Launch of New Google Meets Web App – What to Expect

Launch of New Google Meets Web App – What to Expect

Key Features to Expect in the Google Meets Web App

Recently, Google announced the launch of its very own PWA stand-alone app, especially for meetings.  The web app is compatible with various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux. The Rapid Release Domains is likely to start on July 26, and the Google Meet web app will probably begin and rest on August 2. One significant feature of the app is that one doesn’t need to type out some URL or initiate some meeting via Gmail as all of it is now handled or managed automatically through some invite. Thus, the new app will likely be available to various Google Workspace people, G suite essential individuals, and ordinary people using Google accounts.

Everything people need to do is look for the download option on the top right of their screen and install the new app on their system. Above all, users need to know that this app is similar to your desktop app regarding features and automatically updates when the browser gets an update.

Additionally, a web app is also known as a Progressive Web Application. It has most of the features of the Google Meet app. The only difference here is that the app is limited to the web only. The users don’t need to type an URL or visit Gmail to start some meeting on Google meet and download the app on their laptop, MacBook, computer, etc. and use the same.

Reports on Launch of Google Meet Web App

Soon after Zoom’s launch of its web app, Google made a similar step by launching its standalone web app for Google Meet. In its statement, Google said that the features would be the same, but users can find the web app easily and also operate it smoothly. You can download it from the Chrome browser and install it as you do with other apps. Google Meet will get an update whenever Google Chrome also updates.

Launch of New Google Meets Web App – What to Expect

Google Meet Web App vs Google Meet App

Google has announced clearly that there wouldn’t be any difference in functionality between the two apps. Ideally, PWA is likely to have all the app functions. The best of all is that when users download the app on their computer or laptop, they no longer need to head to the search engine to start a meeting. Instead, the users need to open the app and start some sessions like they do on their smartphones when they have the apps in their download section or installed on their device.

When it comes to the web app, Google announced their launching of a new standalone app having all the app’s features. The best part is that the standalone app is relatively easy to find and use. It also streamlines one’s workflow by removing the need to switch amid the apps.

The app is likely to run on almost all the devices that feature Google Chrome browser version 73, and users need to know that the operating system doesn’t matter much. Hence it can run on various devices, including Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, but it would be most beneficial for Chrome users.

Easy Download of the New Google Meet Web App

The users can download the app from the Chrome browser. Users need to know that the app wouldn’t be available until they install it on their device. After that, Google would show some pop-ups to try the new app in the right-hand corner of the leading google meet page. If users already have the app, they can close the popup option while installing the app if they don’t have it.

Google made a statement that the app will be available gradually, and users can download the same in the next 15 days. The app would be open to Google workspace users and business customers, and G Suite Basic patrons. Of course, personal Google account users can also avail the app.

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