Using Lucky Draw Software for Christmas Celebrations

Organizing Christmas Celebrations Using Free Online Softwares

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a casualty on most parts of our lives. Due to this, the government established quarantine protocols to avoid the spread of the virus, ensuring that we are safe, especially the vulnerable ones. However, the restrictions of social gatherings disallowed us to celebrate holidays and festive seasons in person. Sadly, no more physical meeting nor party celebration is allowed.

Even though this year’s Christmas celebration would be different, this would not halt us from reviving our traditions. Employers consider hosting video conferences to gather everyone and come up with interesting and exciting surprises. Fortunately, technology has advanced and would assist companies in organizing parties.

There are better ways on how to make your Christmas merrier aside from unwrapping presents. You just need a Free Lucky Draw Software that would randomly pick names to excite participants on your online gatherings. All you have to do is enter the characters of the participants and let the spin pick up a word. Winners will be listed, while duplicate titles will only be treated as an entry. Here’s what you can do.

Christmas Raffles and Live Giveaways

You would not want to miss out on one of the classic ways of inciting happiness. Since it’s the giving season, companies tend to draw giveaways and raffle attractive prizes provided by the clients or suppliers. Either way, as you announce the award and exciting gifts, employees would definitely hope they would get picked by the free lucky draw software. Random name pickers boost excitement with an intensifying approach.

No Volunteers? Use Random Name Pickers

Contests are popular in Christmas celebrations, and of course, whoever wins would take prizes.

However, as excited as we are, some employees take too long to volunteer themselves in participating in mini and interactive games—sometimes it fades the lively ambience.

Furthermore, it is important to find an activity that works for everyone, especially during video conferences, without leaving out anyone. Setting up meetings on online platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and WebEx is a headstart. The software would also be useful for choosing random participants in case a selected number of people are required. The following are great games to host in virtual Christmas using random name pickers.

  • Virtual scavenger hunts
  • Trivia questions (or pop-ups)
  • Show and tell
  • Charades
  • Holiday readings and icebreakers

Using Lucky Draw Software for Christmas Celebrations

Exchange Gifts and Greetings

Who doesn’t love presents? If there are no assigned receivers, a random name picker will draw names with just a few clicks. Using lucky draw software for Christmas celebrations helps you organize online exchange gifts without needing to go out and personally pick names on paper scratches. All in one click.

Developing Online Software

While employees are unable to gather personally, a virtual Christmas party would be the best alternative to relive the spirit of the holiday seasons without risking ourselves. Fortunately, online software like free lucky draws would enable us for more organized and thrilling parties.

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