The Culture Shift from Traditional to Online Gift-Giving

Reasons That Make People Shift from Traditional to Online Gift-Giving

Even without debilitating pandemic, online shopping and marketplaces in social media platforms are already popular. The comfort and ease of swiping left and right through products and checking them out on the same day without leaving your couch is an invaluable experience. However, this is not the only benefit that we can enjoy. The integration of technology and the internet has made a significant shift from traditional to online gift-giving.

We all know that gift-giving is a gesture of thoughtfulness, appreciation and love. After all, it is one of the many ways we provide happiness to our loved ones, family and friends. As history would dictate it, gift-giving has been a process of giving items based on a person’s interests and preferences.

As the modern world is riddled with amazing applications, this has become the catalyst for the shift from traditional to online gift-giving. Why is this so? Let’s find out.

Modern Applications and Its Impact

The combination of social media platforms and online avenues have paved the way for easy acquisition of items that may not be available in your local shops. Whether it’s a donation drive, secret Santas, and deliveries, going online makes it all seamless.

But, this doesn’t mean that online purchases and online gift-giving are perfect. It isn’t. In fact, developers and creators of popular and massive online selling platforms admit to flaws such as slow deliveries, unverified payment tools and other nuances that people clamour about.

Nonetheless, these flaws haven’t stopped people all around the world to purchase items off the internet. How did this impact traditional to online gift-giving? Online shopping has grown over the years. From taking only 4% of annual sales by 2008 to a whopping sales number of 17%, it is a no-brainer that online selling platforms will garner greater revenues for years to come.

Online shopping rose to popularity because of its promising convenience, vast choices, and instant transactions that deliver goods in no time. Aside from this one significant reason, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allowed for a different kind of engagement that only fueled people’s desire to give gifts.

Because social media platforms and companies have seen the rise of these gift-giving trends, they even incorporated digital vouchers and other means that guarantees increased sales while providing maximum ease of transaction for every buyer.  The Culture Shift from Traditional to Online Gift-Giving

The Beauty of Online Gift-Giving

It’s true when they said that gifts don’t always have to be a concrete item for a receiver to enjoy. Sometimes, even a voucher, a massive discount coupon for a premium album, or an all-paid spa day that you’ve electronically paid goes a long way than cliché gifts.

From a 2013 study, those who received Facebook gifts are more likely to send out gifts. In another study, 46% of those who shifted from online gifts say that they’ll always trade online gifting to traditional means because of its unparalleled convenience.

Another thing to note is that people are now opting for experiential gifts instead of material ones. After all, when social media platforms entice people to share their moments in life, a material gift is a passing thought. However, online tickets for a vacation is worth more and is appreciated more. The reason for which is the experience becomes an invaluable part of their lives.

There is no telling on how technology will affect our tradition and norms at this point. However, there is an exciting element when looking forward to what the future can bring to exercising generosity and kindness to others.

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