Things That You Should Know About Flutter App Development

Everything You Need to Know About Flutter App Development

The Flutter development kit provides a fantastic user experience. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about flutter app development.

What is Flutter?

Flutter was initially called Sky and launched in 2015 and introduced by Google. It is an open-source framework used to develop apps that function similar to the native app. The apps are designed for Android and iOS devices using the same code. The best example of Flutter is the app created by the Alibaba Group, i.e. Xianyu app, which has more than 50 million users.

Flutter — Here’s How It Works

The developer can build the UI by using various widgets. Each widget has additional structural elements like a button or menu; some are for the colour scheme while some are for padding and many more. Flutter provides ready-made OEM widgets that look like native apps. In addition, flutter offers a reactive view, and you don’t need JavaScript for it.

Features Of Flutter

Although there are multiple advantages of the Flutter app, here we stated the primary features of Flutter:

Reduces App Delivery Time

When it comes to apps, one of the prominent USPs should be helping users reduce time in the best way possible. Flutter App Development is two times more time-efficient than Native App Development. The best thing is that its codes work well with Android as well as iOS.

Better User Experience

Apps developed in Flutter have native-like features. The audience gets the same experience as using a native app. The user cannot distinguish as the framework delivers sophisticated UX and UI. Flutter does not depend on intermediate code representation or code interpretation. The apps developed by Flutter remove interpretation errors, if any, in the app. Without much hassle, one can execute the transition, change shapes, shadows, the colour of the app.


Flutter can provide functionality as well as cost-efficiency. Flutter can help minimise the resources and the team required for app development as you don’t need two units for app development (one for Android and one for iOS).

Lower Development Efforts

Flutter has some outstanding features like hot reload, which enable the developer to develop an app effortlessly. It is challenging to create a UI as you need to check how it will function live every time you add a new feature. Making changes in the app becomes easy with a hot reload.

Things That You Should Know About Flutter App Development

Great Community

The flutter app development tool has a strong developer community. Thus, the reach, prominence and popularity of the platform are enormous. This helps to know the number of developers active on the forum, the problem they faced, and how they solved them.

It helps you learn as the community shares their experience, which can solve any hurdle you may encounter while developing an app. If you face any issue, you must find the official forms and read about relevant resources to quickly solve your problem. You can even collaborate with other people in the community on some unique projects.

Ideal For MVP Development

MVP is very important as it helps you know whether the audience would accept your app. MVP is a must if you are working on some new ideas or are providing alternative solutions for some problem. Flutter is the best choice when it comes to MVP. You can develop multiple prototypes for your app.

Advanced Technology

As it is still a new platform, Flutter sometimes has development challenges. The platform does not have a third-party library,  making integration difficult. But on the whole, when it comes to the advancement of technology, Flutter offers great technology and features to help users in multiple ways.

Are There Any Shortcomings to Flutter?

The app developed through Flutter generally has a large file size. The audience may not love this as they are constantly struggling with space management in the mobile. For instance, a JavaScript app will require 500Kb; however, if it is created on Flutter, it would require 5 to 7 MB.

Real-World Examples Of Apps Created Using the Flutter Framework

Xianyu By Alibaba

It is the world’s second most prominent ecommerce platform, and it was developed with Flutter. The new feature was added to the app after studying consumer behaviour and market requirements. Xiyanu has traffic of almost 10 million every day and has more than 50 million downloads.

SpaceX Go!

This app gives information about the latest SpaceX launch and the catalogue of vehicles for transportation, rocket ship, insight into the capsule, and much more. In addition, it enables the user to locate the Tesla car on their device.

Google Ads

Flutter was used to develop Google Ads. The platform provides high-resolution visualisation of images charts, helps in campaign management, provides expert support and much more.


Flutter is an innovative technology, and if you are looking for a tool to design and develop an app, you must try Flutter; you will surely love it because it has many outstanding features.

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