Will Drone Technology Be An Integral Part Of Everyday Life In The Future?

Will Drone Technology Be An Integral Part Of Everyday Life In The Future?

The Evolution of Drone Technology and How It Will Impact Our Daily Live

Whether you call them flying mini-robots, miniature pilotless aircraft or (UAVs) unmanned aerial vehicles, drones’ popularity is currently growing at a light’s speed. Drone technology has taken over the world and is set to become an integral part of everyday life in the future. In terms of usage and mass adoption, drones currently have broken through these digital barriers in the industries, which otherwise seemed to be impenetrable by such technological innovations.

Over the past several years, drones have become quite central to the overall functioning of various governmental organizations. Businesses have now managed to pierce through these areas where many industries were lagging behind. Right from quick deliveries at the rush hours to scanning the unreachable military base, drones have been providing great benefits in places where a man cannot reach or cannot perform the activity efficiently and timely.

What Experts Say about the Future of Drone Technology

Drone technology is constantly evolving, and worldwide, people are trying to discover new ways of using drones. The president of Pensa Systems, Richard Schwartz, says that drones can reach any location, however difficult, and overcome obstacles easily. This makes them highly suitable for automating tasks that are difficult or time-consuming for humans.

Barry Alexander, the founder of Aquiline Drones, USA, has developed a portable workstation called Agile Manufacturing Pod (AMP), which is easy to install in homes, business establishments, or any other location. The goal behind AMP is to cater to the increasing demand for drones across the country. Such a workstation can produce a drone in just around eight hours. Thomas Dreiling, the spokesperson at Wingcopter, says that at the rate drone technology is developing, it will soon be a part of our daily lives, useful for various purposes, be it deliveries, disaster response, or agriculture.

Top Uses of Drones

Although with the whole drone technology in place, we are all aware of how important drones are to use. Here are a few top uses of drones globally:

  • Increasing productivity and work efficiency.
  • Decreasing production costs and workload.
  • Improving accuracy
  • Refining customer relations and services
  • Resolving all the security issues on a large scale

The adoption of drone technology across multiple industries leapt right from the fad stage to the stage where it was mega-trending very quickly. Today, plenty of businesses have started to realize the scope, potential and scale of drone and drone technology globally.

Whether the drones get controlled via remote or are accessed via the smartphone app, they have the capability of reaching out to the remotest of areas, with hardly any manpower required. With the least amount of time, energy and effort, drones can perform the desired activity. This is one big reason why drones are adopted with open arms worldwide. The four biggest and most important sectors which have been excited about the whole advancement of drone technology include – commercial, personal, military and technology.

History of Drone Technology and Its Uses Currently

Drones have been in and around the world for about two decades now. However, not many know this, but the roots for drones date far back to World War 1 when France and the US developed unmanned and automatic aeroplanes. The good part is that drones have been adopted significantly in the last few years, and their usage across industries has expanded and gained prominent global awareness.

From hobbyists to technically manning these sensitive military areas, drone technology has made sure to develop and prosper massively in the last few years. Commercial entities, individuals, governments have all come to terms and realized that drones could be used for multiple purposes, such as:

  • Express shipping and delivery
  • By filmmakers and journalists – Aerial photography
  • Thermal sensor drones – for searches and rescue operations.
  • Building safety inspections.
  • For precise crop management
  • Border control surveillance and law enforcement
  • Forecasting of tornadoes, hurricanes and storm tracking.

There are thousands of more uses of drones that are currently under the way. Due to the investments pouring into this industry every day, there is a lot more which we can expect in the coming days.

Will Drone Technology Be An Integral Part Of Everyday Life In The Future?

Military Drone Technology

Drones have a lot of military usages as well. For example, they serve as the target decoys for research and development, combat mission, supervision etc. Thus, drones have become a significant part and parcel of these military forces worldwide.

As per a report published by Goldman Sachs, military spending will remain the driving force for drone spending in the coming years. As per Goldman Sachs, the global militaries would have spent about $70 billion by the end of 2020 billion. Also, these drones have started to play a significant role in the resolution of future conflicts and the replacement of human pilots.

Military spending comes in a way larger increments because a single drone US predator costs about $4 million. This total spending of the program is somewhere around $2.4 billion. These unmanned arrival vehicles will continue in multiple military operations due to significant convenience in reducing losses. Also, it enables the execution of time-sensitive and high profile missions.

Commercial Drone Technology

Drone’s commercial usage has been gaining steady momentum lately and has become the talk of the minute. Many industries out there have been working with drones and have made it a daily part of their business functions. Experts conducting research were expecting the civilian and commercial drones market to grow at a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) at 19% between the years 2015 and 2020, and these numbers did come true.

The commercial drone industry is currently still young. Still, now it has indeed begun to see major investments and consolidations from the industrial conglomerates, IT consulting firms and various defence contractors.

When it gets slightly cheaper to customize the commercial drones, the doors will get opened up to allow the functionality in these wide arrays of niche spaces. Soon, we will see sophisticated drones carrying out everyday tasks, such as monitoring traffic and incidents, fertilizing the crop fields, delivering pizza, surveying the places that are hard to reach, etc.

As can be seen, drone technology is constantly and evergreen evolving, and hence, we can expect more groundbreaking discoveries related to drones in the near future. With all the developments drone technology has made so far, we can be sure of the fact that it will be an integral part of our everyday life in the near future.

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