Work From Home Essentials to Boost Productivity 

Lifestyle Tips: Work From Home Essentials to Conquer Remote Working

It was March of 2020 when the world was brought to a screeching halt. Lockdowns all over the world were imposed as a precautionary answer to COVID-19. Because businesses were affected, organizations had to adapt and strategize their operations as a means of providing services to people. This challenge brought the remote working set-up into the spotlight. After all, with restricted capacities and the need for people to work in this crisis, work from home set-up has become the new norm. But, before one can optimize productivity, he must have work from home essentials.

Work From Home Essentials: Transforming an Area Into a Space of Greatness

Most people would agree that there’s a fine line between working in an office and working at home. When you are inside a comfortable space, you tend to dwell in this comfort and procrastinate. This is one of the major challenges corporate workers have faced when transitioning to the remote set-up.

One can say that employees need additional motivation to get out of bed and finish work inside their home. In remote work, you are accountable for your productivity. You need to constantly remind yourself that you must stop binge-watching shows and get back to work. With this in mind, you must assess the crucial area in your home that will maximize your work without having to deal with distractions.

Because you’re transforming a space into a home office, here are the work from home essentials you need.  Work From Home Essentials to Boost Productivity 

Working Desk

A workplace isn’t complete without a reliable desk that you use when drafting, writing, and getting those plans into action. You have the option from using glass top, fully-wooden, or steel desk. Just make sure that you have a desk that provides ample space for paperwork, drafts, and other essential tasks entailed with your job.

Computer Stand

In this digital world, it’s rare to see offices functioning without laptops or computers. If the office provides you with one for your work from home set-up, a computer stand is essential. Keep in mind that a computer stand is different from a desk as it provides you with better viewing angles, ergonomic station and is tailored for a machine.

Office Chair

An office chair is a mandatory piece of furniture that will get you through long hours and keep you from having pesky backaches brought by bad posture. An office chair is modelled so that it supports your back for extended periods of time. If possible, choose a chair that swivels 360-degrees and has casters.


If a computer is out of the equation for your remote working set-up, the next big answer is a high-performing laptop. When choosing a laptop, it is best to look into specifications that provide seamless results for your tasks. Don’t forget to choose one that suits your work needs without breaking the bank.

Big-Screen Monitor

There are tasks that are done better with a dual-screen. If you need to maximize productivity by having another screen mounted at the wall, we suggest purchasing a big-screened monitor that is adjacent to your laptop or desktop.


Another overlooked work from home essential is trusty speakers. Because you’ll be participating in a lot of virtual meetings, you’ll need crisp speakers that can easily be connected to your phone or laptop.

Headphones/Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Are you someone that constantly make calls or receive them? If you are someone who doesn’t want to be disturbed with other members of the house and would like to minimize shenanigans brought by the pandemic, noise-cancelling headphones will save you.

High-Speed and Reliable Internet Connection

Last but not least, you need an internet connection that allows you to perform tasks in an efficient and effective manner. You can also consider back-up or secondary lines if you fear being cut out by the provider in cases of emergency.

Aside from the mentioned work from home essentials we mentioned, you can always add items on the mix. Just make sure that these additions will improve your overall wellbeing and productivity despite the fact that you’re inside your home.

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