the must-know tips for mastering online classes in 2020.

Bear in mind that these drastic changes in the educational setup are done with students as the focal point. For instance, the library, once full of tangible books, is now digitally accessible. Also, professor consultations, once accompanied with anxious feelings as one walks into the faculty rooms, are now done virtually.

Your college or university still ensures that you have everything you need, but now through a different forum and medium.

For your part, make sure you read these materials and take advantage of online consultations. Instead of browsing on Facebook or Twitter, why not try browsing the additional learning resources? These may be boring at first, but you just need to start somewhere.

How to do this? First, list all possible distractions for you and minimize all forms of them. Temporarily put your phone out of easy reach so that you’re not tempted to do unnecessary things while learning.

Try the Distraction Sheet. After eliminating all forms of distraction, have a sheet of paper near you. Whenever there’s a thought that comes to mind, write them down. Example: while reading, you remembered that it was Jessica’s birthday tomorrow, and you need to buy her a gift. Instead of discarding studying and browsing gifts during your precious study time, write “Jessica’s birthday – buy gift” on your Distraction Sheet. After about 30 minutes of studying, act on all those you have written on your break time.Keeping Up with Online Classes in 2020

Know What’s Trending

Your professor, just like your parents and older relatives, are surely updated with all the news right now. People are waiting for a vaccine, for policy reforms, and for some other miracles. This COVID-19 pandemic makes us yearn for good news and makes people realize that everything can change in an instant.

That’s why aside from online classes in 2020, you need to keep up with current events as well. For all you know, these news pieces can be part of your professor’s discussion for the day. By being aware of what’s relevant in the world, you can effortlessly answer questions about trending world events or current news bits. Of course, these bits of information are not just for show, but for practical purposes as well.

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Keep safe and get that A+!