Unique Fashion Trends That Will Rock 2021

Unique Fashion Trends That Will Rock 2021

The Ultimate Handbook to the Best Unique Fashion Trends for You This 2021

Spending over a year in lockdown due to the pandemic has prevented most of us from using our closets. Just like how fast time flies, fashion trends change rapidly too! Well, before doing a closet makeover and buying this year’s trends haul, you should keep updated with these curated unique fashion trends.

Colours To Wear

Pastel Colors

What’s a bigger trend than being effortlessly cute and chic with pastel colours? Go back to the early 2000s by combining coordinates or cropped tops and plaid mini skirts with your favourite white sneakers.

An all-season favourite, these colours can be worn by a wide range of skin tones! Achieve the famous Pinterest aesthetic by improving your plain coloured clothing with soft colours like lemon, mint green, rosy pink, and lavender.

Pop & Fluorescent Colors

Retro-inspired style of bright shades and patterns is in for 2021! Stand out with a neon yellow sweater or a neon green blazer paired with your favourite daily casual get-ups like shirt and jeans or LBDs.

But if you are game to step up and take the challenge, swap your plain monochromatic colours with popping colours like hot pink or shocking red that will surely uplift your mood and establish a bold fashion statement.

Styles For You

Androgynous Styling

A favourite since the 1930s, this style maintains its place in the fashion trends list. Go out of your comfort zone and experiment with your style. Erase the division between gendered clothing and wear oversized suits or mix and match unisex shirts and blazers with trousers and dresses.

Earth Tones Styling

Like the 70s trend, but better – upgrade your last year’s neutral palette with warm earth colours like yellow and camel. Try mixing and matching a light brown suit or coat with mustard or tan shirts, turtlenecks, and sweaters. These colours will add dimension and depth to your get-up and will complement all types of clothes and skin tones.

Unique Fashion Trends That Will Rock 2021

The Recommended Prints

Large Floral Prints

2021 is a fashion year of going back to the past but making them better! Large Floral Prints are back from the 90s and 2000s and have remained quite strong from 2020.

Iconic, fashionable, and a cult favourite, you can never go wrong with floral prints. But, this year, make it loud and proud by using big flowers to pair with your plain-coloured top or bottoms! Try mixing a mini skirt with large floral prints and a simple T-shirt in harmonizing shades, or wear a cropped sweater with florals and a khaki maxi skirt for a versatile look.


What’s a retro fashion year without plaid prints? Whether earth-toned colours or pastel plaids achieve a cute and chic look with this print. Get adventurous and choose pieces that contrast light and dark colours or maintain an innocent and soft aesthetic using neutral tones and pastels.

Runways have also experimented with plaids and leathers, which resulted in a more rugged and gothic vibe. Go the extra mile and look for clothes that also incorporate patchwork into plaid looks!

The ‘In’ Bags

Yellow and Blue Bags

Whether pastel or fluorescent, yellow and blue bags have taken over this season, for these accessories are easy to pair with anything and are timeless. Spice up your style by carrying a mustard or lemon clutch for your casual outfits, or use a powder or electric blue tote. If you are rocking an all-white get-up, you can choose from different styles, from classic amber yellow and deep blue or funky neon yellow and neon blue for night outs.

Fringe Bags

Let your handbag do the talking and making a bold fashion statement. This season is big on fringing on the bags. Go chic or boho with earth-toned tassels that are dangling a few inches from the fabric, or opt for those that almost hit the floor for maximum impact. Both styles will surely turn some heads and make you unique and stand out. Choose between classic feel, using dark hues like brown or black from leather fabrics, or go for shearlings with bold shades like green, yellow or red.

Trending Bottoms

Wide Leg Jeans

Say bye to skinny jeans, for it’s time for wide-leg jeans to shine. Follow the retro inspiration and aesthetic this season by buying a piece from the early 2000s. Accentuate your waist and create an illusion of height as these bottoms elongate your legs and give off a relaxed 70s vibe. Perfect for cropped sweaters, oversized shirts, or comfy cardigans.

Blue Jeans

Are you looking for ways to future-proof your wardrobe? Blue jeans are laid-back, chic, and timeless. These bottoms are a must-have for your 2021 wardrobe! Be careful though, make sure that they are slightly faded denim blue and not indigo to achieve a stylish retro look.

Unique Fashion Trends That Will Rock 2021

The Shoe List

Chunky White Sneakers

Are you in between being sporty and chic? 2021 is about merging comfort and style, especially with shoes! Get the perfect blend of sophistication and adventure with chunky white sneakers that are safe to pair with everything while making a powerful fashion statement. Pair it with a maxi skirt, trendy sweatpants, or classic jeans, and you will never fail with this one.

Straight Leg Boots

Tight footwear is out for this year! Say bonjour to comfortable straight-leg boots. Paired best with long and flowy dresses, they are also helpful in keeping yourself warm during cold weather. Available in simple styles with neutral colours or wild and funky styles with neon colours or big prints, you will surely catch up with the unique fashion trends this 2021!

Start anew this 2021 by refreshing your clothes collection. Remember that in buying, it is also important to remain sustainable and future-proof. Also, select styles that fit your body type and skin tone to achieve your best look.

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