Do You Need to Learn a Programming Language to Build an App?

Do You Need to Learn a Programming Language to Build an App?

Mobile apps development has been one of the most lucrative careers over the last decade. The introduction of app stores for iOS and Android platforms has been a  great opportunity for independent developers and companies. Anyone can build and sell their apps on the app store and highly successful developers have been able to make millions.  Most importantly, there are a number of advanced tools that have eased the process of building apps.  You might not need years of college education or advanced knowledge of programming language to build an app.

Building Apps Without Programming Language

Even though you do not need advanced knowledge of programming language to build an app, you must understand the development process. App maker platforms will provide you with modules and drag-and-drop features. However, you must understand the following steps:

Design and Appearance

When you are not using any programming language to build an app, you must design your appearance according to the available themes. Likewise, you might want to keep your appearance consistent with your branding scheme. You must keep track of colors, logos, font style, and custom icons. Modern app builder platforms will likely consist of all these types of features so you can customize them according to your needs.

App Content

You must add content according to the available templates when you are not using a programming language to build an app. These templates consist of frequently used content types that you can edit for your business needs. Some of the most common types of templates include the contacts page, about us page, service page, application and registration page, and loyalty programs.

Final Steps and Publishing

The final steps of building an app include defining platform-specific attributes. This might be the screen size and type for a seamless viewing experience in all types of devices. Likewise, you might want to optimize some features according to the operating system and hardware capabilities. Furthermore, you have to keep consistency in both web and mobile viewing.

Finally, after all these steps, you are ready to publish your app. You must keep proper information on copyright and publishing rights. Likewise, you must consider the guidelines regarding age and audience which is defined by the application store. Most importantly, make sure that you have done enough marketing so that you can gain a decent number of users.Do You Need to Learn a Programming Language to Build an App?

Common App Maker Platforms

If you do not have the knowledge of programming language to build an app, you must be aware of available app maker platforms. Some of the most popular platforms are:


AppMakr is one of the most widely used platforms that require no experience and advanced experience of programming language to build an app. You can design apps for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and HTML5. First, you need to sign up for a free account. After that, you can create any number of apps you wish from its available modules and themes. When you are done building your app, publishing is the only difficult part. Similarly, you would need to pay for a Google Developer account or Apple Developer account when you want to publish in their app stores.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is also one of the popular app builder platforms that require no programming language. You can create apps for Android, iOS, and Windows on both web and mobile platforms. If you come from a non-technical background with little to no coding experience, Appy Pie is a great option for you. Similarly, you can create native, cross-platform, and hybrid apps depending on your goals and budget. It supports push notifications, GPS, real-time analytics, QR, and other advanced features.

Appy Pie lets you make websites, mobile apps, chatbots, and graphic designs for free. However, some of its advanced features come with a pricing plan. The most common pricing plans include:

Standard Plan

  • Supports 2000 tasks per month
  • 40 connects
  • 5 Premium Apps
  • 5 minutes run time interval
  • Starts at 9.99 USD per month billed annually or 12.49 USD monthly

Professional Plan

  • Supports 5000 tasks per month
  • Unlimited connects
  • Unlimited Premium Apps
  • 2 minutes run time interval
  • Starts at 9.99 USD per month billed annually or 12.49 USD monthly

Moreover, Appy Pie allows a free fourteen-day trial period where you can check out its features and make your decision. is an excellent platform that allows you to build apps without prior programming knowledge and experience. It features a drag-and-drop UI builder feature that you can use to build mobile, web, and hybrid apps. Likewise, it is cloud-based, which means it removes all the hassles of libraries and dependencies. You can build apps in days instead of months. Similarly, once you build an app, you can deploy it to multiple platforms with its cross-platform support. Furthermore, it supports easy collaboration with team members and also allows you to deploy your own custom mobile backend.

Appery features multiple pricing plans range from 25 USD per month (Beginner) to 500 USD per year (Ultimate). The Beginner plan allows you a single developer to build up to 2 apps per month. Likewise, the Ultimate plan allows up to 10 developers to build up to 12 apps per month.Do You Need to Learn a Programming Language to Build an App?

Building Apps With vs Without Programming

Now that we have learned about the app development process and available app builder platforms, let us compare building apps with vs without programming.

The following are the key characteristics of building apps without programming:

  • Ready-to-use templates and modules make it easier to build apps for people who come from a non-programming background.
  • If you are a business owner wanting to enter the app space quickly, these platforms will help you build working apps within days.
  • If you have common computer knowledge and do not want to spend on hiring a professional developer, this can be a good option.
  • With a single codebase, you can deploy your app to multiple platforms.
  • App builder platforms maintain high optimization which means your apps will run best according to the hardware and operating system capabilities.
  • Adding custom services can be difficult if it is not available within the developer platform.

On the other hand, building apps with programming knowledge has the following characteristics

  • You can build apps tailored to your specific needs. Updating features is easy because you know all the whereabouts.
  • If you are a novice developer, building apps can take time. As you grow your experience, development time will reduce considerably.
  • There will likely be hundreds of errors during the development process. However, you will be able to debug them with documentation and community support.
  • In case any problem arises, you will be able to track and remove such problems.
  • You can still integrate your code with app maker platforms if there is a need for rapid deployment.
  • Building native apps for different platforms will require multiple developers.

If you have time, we recommend you learn a programming language to build an app. This knowledge will be very important even while you use app builder platforms. Similarly, programming will teach you about practical problem solving which you can use in other applications.


In this blog, we have learned the nuts and bolts of how you might not need the knowledge of programming language to build an app. Likewise, we discussed some of the major app builder platforms in use today. Finally, we concluded with the comparison between building an app with vs without programming language.

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