Know How Musical Notes Can Influence Your Mood in Seconds

Did You Know Musical Notes Can Influence Your Mood?

Just ask yourself this question, can you envision a life of yours without music?

99% of the people would say that it is very challenging to live a life without music. Imagine a world where we cannot turn on our favourite music while working out, or we cannot listen to that one ‘Pumped Up Song’, which helps us boost our mood. Isn’t it daunting? This is a fact that music does hit us that too on a very deep level. No matter what type of songs you prefer, music is incredible.

Right from our childhood, we all have been listening to music, and our tastes and preferences keep changing with time. Many times, it largely depends on the mood. There could be a time in our life when we enjoy more of a certain musical tone, but within a few months, we outgrow it. Even though our music tastes keep going through changes with time, what remains constant is our will to listen to music every day without fail.

But many of us have a few questions that we ponder about. Questions such as why are we connected to music so deeply? How musical notes can influence your mood? Since we love music a lot and cannot do a day without it, in this thread, we are going to discuss how music can lift our moods:

Ways How Musical Notes Can Influence Your Mood

Recently, medical research showed that individuals who regularly listened to music are far more happy, cheerful and confident than the individuals who do not listen to music a lot. This difference was noted just in a few weeks of observation. Music does have the power to play with our mood. For instance, are you feeling sad and upset? You can always listen to sad musical notes to feel calm, as it will make you feel that there is somebody to be there for you.

Music Therapy

Across the world, there are multiple music therapy programs that have been designed primarily to achieve some everyday life goals, which individuals have been struggling with, such as:

  • Stress-busting
  • Improving memory
  • Alleviating pain

There have also been researches claiming that music can also help in coping with physical pain. Although this might sound shocking, this is the truth. As per a 2015 review done by Lancet, it was claimed that individuals who listened to music either before or after their surgeries did experience very less anxiety and pain than the individuals who did not listen to music during these circumstances. Interestingly, individuals who heard music during their medical complications did not require any painkillers, as music was their therapy.

Music might sound to be a five-letter word, but it has a very deep meaning attached to it. Music is a safe, non-invasive and cheap intervention that should be available to each individual. Moreover, music is a natural healer, which keeps the mind sane during tough and challenging days. When it comes to the treatment of chronic conditions, music does act as a strong therapy.

Music Helps in Boosting the Mood

Music does add to boosting overall health, but it also acts as a great therapy. Music touches everyone and everything, in some way or the other. Whether an individual is playing instruments or listening to songs, music is a mood booster and forever. Music can be associated and compared to just like your best friend, who is there with you through thick and thin. That friend who has your back through tough times and who is always there to celebrate the good times with you and be there for you.

Know How Musical Notes Can Influence Your Mood in Seconds

Music Helps in Changing Our Perspective

This is another reason how musical notes can influence your mood. There have been experiments which have been carried out, where people look at sad and happy faces. It was the music they had listened to that changed their perception of their outlook. Music has some great powers to change the way we see the world. For instance, if an individual is listening to happy music, an individual would view a far more neutral face as happy and vice versa.

Music also has the power of stirring up old memories and bringing them back. It helps us go in the past and brings back all the happy moments we have shared with our loved ones.

While listening to the music, our body does react in multiple ways such as snapping of fingers, tapping of feet, nodding of the head etc. However, the beat of the song that an individual listens to can influence the heart rate. When a group of people sing together, breathing becomes synchronised during this time and produces powerful emotions. You must be wondering why these things happen? The answer is simple. This connection happens because the musical patterns affect the auditory cortex, an essential part of the neural reward system and the multiple areas related to our emotions and memory.

Feeling Low? Just Press the Play Button

We are humans, and we are allowed to have our low days. Not every day can be a bright day, right? We can have some rainy days, where we feel low or sad. These are the days when we need the courage to get up and keep moving. This is exactly where the musical notes play a huge role. Whenever you feel low, all you have to do is listen to your favourite track. This will help your brain get distracted, but it will help lift your mood and release happy hormones in your body.

Music has the powers to flood the human brain with multiple emotions, which affects how individuals experience the world around them at that very moment.

The above were the reasons how musical notes can influence your mood. To read more on such abstract topics, keep on watching the space of the Top World Business, which is always there to provide exciting lifestyle news for you.