OTSAW - Autonomous Robots for  Security, Delivery, and Disinfection

Use of  Autonomous Robots in Security, Delivery, and Disinfection

Autonomous systems are an exciting prospect with a wide range of applications in the future. The idea of a driverless vehicle, drone surveillance systems, and disinfectant robots fall in this domain. Likewise, governments and big tech companies are investing a great sum of money into the development of these systems. OTSAW is one of the most reputed companies that manufacture autonomous robots for security, delivery, and disinfection. In this blog, we will discuss the existing and potential uses of those robots.

What are Autonomous Robots?

Autonomous robots are those machines that can perform the desired task independently without human control. However, we need to provide the necessary instructions about the task beforehand. These types of systems typically consist of a sensor that is used to learn about its surroundings. Likewise, the main processor then provides signals to the actuators. Consider an industrial robot that picks and drops things. The camera (sensor)  attached to the robot will detect the presence of an object to be picked. This main onboard computer will process this information and activate the motor (actuator) to pick the item up.

OTSAW - Autonomous Robots for  Security, Delivery, and Disinfection


OTSAW is a company that provides robotics as a service solution. Its services include solutions for security, delivery, and disinfection applications. Likewise, it uses the latest technology in artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and advanced robotics to develop its robots. Currently, it produces robots for multiple applications such as security, patrol, UV-C LED disinfection, and last-mile delivery. Furthermore, OTSAW has deployed its robots in around 7 nations around the world, and the numbers are rapidly increasing.

Let us now see the uses of OTSAW robots in the fields of Security, Delivery, and Disinfection.

OTSAW Autonomous Security Patrol Robot: O-R3

The autonomous security patrol robot developed by OTASW has the following features:

  • OTSAW O-R3 contains 360 degrees HD vision and a wide range of sensors in it. Therefore, it senses, logs, and processes huge amounts of information.
  • It ensures reliable data logging in the robot itself. This serves as a backup in case of communication failures over the network.
  • It ensures real-time monitoring by updating data from sensors in the cloud.

This robot is able to navigate through the streets, open public spaces, and pathways. Likewise, its obstacle-avoidance algorithm enables it to move around independently. Similarly, the robot returns to its charging station when its energy is low. Therefore, we can patrol the streets all day using this robot. Government security officials can use this robot to increase surveillance in their cities. This will result in safer cities, pathways, and spaces.

OTSAW Robots for Delivery: Camello

Camello is the last-mile delivery robot made by OSTAW. It aims to reduce the cost in the final mile of the logistics chain.  Likewise, it will be used as a Robot as a Service(RaaS) opportunity for retailers and delivery companies. As this robot is implemented on a large scale, a delivery chain system will come into play. And, it will reduce complexity, time, and enhance the consumer experience.

Furthermore, there is a growing number of researches and studies in delivery through autonomous drones. Autonomous drones navigate to the customer’s location and release the parcel. This will decrease delivery time and costs, which is most important for e-commerce businesses.

OTSAW Autonomous UV-C LED Disinfection Robot: O-RX

The features of the UV-C LED disinfection robot developed by OTSAW are:

  • O-RX is an innovative disinfection robot of OSTAW. It emits UV-C rays with a disinfection rate of 99.99%.
  • It has the ability to disinfect 4000sqft hourly.
  • The used LED technology is 70% more energy-efficient than conventional mercury lamps.
  • The radiation emitted is safer and friendly for human skin.
  • It implements the latest thermal management system. Hence, it easily cools the heat generated by its LEDs.

In light of the global pandemic, OTSAW has developed a disinfection robot to stop the spread of coronavirus. We can use this robot to disinfect isolation rooms, quarantine centres, office spaces, and government buildings. Likewise, we can ensure that the disinfected space is properly sanitized and protected against viruses and bacteria. Furthermore, this robot can be used to prevent the spread of other communicable diseases too. It ensures the safety of the health officials as well as the general public.OTSAW - Autonomous Robots for  Security, Delivery, and Disinfection


In this blog, we have learned how OTSAW autonomous robots can be used for security, delivery, and disinfection. We have also learned why the use of such types of robots is going to increase in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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