How 5G Changes the Way We Live

How 5G Changes the Way We Live

How 5G Changes the Way We Live: What You Should Expect

Before we move to understand how 5G changes the way we live, let us understand what it is and its uses.

What is 5G Technology?

5G or fifth-generation technology is the wireless network technology standard that facilitates high-speed communications. In this standard, data rates can reach up to tens of gigabits per second (peak) or hundreds of megabits per second(average). However, in comparison to 4G, the range of communication is significantly lower because of its shorter wavelength.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 5G Technology

Every new technology has its pros and cons. If the advantages are greater and the disadvantages can be suppressed significantly, it can change the course of human history. Therefore, since 5G has tremendous potential in a multitude of applications, we must understand the pros and cons.


  • A high-speed data rate means that there is a significant reduction in delays and lags. You can download your favourite movie within seconds.
  •  High bandwidth means high-speed communication for thousands of people.
  • A rapid rise of technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Ar, and Big Data which will shape the way machines do things in the future. Your fridge might be able to order the food you need as stock decreases automatically.


  • The range of 5G networks is very low as the short wavelength signals can travel only a short distance.
  • Since the waves are in the millimetre range, it requires a line of sight transmission. Line of sight means there must be little to no disruption (like buildings, trees) between two communicating towers.
  • It may ask for a complete redevelopment of the existing communication infrastructure.
  • Incompatibility issues may arise with devices designed to work in older standards.

How 5G Changes the Way We Live

Applications of 5G Technology

The best way to understand how 5G changes the way we live is to know about its applications and potential technologies that can be realized because of it. Some of the major applications are explained below:

Any Device Can Be Made Smart With the Internet of Things

5G has the potential to connect billions of devices to the internet to report on its status and interact with users and other devices. Consider a simple water heater. With just a wireless temperature sensor plus a transmitter device, you can read the temperature of your water. Likewise, you can send commands to turn on/off the heater from a remote place. Similarly, industries can use this technology to monitor all their machines and equipment and analyze anomalous responses. This allows them to detect possible failures and degradation early on and save on maintenance costs.

Driverless Cars Can Become Mainstream

A driverless car has to manipulate and process billions of data and computations. Self-driving cars have varying levels of autonomy which determines the need for human assistance. Basic levels of autonomy include features like cruise control and require full human attention. Likewise, in advanced levels of autonomy, the car can imitate the human driver and make split-second decisions. 5G technology can facilitate the processing of billions of data in real-time. Furthermore, in some cases, the knowledge gained by any automobile (like road signs, existing blocks) can be transferred to existing nearby vehicles. 5G can also facilitate the sharing of enormous amounts of data between communicating vehicles.

Visit a Doctor From Your Home

Telemedicine is a practice often considered while talking about how 5G changes the way we live. You can visit a doctor from home through videoconferencing and talk about your condition which will be stored in the hospital’s electronic records. For elders and people who require constant care, health sensors such as glucose sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors can report their health status in real-time. Furthermore, doctors are also testing and succeeding in conducting robotic surgeries from a remote location. Since a second of delay can be fatal in this challenging field, 5G can ensure real-time reports and actions.

5G Will Fuel the New Industrial Revolution

The new industrial revolution will be powered mainly by the use of robotics, machine learning, digital manufacturing, and artificial intelligence. Since all of these technologies are data-savvy, 5G will become a major game-changer. Tons of information will have to be recorded, communicated, and processed within the manufacturing chain. Furthermore, digital manufacturing requires split-second precision, and machine learning models won’t work with irregular and irrelevant data. Therefore, data delays and lags mean the machines and equipment won’t be able to work in coordination.

Big Data Will Transform Business

Any business willing to maintain its online presence and remain competitive cannot undermine the effect of big data. Big data allows you to understand your customers and performance and make decisions accordingly. For example, streaming sites such as Netflix uses billions of customer interaction data to recommend movies based on their viewing history. This is the same for product recommenders in e-commerce sites. Whether it is marketing, sales, or any business operation, big data has the power to help you stand out in the crowd. As the name suggests, billions of data need to be communicated and processed in real-time to help you gain insights. Transforming the way we do business is how 5G changes the way we live.

How 5G Changes the Way We Live


In this blog, we have learned how 5G will change the way we live and where it will impact the most.

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