Room Paint Colors To Boost Employee Productivity

Which Room Paint Colors are Best for Your Office and Home Workspaces?

It’s not enough having the best office amenities for your employee workspaces. Believe it or not, the environment also plays a big role in your team’s attitude and behavior towards work. You may have hired the best employees around, but do you have a good room paint color that calls for productivity?

To maintain your sales and the mood of your office, be knowing of the paint colors you should consider and which one you should keep away from while choosing.

Why are Room Paint Colors Important for Productivity?

Employee Behavior

The University of Hawaii, in their research, found that visual elements, including room colors of office space, can impact employee behavior by influencing their productivity and attitudes in the workplace. Certain colors are calming and soothing, while some induce opposite feelings.

If your office place is already compact with work booths and pieces of equipment, you may have to think of your workspace layout more carefully by choosing the colors to minimize or maximize impressions.

Employee Satisfaction

Office ambiance is one of the most influential factors affecting employee productivity. It affects employee satisfaction by making workers feel comfortable and relaxed while working.

Like food restaurants, colors impact your employees’ satisfaction with their work. Room paint colors tend to shape their content and happiness at work, for there are colors that make one feel happy or sad.

Employee and Brand Identity

Creating a good working atmosphere is also important for your branding. Developing your employees’ motivation by introducing the feeling of belongingness and unity will also translate to their work and harmony with their co-workers.

Employee Mindset and Well-Being

The Wall Street Journal has reported that room paint colors reduce stress in the office space by creating a more relaxed and homey environment. It is the new trend in big brands and companies nowadays to encourage productivity.

Enhancing employee motivation through colors can influence workers’ psychology to view their assigned tasks positively.

Employee Environment

Room paint colors also affect the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Environmental psychologist Sally Augustin Ph.D. suggests that businesses based in warmer climates should go for cool tones. In contrast, those who experience cooler temperatures should opt for warmer tones.

These color considerations stem from the psychology that room paint color reshapes employees’ temperature perception. Warm colors would make people feel more humid, and cooler colors would make them feel cooler.

Room Paint Colors To Boost Employee Productivity

How to Select the Best Room Paint Colors for Employee Offices

Having your company’s team strategies and standards to motivate your employees is a good place to begin. However, you can increase productivity by choosing colors depending on what you would like to expect from your employees.

If You Would Like to Relieve Stress and Encourage Innovation

Stress, undeniably, is a cause of distraction and disruption in productivity in any office. If reducing stress levels in a busy environment is your priority, using green or blue room paint is a way to achieve this. As studied by the University of British Columbia, these two colors provide calm, relaxation, and tranquility to employees. Keep in mind that relief plays a part in productivity.


  • Calming–slows breathing and lowers blood pressure.
  • Mentally stimulating–shown to increase focus and productivity for invention, imagination, and brainstorming new solutions.
  • Inducing trust and reliability–eases the minds of partners and employees.
  • Among the favorite colors of all sexes.


  • Naturally calming– like the color of nature, helps people to calm down.
  • Naturally captivating but not distracting– the human eye notices more shades of green than other colors.

If You Need to Increase Productivity and Enthusiasm

Meanwhile, if you would like to fast pace things a bit and introduce more creativity to your teams, induce great energy and enthusiasm using yellow and orange as paint on the office walls.

Keep your employees engaged by using these colors as accents in office break rooms, bathrooms, or the cafeteria. However, be reminded that research also mentions that excessive use of orange may invoke a strong appetite, and yellow tends to evoke anger and frustrations for people with uncontrollable moods.


  • Imparting proactivity, enthusiasm, and perseverance
  • Creating warm feelings for brainstorming and collaboration


  • Inviting, making the space more friendly and open
  • Stimulating memory and increases optimism
  • Invigorating the atmosphere without being too overwhelming
  • Large doses may promote noisier environments

Room Paint Colors To Boost Employee Productivity

If You Want to Catch Attention and Give Emphasis on Details

Bright hues jump right out at people and stand out. Suppose you are looking for an accent color that will increase mental stimulation and excite the brain but focus more on details. In that case, you can use red to increase productivity among your employees, especially during detail-heavy tasks.


  • Sparking ideas– great for adrenaline-filled environments
  • Building energy–best accent color for fast-paced spaces which values quick bursts of analytical thinking.
  • Fostering excitement–increases alertness to details, spelling, punctuation, and words.

If You Value Hard Work and Optimism

You can play safe and inspire productivity and hard work through optimism by using neutral colors like white as your room paint color. It often complements anything and creates an illusion of spaciousness, making it best for hallways and small offices.


  • Symbolizing tidiness and sterility–great for public spaces
  • Inspiring optimism– best for healthcare and legal services

Before choosing which color to paint your office spaces, consider first the outcomes you would like to have from your team, to ensure you will provide the best working environment. Keep in mind that there are businesses that require different types of work expectations, and no two brands are the same. Hence, make sure to customize the colors and relate to your brand’s advocacies as much as possible.

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