Tips on Becoming a Morning Person

Tips on Becoming a Morning Person

Why Does the World Emphasize Becoming a Morning Person

The reason behind the willingness to wake up early is simple; when you wake up early, your day becomes more extended, and you get time to finish all your work. A few hours in the morning can be some of the most productive hours you can give yourself when the world is sleeping, and there is absolutely no disturbance. The biggest hurdle which comes in between us becoming a morning person is ‘Laziness.’

Due to our habits, the morning schedule of everyone is going for a toss, which is wrong. Therefore, there is ‘No Tomorrow,’ as all you have is today to fix things.

Becoming a Morning Person has its Benefits

Studies reveal that becoming a morning person can greatly benefit your health. Experts even say that a person who gets the sun’s early morning rays is likely to have a lower body mass index. Since our internal clock is sensitive to light, we can increase our energy levels and overcome our lethargy by exposing ourselves to sunlight in the morning.

However, if you are naturally not a morning person, you will have to be patient and give yourself time to adjust yourself to a new wake-up time. It is better to start small and try getting up around 30 minutes daily. Also, try to relax more in the evenings and go to sleep a little earlier. Exercising early in the morning too will help to kick-start your day.

Tips on Becoming a Morning Person

Here are a few steps to attempt which will help you in becoming a morning person.

Get a Good Night Sleep

When it comes to waking up early in the morning, your practice should start the night before it. It would help if you slept early to be able to wake up fresh in the morning. It is not about just spending the number of hours in your bed, but it is also essential to get good ‘quality’ sleep. It is necessary to get the body primed for deep and in-depth relaxation. This won’t be an easy practice initially, as it will involve a new bedtime schedule.

You can perform a few essential activities before sleeping, such as taking a warm cozy bath, having warm water, avoiding eating anything late at night that might make you feel heavy, etc. In the initial days, you might struggle to shut your eyes early, but trust us; it will hardly take a few days to get into the practice.

Resist the Scrolling

One of the traditional mechanisms, which signals to our body that it is not the right time to sleep is the ‘Blue Light.’ Earlier, the source of blue light used to be the sky outside, but times have changed, and now, our phones give the blue light as well. As a result, we tend to be on our beds during the nighttime, and we end up scrolling on various social media platforms, which leads to us sleeping late at night.

It is not healthy for our body to be exposed to the blue light of the phone very often because this light signals the pineal gland, which is present in the brain, and stops it from putting out the melatonin. This leads to our brains not letting us sleep on time. One of the best ways to prevent such a situation is to keep our phones outside the room we are sleeping in. It would help if you did not let the notifications disrupt your sleep.

Tips on Becoming a Morning Person

Skip the Snooze

One of the prevalent waking up mistakes that experts have been advising against is ‘Hitting on the Snooze Button.’ In the morning, when you hit the snooze button, psychologically, this means that you will go back to sleep and that too in a deeper sleep state. This will make waking up early for you 10x times harder.

On the other hand, by instantly waking up when the alarm rings, you train your mind and body to be disciplined. It is just a matter of those ‘5 Seconds’; if you can resist pressing the snooze button, then you can have an early start to your day. One of the best ways to deal with it is to get an alarm clock instead of relying on the phone alarm.

Find Your Motivation to Wake Up

‘Motivation’ is different for every individual. For you, it might be to look forward to eating your favourite breakfast, but for others, it might be exercising. Without generalizing what motivation means to any of us, all you have to do is find the ‘Right’ motivation for yourself. Even if it means enjoying your cold or hot morning shower. Such activities make you look forward to waking up early.

When you have a plan of action and motivation in place, you will feel excited to wake up and perform that activity. Unfortunately, 90% of the time, people do not plan their day, which makes them less motivated to start the day. Do not make this mistake.

Go Slow

If you have messed up your sleeping schedule, you cannot wake up one fine day at 5 AM suddenly, as that is not how our bodies work. You need to take baby steps to move forward. Try to wake up an hour earlier than your usual waking time every day. Slowly and surely, your sleeping schedule will get fixed through such useful habits.

Also, try and stay consistent with the time you sleep every day. It is important for our bodies to get used to our sleeping and waking time, to help us get into that schedule.

Ending Thoughts

Remember small changes every day will account for a bigger change one day – this is the power of compounding. Just remember, waking up in the morning, begins the night before, with solid, sound sleep.

Waking up early is all about the lifestyle, and it indeed does not happen in a day. All you are required to do is to take baby steps and then move forward. Every day try waking up a few minutes earlier than your usual time, and there would easily be a time when you would end up waking early on your own.

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