Dealing with Old Information Technology Assets

Some Tips in Dealing Old Information Technology Assets

Dispose of the Old Information Technology Assets in an Eco-friendly Way

One major issue prevalent in the IT industry is the pile-up of old information technology assets. Each firm has got a collection of hardware in their buildings that needs to be disposed of. There are hard disks, smartphones, laptops that have piled up because of new upgrades, damage due to wear and tear, and many other reasons.

Most firms are not sure about the ideal method to deal with such old information technology assets. They are also worried about the safety of data that is stored in such devices. They don’t want the data to fall in the hands of the wrong people. Some firms may feel that the destruction of the assets is the best way out. But it is not necessary since proper sanitization of software can be done that will take care of security issues.

The Enormous Pile-up of Electronic Waste in the World Today

As per reports, there was around 45 million metric tons of e-waste collected in 2016. By 2021, the amount is expected to reach up to more than 50 million metric tons. This is because people are using more digital technology than before. Innovations result in more advanced models of devices being produced. Increasing incomes enable most people to afford more than one device. IT firms also keep buying new equipment that is more efficient than their old ones. All these have contributed to the increase of e-waste everywhere. This massive collection of e-waste is affecting the environment significantly. Each business should take the responsibility of dealing with their old information technology assets in an eco-friendly manner.

Some Tips in Dealing Old Information Technology Assets

Responsible Ways to Reduce the Pile-up of Old Information Technology Assets

Studies reveal that only around 20% of the e-waste is recycled currently. Businesses should seriously consider the option of recycling their old devices and hardware. They should think of ways in which they can be used again if they don’t want to dispose of it.

Manufacturers of devices and hardware should make such devices more sustainable. They should consider using more eco-friendly parts to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Hence, disposing of it can be easier.

Never discard your old information technology asset like other items. It could harm the environment if you dumped your old electronic disposable items into the residual waste. Your hardware contains toxic components such as lead, mercury, etc. It is, therefore, not right to burn them since they can emit toxic fumes that can cause harm.

Firms need to ensure that they successfully erase all data from their old hard disks or devices before recycling or reselling. They should adopt secure, certified methods of removing data.

You could also donate your old devices to charitable organizations or low-income families who cannot afford to buy them.

Before taking any step like donating or recycling, you should back up all data to the cloud or external hard drives.

All firms should be responsible and ensure that they take care of their old information technology assets in a way that can reduce environmental degradation. By doing so, they will contribute positively to making our environment safe for us and future generations and also set up some benchmark for their customers.

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