5 Plugins to Secure WordPress Website

Five Plugins You Need for a Secure WordPress Website

Without a foolproof security system in place, no website is safe from hacking. If you want a secure WordPress website, you must not hesitate to get a WordPress security plugin right away. With a high-quality plugin to safeguard your site, you will be safe from hacking attempts, brute force attacks, and malware.

If you do not have a security plugin to protect you, hackers will infiltrate your site and steal your data, along with those of your customers. This can be a severe setback for your business. Hackers can make your website inaccessible or even hold your data for ransom. A hacked website will rank low in Google, damaging your carefully-built reputation.

As you know now, the consequences are drastic if you do not secure your WordPress website from hackers. But, how can you determine which is the right WordPress security plugin for you? Cast your worries aside, for we have carefully chosen the five best plugins to secure WordPress website.

All in One WP Security

This is an excellent WordPress Security plugin that you can download for free. It has some outstanding features to protect your data from various security issues.

Its key features:

  • Prevents unauthorised logins
  • Defends against brute force attacks with a special Login Lockdown feature
  • Total protection from hackers with its firewall
  • Lets you make your password stronger with its password strength tool
  • Automatic backups to protect your data
  • Helps conduct an audit to monitor security lapses

iThemes Security

It is yet another popular security plugin that effectively prevents brute force attacks and defends against malware. Along with an excellent dashboard that allows you to monitor activities, it also performs these functions:

  • Backs up your database
  • Let you set stronger passwords
  • Notifies you instantly about emails
  • Detects 404 errors
  • Finds out file changes

5 Plugins to Secure WordPress Website


This very popular cloud-based WordPress security plugin secures your site from many types of risks like brute force attacks, malware, DDoS, and more. Its unique feature is its website application firewall (WAF), stopping bad traffic from entering your server.

Its main features:

  • Lets you conduct a security audit
  • Verifies SSL certificates of other sites
  • Protects against Zero-day exploitation
  • Enables you to improve your performance with a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Checks for SEO spam


With this free WordPress security plugin, you can scan and prevent common malicious threats. It alerts you about any breaches in security into your system.

Some of its features:

  • Its WordPress firewall prevents malicious traffic from entering
  • It has a unique Two-factor authentication feature during login
  • The interface is user-friendly
  • It automatically checks your site frequently for possible threats
  • Its excellent analytics dashboard checks the attempts made by hackers

WPScan Security

It is a free WordPress Security plugin with a free API plan that is ideal for most WordPress websites. Its most unique feature is its WordPress vulnerability database that its security specialists update frequently.

Its functions include:

  • Checking for weak passwords
  • It monitors common WordPress vulnerabilities, along with theme and plugin vulnerabilities.
  • Provides mail notification to inform you about any new security vulnerabilities
  • It identifies vulnerabilities and displays them with an icon on the Admin Toolbar.

Don’t let malicious hackers damage your business’s hard-earned goodwill by stealing your customers’ valuable information. A security breach can potentially ruin your business and cause heavy irrecoverable losses. So, the best way to ensure a secure WordPress website is by choosing the right WordPress Security plugin that can effectively prevent hackers from stealing your valuable data.

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