Do Smart Homes Make People Productive or Lazy? 

How Smart Homes Will Make You More Productive Than Lazy

The word “smart” has been fairly popular for the past few years. This has been possible due to commercial advancement and success in IoT (Internet of things) technology. One of the most popular applications of IoT is the Smart Homes or Home Automation System.

Before learning how smart homes make people productive, let us understand what it is and what goes into building such type of systems.

Smart Homes: An Introduction

A smart home is made by incorporating automation and control features to appliances and devices that you use on a daily basis. It includes controlling the electrical appliances, lighting system, ambience, temperature, and other attributes remotely by using a mobile or desktop device. Similarly, the smart home system can record and learn the pattern of your appliance usage. They can suggest, remind, and sometimes act on their own to ensure optimum performance. Simply stated, you have complete control of your home at your fingertip. Do Smart Homes Make People Productive or Lazy? 

Components of a Smart Home

A smart home system contains a lot of mini-systems. A user can choose which system he/she wishes to implement. Let us list some of the components that comprise a Smart Home system.

Automated Monitoring and Security System

This ensures that the house can be monitored even when you are outside. This means you can look after your pets and children when you are at work. Likewise, the security system can be used to detect intruders and unknown people. In the case of a breach, it can fire alarms and notify you instantly.

Automated Lighting System

This system consists of a network of smart lighting devices. The intensity and gradient of lights can be varied according to need. Similarly, the network can also operate automatically to optimize energy usage or manually at your discretion. For example, hotels use lights that turn on when there is a person nearby.

Smart Ports to Control Electric Appliances

These smart ports can sense when your charging device has been fully charged and will disconnect the power supply. This will enhance the battery life of those devices.

Automated Temperature

This system maintains the home temperature at a desired constant level throughout the year.

Automated Gardening System

This system automatically waters the plants in your garden. Some advanced systems even monitor the plant growth automatically.

Automated Gates and Door Systems

As the name suggests, it automatically opens and closes the doors in your house. For example, you can use a remote that sends our radio signals to the receiver at the gate. Then, the receiver will command the actuator to open or close the door.  This action is always under your control and is thus secure.

Connected Devices in the Home Network

In a smart home system, all the devices are connected and can be controlled through a central system. For example, you can heat your favourite dish inside an oven so that it is ready when you get home.

Now that we have understood the basics and the major features, let us learn how smart homes make people productive. Do Smart Homes Make People Productive or Lazy? 

You Don’t Need to Keep Moving Around the House Doing Things

One of the ways how smart homes make people productive is that you don’t have to keep moving around the house to do things. All the tedious and non-productive works inside your home can be completed at the touch of a button. Furthermore, you are free of frequent interruptions and distractions. You can utilize the saved time at your discretion doing things that interest you.

Smart Homes Motivate You to Keep Up with the Advancing Technology

This is one of the unseen ways that smart homes make people productive. Once you have installed a smart home system, you will want to keep up with new advancing technologies. In doing so, you will feel motivated to update yourself with the latest technology that can be used to make your daily activities easier. And, ease in doing tedious tasks doesn’t mean that you will be lazy. In contrast, you can utilize the saved time learning and updating yourself about newer technologies and trends.

Smart Homes Save a Lot of Energy and Reduce Costs

One of the ways smart homes make people productive is that you don’t need to calculate your energy consumption and stress about bills. Smart homes consist of devices like smart lights, appliances, automated taps, etc. Likewise, these devices are very efficient and consume less energy. Similarly, these devices also identify when energy is being wasted and reduce wastage. For example, the smart lights turn on if it’s night and if someone is present in the room. If there is no one, it turns off automatically.


From this blog, we have understood how smart homes make people productive by automating most of the daily, tedious tasks.

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