New Tech Milestones in 2030 to Look Forward to

New Tech Milestones in 2030 to Look Forward to

New Tech Milestones in 2030 to Look Forward to By Individuals and Businesses

Before diving deep into the tech milestones in 2030, let us understand the basics and how we got here.


It is an undeniable fact that over the past 50 years, technology has made incredible progress. Still, it is showing no signs of slowing down. In the next 10 years, we will see things that we could not even imagine during the start or the mid of the twentieth century. Having knowledge about tech milestones in 2030 is important for general people, businesses, and the government. For general people, it is important to understand how these milestones will change human lives and revolutionize the workforce. Similarly, businesses need to stay on top of this knowledge to survive in a fiercely competitive climate. For governments, it is key in the preparation of new policies and strategies regarding employment, digitization, and national security.

How Far Have We Come?

Before diving deep into the new tech milestones in 2030, we must understand how far we have come and why. Even though humans created and learned to use technology thousands of years ago, we will mostly focus on the developments over the last 50 to 70 years. During the last 50 to 70 years, we witnessed two key technological developments that would open the floodgates of possibilities and innovation in any industry or discipline. These two technologies are digital computers and the Internet. We can summarize the rapid advancement of technology in the following points:

  • The development of transistors in 1948 is the foundation for the advanced computing machines that we see in use today. We saw the development of the first Integrated Circuits (ICs) in 1957. In 1971, the first microprocessor called the Intel 4004 came into existence. Today, we have a pocket-sized microprocessor containing more than 50 billion transistors. Furthermore, this decrease in size coupled with an increase in ability has given rise to hundreds of other types of devices. A nail-sized storage chip can store as much data as hundreds of buildings could store in the 1960s. Likewise, the smartphones that we use today have more computing power than the machines that sent the first humans to space.
  • In 1962, there came the first idea of a global computer network at MIT. In 1969, a wide-area network called the ARPANET was developed. Similarly, in 1973, a protocol for connecting multiple networks was developed which later became the famous TCP/IP. In 1981, we saw the development of the Ethernet, which established Local Area Networks. Likewise, in 1985, the first domain name is registered. In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web, which is the basis of the modern Internet. Today, there are billions of users interacting and communicating with each other anywhere in the world at data rates of gigabits per second. Signals are transmitted in space as electromagnetic waves or in fiber optic cables as light pulses.
  • Technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics only existed inside the labs of universities and government research facilities. Today, a huge segment of machine learning and AI is accessible to anyone. Even without a powerful computer, one can understand and apply resource-intensive algorithms and applications in the cloud. Robots have been extremely important in manufacturing and production. Self-driving cars are undergoing a rapid transformation into near-full automation.
  • We have also seen giant leaps in the field of software. From the early days of punching machines and command-line interfaces to modern GUI, voice, and gesture recognition systems, we have come a long way. Similarly, the development of open-source software has brought worldwide innovation to a single place.
  • Data has been one of the most important entities in the 21st century. Individuals, businesses, and governments have been able to process enormous amounts of data and derive important insights. Businesses do not depend on guesses and choices anymore. Several important decisions in businesses and governments come from understanding the data.New Tech Milestones in 2030 to Look Forward to

Tech Milestones in 2030

Now that we have understood the basis of rapid technological advancement over the past 50 to 70 years, let us look forward. The following are the key tech milestones in 2030 to look forward to:

Trillions of Sensors Connected to the Internet

One of the key tech milestones in 2030 is that the Internet of Things (IoT) will find millions of applications in several industries. Because of their miniature size and power consumption, these devices will integrate seamlessly with any machines and appliances. For example, medical sensors will provide near real-time status of patients in thousands of hospitals throughout the world. Likewise, billions of sensors will be used in industrial manufacturing, automation, and supply chain management. Agriculture is also a hotspot for the application of IoT devices as artificial farms are growing in number. Furthermore, businesses will install billions of sensors to understand customer behaviour. Moreover, governments will build enormous sensor networks for the purpose of service and security.

Additive Manufacturing Will Revolutionize Industries

Additive manufacturing processes such as 3D printing have already become a common technology in many different industries. Similarly, individuals have been able to design and print desired 3D shapes. Additive manufacturing is different from traditional manufacturing. In traditional manufacturing, blocks of material are cut into desirable shapes. This causes a huge loss of materials. With additive manufacturing, shapes are made from the bottom up. A 3D printer will pour printable material in coordinates defined by the digital model. This minimizes production waste, which is a deep concern for every industry today.

Blockchain Will Power The Next Generation of Financial Transactions

Blockchain refers to a shared, public ledger that is not under centralized control. As of 2020, some financial transactions like land and securities of private companies are done using this technology. As its accessibility increases to multiple domains, its usability will also explode. Since it contains highly accurate information with high security against breaches and fraud, common people will start using it. Similarly, governments will use blockchain to collect taxes.

Nano-sized Robots Will Live Inside Your Body

Nano-sized robots or nanobots are also one of the most promising tech milestones in 2030 in the field of medicine. They can flow inside your blood at a molecular level and prevent you from getting sick. Nanoscale manufacturing technologies have already come out of advanced labs into industrial applications. DNA robots are already being used in animals for finding and destroying cancer cells. These bots can carry necessary drugs and nutrients and deliver them at highly precise locations. Even if this sounds highly stretched, the technology is not too far. If human trials go well-planned and produce positive results, there is a high possibility of common application within this decade.

Artificial Intelligence Will Become More Common

Artificial intelligence became one of the most attractive technologies over the last decade. In the next 10 years, it is still going to be a buzzword. Today, we are quite conservative about the harmful effects of AI and thus restrict it in many parts of businesses. However, it is predicted that AI will be an important part of decision making in organizations. This is because there are several high-profile jobs that can still be automated. Furthermore, the natural language processing abilities of AI will be used in reading contracts and documents. Moreover, it will also be used for the purpose of auditing and verifications.

The Number of Internet Users Will Grow

One of the obvious tech milestones in 2030 is that the number of internet users will massively grow. As of now, about half of the world’s population is still deprived of proper, regular internet access. This is due to the difficulty in setting up infrastructures in high and uneven terrain. However, alternative ways of providing Internet services like satellites and balloons are undergoing massive developments.  Furthermore, governments have understood the importance of the Internet and are investing heavily to increase the reach among their people.

Driverless Cars Will Be More Common

As of 2020, driverless cars are not fully flawless and stay under the close monitoring of humans. However,  we have to keep a close eye on this as one of the major tech milestones in 2030. Companies like Tesla have already achieved advanced levels of automation in different types of settings. Similarly, companies like Apple and Google are entering into this industry. Over the next 10 years, the development of self-driving hardware and knowledge-sharing platforms for cars will explode their usability.New Tech Milestones in 2030 to Look Forward to

Environment-friendly Technology

Environment-friendliness will also be a major factor of tech milestones in 2030. We will witness more use of non-harmful materials and appliances.  Governments in both developed and developing countries have developed policies to make environment-friendliness a crucial investment. The nature of the modern buyer also forces large companies to make the change before it is too late.

Use of Sharing Platforms Will Grow

As we have already seen with Uber and Airbnb, resource sharing platforms will likely develop continuously and become one of the prominent tech milestones in 2030. People are growing conscious of the unnecessary possession of unwanted resources while there is a more efficient available option.


In this blog, we have learned about the major tech milestones in 2030 to look forward to. This knowledge is very important for individuals, businesses, and organizations who wish to succeed in this rapidly changing technological climate.

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