Here’s Why 5G Technology is the Next Frontier of Connectivity

5G Technology is the Next Wave of Unanticipated Innovation Connectivity

The generation is connectivity is shifting to the next level with 5G technology delivering experiences from cloud to clients. 5G networks exploit cloud technologies as it is virtualized and software-driven. In other terms, it is the next generation of mobile internet connectivity offering faster speed, minimized latency, and improved flexibility of wireless service. What it does is that it simplifies mobility with seamless open roaming abilities between cellular and Wi-Fi access. As a mobile user, you can stay connected as you move between outdoor wireless connections and wireless networks inside buildings devoid of any intervention of reauthentication.

Now, What’s the Big Deal About 5g Technology?

The main intention of this technology is to combine cutting-edge network tech and offer networks that are multitudes faster than current networks, with average download speeds (1GBps). This will eventually power a huge rise in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, offering the infrastructure required to conduct large amounts of data permitting for a smarter connected world.

The fifth-generation is now rolling out in major cities, and it’s estimated that by 2024, over 1.5 billion mobile users will be using this technology.

Some of the Benefits of the Technology

  1. High-Speed

This means that real-time streaming will soon be a reality through its networks. What now takes a whopping 26 hours over 3G networks and 6 minutes on 4G to download will only take 3.6 seconds over 5G.

  1. Low Latency

The term “latency” is commonly used in tech articles which simply mean “response time”. To put this in perspective, regard latency as the time that lapses when you click on a YouTube link before it begins streaming a video on your phone. The moment you click you spontaneously sent a request up to the network, where the network responds and begins streaming.

  1. Multiple Device Connection

In principle, this benefit is arguably the most significant of 5G technology. The mantra behind this technology is to connect a far larger number of devices/appliances than a contemporary mobile network. In retrospective, all the multiple devices talked about in Internet of Things (IoT) will smoothly be connected, and each device is getting a fair share of high-speed internet. Again, the network will get optimization to enable devices such as sensors that do not require constant internet connection not to occupy more bandwidth than required.
Here’s Why 5G Technology is the Next Frontier of Connectivity

With That in Mind, Let’s Look at Fifth-generation Services and Use Cases

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) – Intended to service high densely populated metropolitan centres with downlink speed potentially 1GBps indoors, and 300MBps outdoors. Now, the moment there’s the installation of exceptionally high-frequency millimetre-wave (mmWave) antennas, the technology shall accomplish to reach out throughout the topography. This is according to AT&T that further suggests that since the antennas may not cover a wider area at the moment, it would replace the 4G’s current LTE system with a lower-power omnidirectional antenna offering 50MBps downlink service.
  • Massive Machine-Type Communications (MMTC) – It facilitates the machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications on the network without enforcing burdens on other categories of service. Now mMTC is seeking to restore narrow service bands by executing a compartmentalized service tier for devices requiring downlink bandwidth as minimal as 100KBps.
  • Ultra Dependable and Low Latency Communications (URLLC) – This tier would address the self-directed vehicle category. It is where decision time for response to a likely accident is virtually non-existent. Besides that, 5G technology under this case would make it more competitive with satellite. Introducing the prospect of 5G substituting GPS for geolocation, it is still in the discussion phase.

Some of the Advancements of 5G Technology

  • Smart Cities: I know more often than not, you’ve hated trying to use slow apps or internet. The concept of smart cities hasn’t yet taken off. But there have been some pockets of intelligence such as smart parking lots, streetlights, among others. In the future, cities will get connected through IoT. It is to do almost everything from trash pickup and public restrooms cleaning to improving traffic situations.
  • Edge Computing: It refers to as fog computing which allows data to administer as adjacent to the source. Following the high speed, low latency data transmission of 5G, the possibility of edge computing shall be fully achieved in a wider scope of applications
  • Autonomous Vehicles: 5G seemed to be the technology that finally propels them out into the world. The rolling out might not happen overnight. Once it’s available everywhere, they will be no halting the creation of safe autonomous machines.
  • Smart Factories: With the upsurge of smart factories which already exist; 5G will play a pivotal role in its continuous transformation. The connection of the whole chain of product development; feedback collected from the customer will be fed to the designer in real-time. On the other hand, smart factories will develop their application of robots – through AI and machine learning, facilitating real-time decisions.

Every individual will agree that 5G brings a lot of value by connecting devices with extremely low power consumption. It also has a little resource usage in the network.


5G Technology bounds to impact major industries from media publishing to healthcare, gaming, automotive, public transport, and utilities. The true purpose of 5G wireless is to provide a global business concept. It is where expenses are minimal and high revenues from services. Consequently, it’s a major leap in technology than to 4G. It’s more than a communication technology but rather a complete digital infrastructure. 5G is the future superhighway which is going to take digital transformation to new heights than never before.