Features of the New Android 12 Update

Features of the New Android 12 Update

All New Features and Changes in the New Android 12 Update

Right from the very start, the primary focus of Android has been on personalization and allowing its users to select the devices and the experience that is right for them. Android has been known to provide an open ecosystem. Due to its advanced updates regularly, it has grown to almost 3 billion active devices around the globe.

The 12th and newest version of the Android OS has surely been something different. Google’s latest version of the mobile operating system was announced back a few months ago, in February. The beta version of the Android 12 update is now available to the developers. Up till now, we have only had limited information about the Android 12 Update and how it looks. This new version will be seen delivering one of the most promising design updates which have ever come to light till now.

Everything which Android users love about it, Android 12 is built on that. The updates have been built on adding to the personalization ‘Quotient,’ which can easily adapt to the developing operating system, which is by default secured. By design, it should be private. This, in turn, makes the device work smoothly.

Enhanced Experience

There has never been such a massive design change in the history of Android, which will be witnessed in Android 12. The entire experience was rethought to revamp everything from the colours, shapes, motion, light, etc. The result of revamping is that Android 12 will end up being more personal and expressive than ever before.


Right from the Android 12 on the Pixel devices, users will completely be able to personalize their phones with their choice of colour palette and widgets that can get redesigned. With the help of colour extraction, you will be able to choose the wallpapers and systems.

These automatically end up determining which colours are a little more dominant than the previous ones, which complement each other, and which ones look great. These colours get applied across the OS, including the lock screen, volume controls, new widgets, notification shade.

Features of the New Android 12 Update

Fluid Motion & Animations

Right from the moment the user starts using Android 12, you will feel how the update comes alive with each scroll, swipe, tap. The phone will be quick enough to respond to the touch with proper animations and smooth motions. For instance, when the user dismisses the notifications on the screen, the clock appears a little larger, which helps in giving you the information that you are caught up.

Simplified Interactions

Users can now experience the simplified interactions with an entirely recrafted system to make the whole experience efficient and effective. The Android 12 update will make the device faster, responsive, and better power efficient to use their device for a longer duration without worrying about the charge. There were some under-the-hood improvements which the developers, such as:

  • The CPU time which was needed for the core systems was reduced to 22%
  • Usage of big cores by the server was increased up to 15%.

System Spaces Redesigned

The essential spaces on the smartphone, such as quick settings, notification shades, power buttons, have been reimagined purposefully to help the user get things done at the earliest. Here is what these new spaces seem like:

  • Notification Shade: The newer reimagined notification shade is playful and more intuitive. It comes with a crisp view of the app notifications. Regardless of whether you are listening or watching, the quick settings will practically let you control the operating system.
  • Quick Settings: The quick setting does not look different only, but using it also seems very different. It has properly been rebuilt to include home controls and Google Play. It allows the user to use the options for customization so one can have everything they are looking for in one simple easy to access area.
  • Assistant: For the user to access help from Google anytime, all they have to do is long-press the power button for invoking the assistant. This will help make phone calls, ask questions, open the apps, read aloud texts of lengthy articles, etc.

Features of the New Android 12 Update

Security at the Max

The Android 12 Update includes the features that give the users more transparency around which all apps are accessing their data. Users are also given more control to help them make informed decisions about how much quantity of the private data the app can access. A new indicator is added to the top right of the status bar, which helps the user know when apps are accessing the camera or microphone. The users have the authority to remove the app access to these sensors; they can via accessing quick settings.

Privacy Dashboard

The all-new privacy dashboard offers the users a single view of the ‘Permission Settings’ and the information about how much data is getting accessed. The privacy dashboard allows the user to revoke the permission of the app via the dashboard itself. The Android 12 Update gives the users the decision-making powers on how much information they want the apps to access. There is a new ‘Approximate Location Permission’ feature, through which apps only will be able to access the approximate location instead of the exact one. For instance, the weather app will not require your precise location to give you the weather forecast.

There are many more such features in the pipeline. In addition, Android has pledged to continue pushing its boundaries to make its systems more secure, private, accessible, and easy to use.

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