Different Pillars of Cybersecurity

Understanding the Different Pillars of Cybersecurity to Protect Your Company

No matter what kind of business you run, big or small, you face the threat of hackers infiltrating your data for malicious purposes. What you need is an effective cybersecurity system to ward off such potential threats. You should never take data theft lightly since your enterprise’s valuable data and that of your customers are at high risk, and consequences can be drastic. A data infiltration can make your clients feel their data is no longer safe with your company, thereby seriously affecting your business. What you need is a fool-proof security plan for your data, built on the Pillars of Cybersecurity – technology, people, and processes.

First, we will go through the common types of cyberattacks most businesses experience.

Common Cyberattacks You Need to Know About


It denotes malicious software, such as viruses, spyware, and ransomware. They can breach your system when any of your employees click on a risky email attachment or link. After entering your system, it can install additional harmful software, secretly extract information from your hard drive, or disrupt your system.


It is a common form of cyber threat by which you receive messages through email or other sources. It is done to steal your credit card details or gather your login data for installing malware.

SQL Injection

In this type of attack, hackers insert malicious code into a server, which uses SQL (Structured Query Language). It is done to extract information secretly from the server.

Man in the Middle

By this method, hackers infiltrate into a transaction between two parties. They then install malicious software and steal valuable data. It mostly happens when people use unsecured public Wi-Fi networks.

Different Pillars of Cybersecurity

Understanding the Three Important Pillars of Cybersecurity

Now that we know about the potential cyber threats, we will look in detail at the three pillars of cybersecurity.

People in Your Organization

The people in your enterprise have vital roles to play in your cybersecurity. All your advanced technology will be of no value if your employees do not have the skills to respond to and fight cyber attacks. So, every member part of your cybersecurity program should be given suitable training to employ the technologies and processes used to fight the cyber threat.

Each employee should understand things like why it necessary to fight off cyber threats. They should be able to spot issues that can indicate potential danger, such as unwanted email attachments. Your company should also conduct awareness programmes to make employees aware of such threats. Well-informed employees will be an asset to your organization and will help reduce risks for your business.

Processes and Policies

To fight cyber threats, you should have effective security policies and processes. These policies will indicate how your company will use technological solutions to keep away hackers. You also need to review your processes regularly since cybercrimes keep evolving constantly, and you need to keep up with the new threats.

Technologies Used by Your Organization

After you determine the potential threats your organization can face, the next step to take is to decide what technologies you can employ to mitigate the risks. It implies the hardware and software you will use to fight cyber threats, such as antivirus software and firewalls. You should form a team of experts to identify and assess the risks and set up the right tools to repel any kind of cyber attack.

Your cybersecurity team should install systems that monitor important system files in servers and network devices and take action whenever any suspicious activity is seen. You can also run vulnerability scans that scans your network’s entire systems and identifies weak areas like outdated operating systems. There is also the need for a backup system that will enable you to recover your valuable data in emergencies.

Data infiltration and theft can be a severe setback for your business, from which you will find it difficult to recover. That is why you need a strong defence system based on these pillars of cybersecurity to safeguard your business from malicious people.

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