TikTok for Business: Leveraging Social Media for Profit

TikTok for Business: Leveraging Social Media for Profit

Explaining the Reasons You Should Leverage TikTok for Business

The onset of the pandemic has restricted businesses from operating under normal conditions. Because of this, organizations have to find ways of providing services and products to consumers without risking infection or contamination of the virus. However, informing people of business’s activities, new services, and revised provisions is a tough task because of the lockdown. The good thing is, social media platforms made announcements of the same nature possible. One of the rising avenues that is notorious for entertainment and visibility is TikTok for business.

TikTok was dubbed as the mash-up of other entertainment and video-sharing platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Vine. It was launched and developed by the Chinese company ByteDance in 2016. With its massive user count of 500 million, TikTok is blowing up for its music-based, short-form, and simple editing features that people find simply entertaining.

But, with its growing popularity, how can TikTok prove to be effective for businesses? How can an organization use TikTok for business and improve their chances of advertising and marketing? Read on to find out.

TikTok for Business: How It Works

Much like any other social media avenues, your organization needs to comply and follow regulations set forth by the developers. The first step in optimizing your chances of staying and complying with TikTok is by becoming more familiar with the features, settings and regulations of the platform.

Build a profile, connect and follow users, and to post-practice content to gauge how it’s like to engage and the culture of TikTok. For your business to be popular on TikTok, you must be actively engaging and posting on TikTok. You need to spend time on the platform and this is inevitable in maximizing the effects of any social media sites. But, the best way to optimize TikTok for business is to find ways or give reasons for people to follow you.

Advertisements Supported in Platform

Aside from in-feed native content, other contents that businesses can use for advertising are hashtag challenges, branded lenses, and brand takeovers.

The first classification of TikTok content is the infeed native content. For this type, content can be compared to Snapchat’s regular videos. They are skippable, play in full-screen mode, and last from 10-15 seconds. For you to understand the effectiveness of infeed native content, you can check out impressions, click-through rate (CTR), tracking clicks, views and engagements.

Brand takeovers, the second type, allow a business brand to take over TikTok for a specific number of hours (for the most part, 24 hours). You can create GIFs, videos, and images where you can post or embed links to landing pages and the most popular content type, hashtag challenges.

Speaking of hashtag challenges, this is the most popular type of content. Businesses create a hashtag and provide prizes for participants. One of the most popular hashtag challenges that ever graced TikTok is from Dreamwork Pictures. The organization invited users to do a TikTok challenge encouraging people to dance to one of their show’s theme song.

If you want to experiment on varied engagement and outcomes, it is always recommended that you try on different content. At the same time, you can assess the effectiveness of your content by measuring results or reports from its engagement numbers.  TikTok for Business: Leveraging Social Media for Profit

The Casualness and Why You Need to Join TikTok

The adage, “content is king” is nowhere important for TikTok advertising and marketing schemes. TikTok does not really favour high-quality and greatly-polished videos. In fact, casualness and fun-driven contents are the ones that get the most engagement and views.

Although TikTok for business is a relatively new platform, it is a marketing avenue that is affordable. However, it doesn’t have a strong influencer community yet that business can take advantage of. The good thing is, there are fewer competitors and sponsorships and you can try to saturate the market.

If your brand involves creativity, fun and borderless engagement, there is no doubt that you need to get into TikTok now.

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