Start A Reading Habit With These Top Rated Books in 2021

Start A Reading Habit With These Top Rated Books in 2021

Secret Behind the Success of Influential People: Read These Top Rated Books in 2021

Many of us envy those who can immerse themselves in hours and hours of reading. In this age of social media and the Internet, we seem to have decreased our attention span. We cannot focus on a single activity for an extended period. This is probably one reason we find difficulty reading books, even for a mere hour. However, the more we delay building a reading habit, the more we miss out on knowledge and character-building experience. In this blog, we will prepare a list of top-rated books in 2021 so that you can start building a life-changing habit today.

It is common knowledge that reading is one of the foundational habits behind the success of many influential people. Take, for example, Elon Musk, a highly revered superstar in the entrepreneurial world. He runs multiple companies, all tackling the most important and challenging problems faced by humanity today. His encyclopedic knowledge and critical thinking, and decision-making skills all come from being an avid reader. Similarly, Warren Buffet, the definition of success in the investment world, reads more than 600 pages per day. We can talk about other successful people because the list goes on and on.

Our Top Picks for This Year

If you are eager to start a reading habit but do not know where to start, we will give you the list of top-rated books in 2021. Although this is not a hard and fast rule, you can set yourself up for a lifetime of discipline.

Klara and the Sun

On top of the list of our top-rated books in 2021 is Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro, the Nobel Prize Winner in Literature for 2017. Originally published on 2nd March 2021, this dystopian science fiction masterpiece talks about a future where children are genetically engineered for enhanced academic performance. Now that we do not want to spoil your reading experience, we suggest you read it yourself. The book is available in hardcopy, E-book, and audio formats across different online and offline bookstores.

An Ordinary Age

If nonfiction is your preference, An Ordinary Age is one of the top-rated books in 2021 in this section. Written by Rainesford Stauffer, the book came out on 4th May 2021. The book has some important materials, especially for young people, who have a huge amount of expectations put upon them. Similarly, the author puts a clear perspective on the bad influence of social media and how it leads to unrealistic expectations. Furthermore, he requests young people of today to redefine the meaning of life and ask the important questions of who they really want to be. The book is available in hardcopy, ebook, and digital audio formats across several stores.

Malibu Rising

Malibu Rising is one of our top rated books in 2021 for you to read. Written by Taylor Jenkins Reid, a popular novelist, the book came out on 4th March 2021. The plot of this women’s fiction sets out in Malibu in August 1983. Four siblings of the Rivas family throw a party marking the end of the summer. However, within twenty-four hours, life takes a major turn, and things will never be the same.

You can buy either the hard copy of the e-book format. Additionally, if you like audiobooks, it is also available as digital audio.

We Had a Little Real Estate Problem

When humour meets biography, we get a non-fiction masterpiece like We Had a Little Real Estate Problem. In one of the top-rated books in 2021, comedy great Kliph Nesteroff discusses the influence of Native Americans in the art of comedy. It is a powerful tribute to a generation of artists whose influence and impact have been stamped under the rug. Furthermore, it brings to light the laughter and joy inside the American native culture, which does not see the light of the mainstream media.

Start A Reading Habit With These Top Rated Books in 2021

Aftershocks: A Memoir

Aftershocks: A Memoir sits as one of the top-rated books in 2021 by Barnes and Noble, as well as Time magazine. Originally published in January 2021, the author of the book is 2019 Whiting Award winner Nadia Owusu. In this book, she tells the story of her turbulent childhood. Abandoned by her mother when she was just two, she lost her foundational support when her father died while she was just 13. As she moved back and forth between Africa and Europe, finding her place in the world was difficult.


Falling is one of the top picks for our best books in 2021. The author of the book is T.J. Newman, who worked as a flight attendant for Virgin America and Alaska Airlines. The interesting part about this novel is that the author wrote most of the parts during cross-country flights. She talks about a devastating dilemma faced by a pilot in the midst of a flight to New York. His family had been kidnapped about 30 minutes before the flight. The kidnappers demand that he should crash the plane if he wanted to save his family members.

The Prophets

The Prophets, an instant New York Times bestseller, is also one of our picks for the top rated books in 2021. Written by Robert Jones Jr., this book was originally published in January 2021. This novel is about queer love during the slavery era and talks about the union, refuge, and betrayal between two gay black lovers on a Deep South Plantation. Avoiding any spoilers, we want you to put this masterpiece on top of your read list immediately.

Empire of Pain

Empire of Pain is a nonfiction masterpiece written by Patrick Radden Keefe and originally published in April of 2021. In this book, the author talks about the three generations of the Sackler family. Initially famed for their philanthropic works, their reputation has been destroyed for their role in the opioid epidemic leading to thousands of deaths. It has already come to light that Oxycontin, an opioid manufactured by Sackler-owned Purdue Pharma, acted as a key catalyst for the epidemic.

This is one of the books in Barack Obama’s 2021 Summer Reading List and, in general, is a cautionary tale about the blatant wrongdoings of the unethical rich.

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